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Prima Doll Episode 7-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know

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Engineers created automata, or mechanical dolls of destruction, when the world was at war, chaotic, and hopeless. The military used Automatas for many different things, including as warheads and spying on the armies of other countries. However, once the battle is finished, automata are reprogrammed to fit into the brand-new, peaceful society. The narrative of Prima Doll is how certain automata dolls adjusted to their new environment.

Haizakura awakens in a new world with no memory of who she is. When she awoke, she was in the basement of the Kuronekotei cafe. At the Kuronekotei cafe, where she gave the locals the best service she could, she discovered a new meaning in life. She wasn’t the only automaton employed there, either. Her first senior subordinates were Karasuba, Gekka, and Houkiboshi. In the cafe, they instructed her on a variety of daily tasks. Even though Haizakura was not skilled at this sort of thing, it is entertaining to watch her attempt it.


Background of the story:

Chiyo, a sweet young girl who wasn’t an automata but enjoyed working with one, joined the group. Her older sister was a robot who left for the war and never came back. Chiyo adored her and yearned to see her once more. They re-meet Chiyo’s older sister after Haizakura fixed her. Prima Doll’s tale is replete with happy, romantic, and humorous moments. Along with some riddles, all of that.

Recap of the previous episode:

Retzel makes her debut in the most recent episode. She was formerly employed by a hostile country and is likewise an automaton. Everyone agrees that she is fit to work as a server at the Kuronekotei cafe after engineers reset her memories. Retzel’s caregiver is Haizakura. She teaches her the many responsibilities and duties that they have. Retzel was incredibly talented in every area. She fits the description of a perfectionist. But nothing makes sense. Karasuba suspected something. Retzel and Haizakura shared a room for the night, and Haizakura discovered some odd items in her bag.
knives of all kinds! Retzel memories still exist. She imagines herself as a spy who penetrated the hostile area.

She believes that even though the conflict has long since finished, her role is to find and notify their nation of the clarifying information. After intimidating Haizakura numerous times, she attempted to reach her headquarters. Since it took many years for the war to end, nobody responded.


She then began fighting the soldiers and was eventually taken prisoner. Engineers once more cleared her memories while leaving her emotions untouched. She is currently ready to work and is a member of the Kuronekotei café staff.


One of the most popular Eastern anime television series is without a doubt Prima Doll, which debuted on July 3, 2022. This series gained a loyal audience after the debut of just a few of the episodes, and a new season has now been introduced. Prima Doll Season 1 has already begun, and a few episodes already have been aired.

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