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I Shall Master The Family Chapter 79-Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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With her father, who has fully recovered, Florentia is finally enjoying the life she had always wanted. Now that she has the chance, she will use Chapter 79 of I Shall Master The Family to build the groundwork for her company. But with great power comes great responsibility. There will also be a long-lost enemy spying on Florentia. Will she find it simple to handle the fresh challenges? Here is all you need to know about the upcoming adventure, without any further ado!

Florentia will purchase a mansion in Clerivan’s name in the 78th chapter. She is adamant about starting her company and utilising this chance to make investments in her area of study. She will be followed, though, by someone. In order to obtain Florentia’s study materials, the person will make every effort to gain her trust.


What will happen in Chapter 79?

Florentia will inform Sir Clerivan that she intends to launch the Pellet company in the following chapter, surprising Clerivan in the process. Florentia will ask him if it’s worthwhile, but she thinks it’s the greatest way to launch their firm. She desires to begin her investment, but being a child won’t be of much use. As a result, she intends to establish her research group under Clerivan’s name rather than her own firm. They’ll sign a bond once he eventually consents to this.
Florentia will ask him to start purchasing minerals for their studies in the future.

He will be asked to start purchasing materials for their testing today by Florentia. The daughter of Angenas, Julieta Abino, will, nevertheless, be one step ahead of Florentia. She intends to thoroughly destroy Lambardi and their company. Florentia will ask Julieta to perform for them during their inauguration despite the fact that she is unaware of Julieta’s plans. Julieta will make an effort to learn more about Florentia’s strategy for exacting revenge. Will she, however, be successful?

Recap of the previous Chapter:

Previously, Gallahan, Florentia, Sir Clerivan, and Roril went to a posh restaurant in I Shall Master The Family Chapter 78. Florentia was shocked to find herself at the same eatery she had frequented in her previous life, though. Even though it wasn’t pricey, the meal was excellent.

The supper was enjoyable for her and Gallahan, but Sir Clerivan wasn’t feeling well. As Gallahan’s worry increased, Roril soon confessed that Sir Clerivan no longer ate meat since he didn’t like it. Gallahan, on the other hand, recalled that Clerivan used to relish a rare steak with red wine. However, it was back then.


The revelation that Gallahan was ignorant of his employees’ preferences infuriated him. But Clerivan made an effort to set the record straight by admitting that he now preferred fish and salads. Florentia placed a salad and seafood order for Clerivan while they were conversing and was thrilled to see him delighted. They all met the previous owner of a mansion after Florentia requested permission from Gallahan to take Clerivan with him after they finished their lunch. Clerivan’s name was being used by Florentia to purchase the mansion, which shocked both Roril and Clerivan.

What is the release date of Chapter 79?

On August 25, 2022, I Shall Master The Family Chapter 79 will be available. It will be accessible on the official Kakaopage, Webtoon, and Naver pages. It will depict Julieta’s fury and her handling of Florentia’s business. She will undoubtedly cause issues in her life. Follow The Anime Daily to find out how far she will go to exact her retribution.

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