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Kaiju No 8 Chapter 69- Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you require to know.

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Finally, the long wait of the readers since the beginning of the manga to see the reunion between Kafka and Mina has transpired in Chapter 69, in “Kaiju No. 8”.

Since Kafka Hibino changed into the series’ titular beast in chapter one and joined the Defense Force shortly after, Kaiju No. 8 has been developing to this moment, which has now finally occurred. He had just finished a private conversation with his childhood sweetheart Mina Ashir. This is very important.

What is the storyline of Kaiju No. 8?


Because of all the unfulfilled expectations and mistakes that clutter their common history, it had already been anticipated that Kafka and Mina’s reunion would be impassioned before the manga’s events even occurred. Long ago, while they were still children, the two struck a deal that they would work together as adults to defeat the kaiju that plagued humanity. But as of the first chapter of Kaiju No. 8, Mina is the only individual who has kept her word. The superstar who advanced to the coveted rank of captain in the Defense Force that battles Kaiju. While Mina kills the kaiju in the open to the delight of her many admirers, Kafka, a failure who repeatedly failed the Defense Force entrance exams, is now assigned the unglamorous task of cleaning up the carcasses. Later, Kafka joins the Defense Force, though barely and only because of a boost he receives from being a kaiju, which the Defense Force and Mina were unaware of at the time.

How does the story unfold in Chapter 69?

But in chapter 69 by Naoya Matsumoto, the two ultimately have lunch alone together following a series of chance encounters in public and her discovery that Kafka is the titular Kaiju No. 8. The eagerly awaited reunion naturally starts uncomfortably with Kafka attempting to slink away unnoticed before she spots him, but that fails when she soon beckons him over to recount recollections of when they were toddlers, both of which she found him humiliating and even soothing. She then gets right to the point. When he stopped the Defense Force from being destroyed, Mina mentions how strong she has become so he won’t have to carry the burden alone and they can keep the promise they made when they were young.


Mina has felt untouchable ever since Kaiju No. 8 first started. While her harsh approach was appropriate for someone of her level, it seemed as though she was dismayed by her friend’s mistakes. After Kafka is admitted to the Defense Force, she occasionally violates protocol by acting amused by Kafka’s pranks in front of others. But readers have not yet understood how she feels about the early failings of her childhood friend or about the fact that he joined the Defense Force so much later than she did. When readers learn that Kafka is Kaiju No. 8, this situation gets worse because there is now another subject about which Mina’s feelings are unknown.

How does this chapter end?

Fans of Kaiju No. 8 required a reunion such as this one to address all of these issues. Kafka’s prior failings are not only fully disregarded by Mina, but she also applauds him for his triumphs, demonstrating her approval of his performance as both a human and a kaiju. She makes a strong implication that Kafka was formerly seen as superior to her.
In addition to validating his transformation into the monsters, Mina’s comments entirely override all of Kafka’s failings that previously drove him to binge drink and eat excessively in squalor before joining the Defense Force. Additionally, they show that Kafka didn’t fail to realize his ambition or keep the promise he made to his childhood companion. They demonstrate that Kafka did not stop Mina from keeping her vow.

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