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Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Episode 9 is How I Met Your Mother in Anime.

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The mobster Kirishima Toru and the timid Yaeka, the boss’s young daughter, star in the upcoming comedy anime The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting, which premieres in the summer of 2022. They are an eccentric but wholesome couple who have each realized the importance of family, whether it be blood or other.

The persistent problem with Yaeka’s mother Miyuki, who has been unconscious in the hospital for a long now following an auto accident, also exists. Although Miyuki hasn’t spoken or done anything yet, her appearances in flashbacks, like in Episode 9, solidify her reputation as a superb wife and mother. Yaeka has good reason to miss her company.

For Toru’s birthday celebration in Episode 9, most of the important Yakuza characters, including the boss, Yaeka, and Kanami, as well as Kei and a handful of Toru’s other gangster allies, congregate. The celebration of Toru’s birthday is joyful and uncomplicated, and the scene works to further the persona of Sakuragi Miyuki, who isn’t even present, rather than Toru. Kazuhiko and his sister-in-law Kanami share some pleasant recollections of Miyuki and wax melancholy about her absence. At that point, Episode 9 starts its flashbacks, which describe how Yaeka’s mother actually met her father one crucial afternoon.

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The majority of the significant Yakuza figures, including the boss, Yaeka, and Kanami, as well as Kei and a few of Toru’s other gangster buddies, gather for Toru’s birthday celebration in Episode 9. The birthday party for Toru is cheerful and uncomplicated, and the event serves to enhance Sakuragi Miyuki’s character—who isn’t even there—rather than Toru’s. Kazuhiko and his sister-in-law Kanami talk fondly about Miyuki and express their sadness at her absence. The flashbacks in Episode 9 begin then, telling the story of how Yaeka’s mother actually met her father on a significant occasion.

The fact that this is a revered and serious art form in Japan serves as a helpful reminder to viewers that the tough-talking Kazuhiko is capable of more than just dealing with mobsters. Miyuki and Kazuhiko actually connect over their love of flowers, and they decide to get together again soon to talk about it. Although Kazuhiko may have the aloofness and severe demeanor of a mob boss, he is not heartless. Even if he won’t say it, he always puts other people before himself.

From then, the flashback continues, showing Miyuki and Kazuhiko accidentally turning their outing into a date. Although the date itself is rather traditional, it has two reasons in Yakuza’s story. First, Miyuki is established in the discussion of the date as being an emotionally capable and strong individual, given that her parents are dead but that she has accepted her sadness. Even though Miyuki, who is friendly and gregarious, misses them, she does not dwell on the past. Instead, she puts in a lot of effort to sustain herself and her sister Kanami, and Kazuhiko is undoubtedly impressed. Given that Kanami works now, perhaps this is what motivates her to be such a loving and devoted aunt to Yaeka.

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