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Delicious Party Precure Episode 26-Release date, Recap, What Will Happen Next? 

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The misunderstandings from the previous episode might be clarified in Delicious Party Precure Episode 26. In terms of the plot, the preceding episode was fairly unbalanced. Nacistrou’s missing shot did not seem to be a natural omission. He appeared to have done it on purpose in an effort to cement his status. In the previous episode, Narcistrou didn’t do anything wrong. He experienced a goody-two-shoes moment.

All the questions that viewers have about this episode may be answered in the upcoming episode. Additionally, the issue of character development is brought up to the filmmakers. Manatsu and Yui do not receive the exposure they ought to. They are being restricted to a specific character arc, which has prevented them from developing.


The finest opportunity for Yui to succeed will come in Delicious Party Precure Episode 26. There is a group of supporters who fervently support it after the last episode. Furthermore, the character’s performance in the episodes is limited by the action’s confines. Therefore, it might get fixed in the anime’s upcoming episode.

Moreover, Narcistrou’s truth is the second-most crucial element for the upcoming episode. He’s helping everyone, but why? The preceding episode only altered the perception of this anime character. It might explain why he previously abducted Recipipi. In the earlier episode, he was quite polite and encouraging. Therefore, telling the truth would be the best course of action.


Episode 25 of Delicious Party Precure opened with Spiritoru, Ran, and Kokone. Ran and Kokone were rescued from falling by Narcistrou’s companion. There was no connection between this tragedy and anything else that had happened. Then Ubau-Zo moves with Narcistrou and his goon to cheer him up. Spiritoru and Narcistrou treated the other side with kindness throughout the entire period.

The focus then turned to Yui, who was acting naturally. Throughout the anime, all he did was some cute things. The camping excursion with Amane was the sole noteworthy event in the previous episode. At the conclusion of the episode, the idea for Skewer also surfaced. Although it was difficult to interpret, it appeared to be a cliffhanger.


On September 4, 2022, Delicious Party Precure Episode 26 will air. There is no official information available regarding the anime’s delay. Therefore, the upcoming episode will air on time. On the Tv Asahi website’s official page, you can watch it.

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