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Re-incarnation of the Suicidal Battle of God Season 2: Author Is Back! Release Information

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A lot of voracious readers look forward to learning about the blue dragon raid. Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God Season 2 won’t be returning this week, which makes us sad. It won’t be back for a while because the author has recently shared his intentions for the blue dragon raid arc. Consequently, it will be an exhilarating ride. Learn more about the author’s choice by continuing to read.

Altair will use her magic to create a shield around Zephyr in the upcoming plot to try to shield him from the blue dragon’s wrath. The team is unaware that there is a mole on their side, though. The mole will therefore proceed with his plan to internally destruct them. Whether or not everything goes according to their plan is now unknown.


Sadly, the second season is presently on break and won’t be back anytime soon. Cheongdam, the author of Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God, recently published a note. He explained why there had been such a long break. He stated that he aimed to give the blue dragon raid arc a satisfactory conclusion. The author is also aware of the high standards that have been set. So he decided to take a rest rather than push through to the conclusion.


The blue dragon raid arc will continue in the future season. Zephyr will change into a dragon of the night. Altair and her group will therefore support him as he changes. They’ll use spells to conjure a shield to surround him. Altair will recall that Zephyr asked her to be her woman last night, and she agreed. Because they don’t want to lose each other, the couple’s conflict will be emotionally charged.

They are unaware that their squad has a mole, though. The golem’s setting has already been altered by Heron. The Golem will now solely obey his orders. He intends to assassinate the heir and control the Elfen forest. But he needs Zephyr’s assistance. He is aware that Zephyr won’t support him, though. He will thus offer to save Zephyr from the blue dragon to gain his trust.


Regrettably, the author hasn’t stated a release date for Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God Season 2. It could require weeks or months. The return of the second season is anticipated for late 2022, though. It will be accessible on the official Kakao, Webtoon, and Naver pages.

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