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Uncle from Another World Episode 8: What’s next?

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From Another World, Uncle The eighth episode will feature a new tale from Uncle’s universe. The most lethal weapon in Uncle’s arsenal was Wild Talker, which was mentioned in the previous chapter. Takafumi learned that the attack will only go off if the wielder is desperate or if they have a protracted conversation. However, the characters are currently hunting for a hero in a different dimension.

The hunt for the hero will be covered in the following chapter. It might interpret the proper circumstance, which might disclose the actual circumstances surrounding Wild Talker’s activation. But the story also has another major point. The blossoming of Fujimiya and Takafumi’s love story has begun. In the upcoming anime episode, they might become a lot closer.


The eighth episode of Uncle From Another World will bring Takafumi and Shibazaki one step closer to mastering their abilities. They are both looking into the ideal circumstances that might trigger the Wild Talker power. In an emergency, they would require this ability. They must therefore devise a quick and effective means to activate it.

Furthermore, the romance between Takafumi and Fujimiya will serve as another major storyline point for the upcoming episode. In the previous chapter, Fujimiya expressed his thoughts about Takafumi. He also aroused Fuji’s enviousness by making out with Sawae, her buddy. They didn’t get any closer than was necessary, though. It appears that it would eventually develop into a charming tale.


The beating of Uncle Shibazaki in a different planet opens the seventh chapter of Uncle From Another World. To witness the consequences of Wild Talker’s power, Takafumi, Fujimiya, and uncle sat together. They observed their uncle reaching a settlement and defending it against goblins. He did not, however, make the potent move there. In addition, he employed a slicing attack to defeat the goblins.

Then he shifts to another narrative where he runs into the explorers once more. Hedgehog in a shrine was where it all began. He was begged to spare the adventurers from it. He engaged the creature in brief conversation and inquired about the massacre. But since it was evil, Uncle promptly used Wild Talker to turn it into ash. Takafumi went to Fujimiya, though, and they returned after rescuing her. In the end, they learned that Alicia was the group of explorers’ heroine.


Episode 8 of Uncle From Another World could not air right away. The Covid outbreak in the animation studios is to blame for the delay. The anime might not come back for even a month.

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