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Dropkick on the devil x Episode 9- Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you require to know.

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Next week will see the release of Dropkick on Devil!! X Episode 9. Dropkick on My Devil X the comic book. Yukiwo created the artwork and writing for Flex Comix’s Meteor in April 2012. By June 2022, 19 volumes have been generated through serialization in a webzine devoted to manga. From July to September 2018, Nomad aired an anime adaptation of this manga.

The second season of Dropkick on My Devil, the anime, aired from April to June 2020. In July 2022, it made its third season premiere. On Yurine Hanazono’s life, it is based. The devil from hell, Jashin, has been called by the Japanese witch Yurine Hanazono.


Jashin has summoned her to bring her back because he is unable to go to hell by himself. He runs in front of her every day, and he tries to kill her several times, but he fails. A lot of Yurine’s time is spent with her friends on both sides, notably Jashin. The eighth episode, titled “Riding a Dolphin into Chao,” was released on August 24. The upcoming episode has fans incredibly excited.

All about Dropkick on My Devil:

More than a comedy, this series is reminiscent of an anime. From one episode to the next, the plot is different, but the overarching concept holds everything together. Despite their flaws, a witch and a demon stayed together right up to the very end. Jashin-chan called the witch, and the witch called the demon, but it was Yurine who called the demon.

As soon as they encounter one another, Yurine refuses to allow her adversary to damage her. Until the demon killed the witch who summoned him, they remained together. She might harm them, which would then lead to them harming one another. The two of them nevertheless enjoy themselves. Maybe they’ll go to a hot spring or play pachinko. At the same time as they are attempting to harm one another, they are also acting foolishly, which again will make them appear amusing to everyone around them.

Where to watch Dropkick on My Devil!! X Episode 9 online?

As Dropkick on My Devil!! X Episode 9 is already released, viewers may watch it on Crunchyroll. On the same platform, you may also see earlier episodes of Dropkick on My Devil!! X.


What is the story of Episode 9?

An underworld demon can be called by a student named Yurine Hanazono. Now that they must share a dingy flat in Tokyo’s Jimbocho neighborhood, Jashin-chan schemes to murder her to ensure that if she perishes, he can go back to the underworld. Yurine Hanazono, a stern female college freshman who resides in a questionable apartment in Jimbocho, unintentionally calls the monster of hell, Jashin-chan, to the world of humans. (From the manga) Since Yurine is unable to send Jashin-chan back, she is compelled to live with her. However, Jashin-chan asserts that by killing Yurine, he will be able to go again, so he resolves to act…? I carry on doing it. Poporon advises teaming up to survive while being stuck on Earth until Halo recharges, but Pecora is ignored. Pakora and she exchange meals. Later, Yurine becomes irate with Jashin for using all of Medusa’s funds to purchase the game.

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