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Orient Part 2 episode 9-Date of Release, Story, and Cast Updates

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To protect their clan, everyone is fighting valiantly. But it appears that Orient Part 2 Episode 9 will favor the obsidian man. He’s always desired power, and these newfound abilities will send him into seven clouds. He’ll get what he wants, but now things are going to get crazy, so everyone better get ready for the big fight. What will happen next is currently unknown. Read on to learn more.

The obsidian goddess will now finally make her own sacrifice in the ninth episode to grant her father’s wish. However, the Bushies will have issues as a result of her sacrifice. They must now come up with a strategy to beat him. It won’t be that simple, though.


The biggest conflict in history will be the subject of the upcoming episode. Everyone was making every effort to prevent the Obsidian goddess from consummating the union, after all. They were unsuccessful, though, because her father made her inside the shield in an effort to strengthen him. He will now merge into an Oni god and an Obsidian man. Therefore, it won’t be simple for the Bushies to combat him. They require additional assistance, and everyone will soon arrive on the island.

Naotora and his team will attempt to control the obsidian man up until that point. To protect himself from him, Naotora will build a shield out of his blue blade stones. Others will attempt to defend their frontliners in the meanwhile. They must come up with a solid strategy because the monsters will assault them from all sides. Red Bladed Bushi will soon join them and crush the obsidian man with his devastating punch. But he won’t be affected in any way by it. In order to beat him, they must combine their assaults.


The battle between White Bushi and Blue Bushi was picked up in the seventh episode of Orient. However, White Bushi rarely attacked, which put Blue Bushi in danger. The entire platoon was incensed when White Bushi began to make fun of him. Naotora launched an assault shortly after, but it failed in the face of White Bushi. Everyone wanted to know what was going on in the skies. Yura came to the realization that Naotora, who was wielding a blue Kitetsu Blade, was just like him. White Bushi, meantime, challenged Naotora to display his greatest moves in order to defeat him for demeaning his goddess.

The stretch of seawater was once more employed by White Bladed Bushi to capture Naotora. However, it was eventually discovered to be a piece of lava. Everyone was in disbelief and amazement over what he had done. White Bladed Bushi was taken aback when the lava quickly solidified. The extraordinary abilities of Blue Bladed Bushi were briefly shown. Naotora, however, discovered the trap and utilized his immense power to eliminate White Blade Bushi. Naotora destroyed the trap and broke the horn using a magical ball. After killing the White Bladed Bushi, he went back to his tribe.


There will be a fierce conflict between the obsidian man and the remaining Bushies. To beat him, they will pool their resources. Can they, though? On September 6, 2022, Orient Part 2 Episode 9 will premiere, during which you will discover this. It’ll be accessible through Crunchyroll.

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