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How Soon Will Ayumu Act? episode 9- Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you needto know.

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Urushi and Ayumu are getting closer to one another every day. Ayumu is hiding his feelings for her despite this though. It seems unlikely that he will confess very soon. The likelihood that the day will arrive sooner rather than later is higher with Rin’s assistance. However, in episode nine of When Will Ayumu Make his Move, Ayumu and his group will first travel to the wonderland. Read on to learn more.

The shogi club members spend their time after school trying to get to know one another in the ninth episode. They’ll play around and experiment with various games. Sakurako and Maki, however, have a story to share. Is there a connection between Ayumu and Urashi?

How Soon Will Ayumu Act? What Will Happen Next in Episode 9?

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 9 Release Date Is Out? Find It Out Now! - ThePopTimes

The shogi club will be highlighted in the upcoming episode, “Omoide o Tsukuritainode,” which translates to “I Want To Make Memories.” The gang is looking forward to spending time together and creating some memories. After school, they’ll decide to hang out together. The party is still going on. Urushi, Ayumu, and the brand-new shogi members will visit an arcade to celebrate the launch of the shogi club. They’ll all get to know one another for a while. Takeru and Rin, club members, will compete against one another.

Ayumu and Urushi, however, will be worn out by Takeru and Rin’s actions. To win the game, they will contend. The club members will try various games later. Even though Urushi knows she’s not very good at basketball, she still finds it amusing to lose to Ayumu. Sakurako and Maki will also accompany them. While Maki has something to discuss with Urushi, Sakurako and Takeru will try to find something and spend some time together.

A Brief Recap.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move previously In episode eight, when their club was formally established, Urushi set Ayumu up against Rin. Urushi was concerned after Ayumu’s defeat, though, because she thought Rin might succeed her as president. In the end, she prevailed over Rin thanks to Ayumu’s encouragement. Urushi enquired afterward about Ayumu’s choice to join the shogi club. But his reply confused her, so she tried to tense things up. Rin, though, cut her off. Urushi responded negatively when she was asked if she liked Ayumu. but added that she would if he shared her feelings.

Rin confronted Ayumu after gaining approval from Takeru. After hearing from Ayumu that he had indeed left kendo for Urushi, Rin thought back to a similar circumstance she had encountered and was ready to beat Ayumu at kendo to express her feelings. She planned to teach him shogi so he could get better so she could comprehend his predicament and get him to confess. Later, Urushi hosted a celebration for the new members and praised Ayumu for her assistance in formalizing the club. Later, she came over to him to take a petal off his neck, but he mistook her for a hug, embarrassing both of them.

How Soon Will Ayumu Act? Episode 9: Date of Release.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 9 Preview - Anime Corner

How Soon Will Ayumu Act? On September 2, 2022, Episode 9 will be broadcast and available on HIDIVE. A fresh experience in Urushi’s life will be the main subject of the episode. It will facilitate her approach to Ayumu. Rin will love spending time with Ayumu in the meanwhile.

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