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Nano machine Chapter 119-Is the Vice Lord dead? Everything You Need To Know

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Kyung, a cunning man, decided to trick the ninja into discovering the demon sword. He had been thinking a lot something about ninjas and was curious about their family and their methods. However, by remaining obedient to her master, Elder Yin ruined his scheme. In Nano Machine Chapter 119, nevertheless, the vice lord will discover that he is too frail to defeat a ninja. This is because the ninja’s sword skills are quite apart from those they had learned from Yin Moha. The vice lord’s knowledge of the ninja’s true identity will ever come to light?

The air sword will be used by the ninja to thwart the vice lord in chapter 119. He’ll turn his back on the vice lord amid a hail of blood and seize the chance to go. Elder Yin and Kyung will battle in the meantime. Someone will soon arrive to aid Yin and the vice lord. Later, they would question Kyung about the ninja’s whereabouts.

What happens in Chapter 119?

The vice lord will encounter a difficult predicament in the subsequent chapter. He is aware that he cannot defeat the ninja and his abilities. The vice lord thinks the ninja is at the ultimate master level. But he was curious to find out who he was. The ninja keeps attacking him despite his obvious motive. He will assault the vice lord with a formation of the fourth demon sword and the heavenly god sword. The vice lord is made to ponder why this person’s formation is so dissimilar from Yin Moha’s enjoyment.

Kyung will be defeated by elder Yin, who will then kidnap him. To take Kyung to the dungeon, Elder Yin will summon their followers. Coming back to the vice lord, he will be laying on the floor attempting to recover after this struggle has harmed his organs. The ninja, however, will seize this chance to flee. The vice lord will be taken to the hospital by some assistance when they soon come. They can only now locate the solution with Kyung’s assistance. Allowing him to speak, though, won’t be simple.

Recap of the previous chapter:

The second council elder of the cult and the commander of the sword clan, Kyung Bon Gi, previously paid a visit to the ninja in Nano Machine Chapter 118.

If that individual was able to join the cult so simply, he must be the great high lord, in his opinion. He hoped to master the sword demon techniques from him as a result. However, he was cut off when the ninja detected Vice Lord’s presence there. It didn’t take Kyung long to realize that elder Yin was responsible for this. To find out who this ninja was, she had already called the vice lord. However, the ninja left, leaving Kyung free to assault Yin.


But when Kyung discovered that Yin was far stronger than he had anticipated, he was taken aback. The Vice Lord chased after the ninja as Kyung and Yin engaged in combat. He was taken aback to discover that the ninja was faster and was unable to catch up with him. As a result, the vice lord used his eyesight setting to determine where the ninja was going. The vice lord followed the ninja’s trail and leaped off the cliff to attack him. However, he ultimately fractured some more of his bones and suffered muscular damage. The vice lord’s body, however, was healed using the emergency self-healing mechanism. The ninja again attacked the vice lord after acting as though he was impressed by his abilities. He avoided such assaults, however. The air sword, however, ultimately struck the vice lord with a crushing blow.

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