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Kengan Omega Chapter 172-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Chapter 171 of Kengan Omega makes it clear that Saw Paing might be Cosmo’s natural opponent because he can maintain his arms in the air to avoid a chokehold and still use his head both defensively and offensively. even if Cosmo engages in ground combat.

Cosmo, in contrast, hand, does not benefit from the same option because Saw only poses a threat from his arms, while one of them is already shattered, giving Saw the upper hand.

Cosmo and Saw are two aspects of the same coin; both choose to specialize in different fields in order to become among the best; you’d think he would know him better.


All about Kengan Omega:

Japanese manga called Kengan Ashura was created by Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon. From April 2012 until August 2018, it was serialised on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website.
In January 2019, the Kengan Omega sequel got under way.

The comic follows ambitious fighter Narushima Koga and the intriguing Gaoh Ryuki as they become entangled in the underworld of the Kengan battles, starting 2 years after Ganryu Island’s Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

What’s new in Chapter 172 of Kengan Omega?

Cosmo may appear to be in a better situation, but with his damaged finger, he may actually be losing ground. The fight is still going on, and we still have no idea how it will turn out. We are all quite interested in learning who won the initial round, which might be revealed in Chapter 172.
We’d see both characters develop to the point where the conflict between Kanoh and Cosmo wouldn’t be over before the monster shot connected. As he accomplished with Gaolang and Okubo, Kanoh could not end the fight in an instant with a grapple.

Recap of Chapter 171:

The focus of the chapter was on the duel between Saw Paing and Imai Cosmo. The two opponents continued to kick and hit each other while simultaneously dodging them.

It was challenging to predict the conclusion because the conflict was so strong. Midway through his kick, Saw altered the direction, surprising Cosmo. He almost managed to avoid it.


Cosmo continues to dodge Saw’s attacks despite the latter’s constant assaults. Saw Paing’s power has increased dramatically. Cosmo dodged a further punch from Saw and then struck him in the face and forehead with an elbow and a lower jab. Saw began to bleed, which affected his vision.

Cosmo rushes at Saw from below, but the defender’s knee stops him. He sweeps his legs to knock Saw to the ground. Cosmo took the mount position by climbing to the summit with haste. He begins using his hammer to strike.

In a flashback, Kureishi Mitsuyo’s training of Cosmo is depicted. It’s striking how it brought out his vulnerability. His teacher instructs him to locate the key component of whatever he strikes.
Cosmo is unable to hit Saw since he is protecting his key location. Saw used Hammer of Burma to break Cosmo’s little finger as he reached for another hammer.
He determined the timing. The fight is still in question, but Cosmo remains in a favourable position. The alteration in the course of events piques Shen Wulong’s curiosity as well.


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