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Chainsaw Man Chapter 103-Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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What is Chapter 103 all about?

Chainsaw, Chapter 103 The man will discover what transpired after the bat devil was vanquished. If one more devil is caught, the streets will only become more chaotic. It will be interesting to see how the plot unfolds as other instances similar to this one take place in the city.

Despite the fact that Denji’s actions were extremely unpleasant, they distinguished him from other shonen characters. This person seems to have the complete support of the media, and War Devil seems to be his only rival.

Although I don’t think Denji will appear in the following chapter, I’m interested to see why and how he changed. What is War Devil’s real reason for wanting to kill him? I am overjoyed to have all of these solutions.

chapter 103

The official storyline details are now in the background because the next chapter has been accessible for a while. Denji, the Chainsaw Man, will talk about his personal life in the paragraph that follows. Next, the Yoru noticed the superhero in front of him. This served as the precursor to the impending battle between the Chainsaw Man and the devils.

Recap of Chapter 102:

The Bat Devil is seeking to capture Asa and Yuko. His strike causes them to fall to the ground, and a rod pierces Yuko’s leg. Her consciousness fades. Yoru insists on killing her and using her as a weapon.

She says to Asa that she is aware that Asa does not regret killing Bucky, but she regrets having done it in front of everyone.

They must all die, she insists, or she will murder Yuko.

After giving it some thought, Asa grabs Yuko and starts to flee. As soon as she can, she hurries, but she trips and falls. She is informed of how frequently she squanders crucial opportunities. Asa’s mother died while trying to save him from a devil’s onslaught.
When Yuko handed her shoes, she recalled the talk they had. Only that Yuko’s heart was located in the correct place was important. Asa experiences the same sensation and resumes running. When the Cockroach Devil surprises the Bat Devil, it crushes it just as it is ready to overtake them.

Chainsaw Man and Cockroach Devil are fighting. Chainsaw Man strikes it ferociously, but Cockroach Devil responds. It grabs Chainsaw Man and throws him into a building. He questions Chainsaw Man’s support for humanity given that he is a devil.

A child and a car full of elderly people are both taken by the Cockroach Devil. It asks Chainsaw Man to choose who he will save. He throws them both to the floor. As he leaves the premises, the Chainsaw Man kills the Cockroach Devil rather than rescuing the child or the car.


Chainsaw Man grabs a cat that is about to fall from a nearby structure and says, “There was also another cat to save!” The child perishes, and everyone inside the car perishes as it catches fire. The newscaster praises Chainsaw Man for rescuing the cat but leaves out the child and the car.

What is the news about its anime adaptation?

One of the best-selling manga series of 2021 is Chainsaw Man. Author Tatsuki Fujimoto claimed that Chainsaw Man is a mixture of jujutsu kaisen and Dorohedoro, indicating that it should be animated by Mappa studio. On August 5, Mappa studio launched the official trailer for Chainsaw Man season 1. Due to its popularity, it was declared for anime adaptation by Mappa studio.

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