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The Max Level Hero Chapter 99 Does Davey kill everyone? All Other Details here

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To safeguard their members from the vampire’s attack, Davey came up with a strategy. To slay that vampire, he constructed more golems with Lune’s assistance. But he never imagined that he would require them so quickly. In Chapter 99 of The Max Level Hero Has Returned, Davey will now ask Lune for assistance in fending off the new menace. To aid Davey, Elena will make use of her magical abilities. Will they succeed in the fight, though? I’ll see!
Lune will give orders for Megatron and the remaining golems to slay the creatures in the 99th chapter. On the cliff, Davey will invite others to join him. However, a terrible event will occur, placing Lune in a precarious situation. The monsters, comprising their commander, will be destroyed by Davey as soon as he enters the combat.


What happens in Chapter 99 of The Max Level Hero Has Returned?

Davey will request that Lune set the snipper in the subsequent chapter. She will immediately begin firing, dispatching a string of monsters. Davey will request the company of Winley, Elena, and others. Once there, they can see where Lune is carrying out her plan. She will be instructed by Davey to position Megatron and the other golems. She will give the order for them to walk up to the cliff, where they will begin firing the monsters. They will be told to destroy the golem, but their leader won’t do anything. But Davey won’t mind, and he’ll settle down a little while Lune keeps going for those creatures. With one shot, she’ll kill tens of thousands of monsters.

But if the connection is too strong, her computer will become too hot, and she will tell Davey about it. When he gives the order, she will begin cooling. Davey will have to enter the battlefield, though, as things will turn out differently. In this battle, he will be joined by Elena and his other group members. The armies of creatures will be destroyed by his aura blade. Nevertheless, a girl vampire will interrupt. He will be destroyed, she’ll say, and Lune will go with her. Davey will, nevertheless, strike her hard with his strength. Lune will make every effort while waiting to direct Megatron to dispatch the whole monster population, including their commander.

Recap of the previous episode:

Elena first encountered Davey in The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 98. He was unsure when she questioned how long he planned to sit there. He confessed his curiosity and want to learn more about that vampire chick. But Elena assured him that she didn’t spot any signs of a vampire around. Elena chose to fight alongside Davey and his team, nonetheless, after learning of the danger. She immediately turned her attention to another golem Davey was crafting. When she questioned him about his studies, he confessed that he had been studying Megatron and had already begun creating it.


He could create a Megatron now that he had the resources and the labor force. Davey said that his main objective was to have them fly, but Elena questioned his abilities and claimed it would be unfeasible to do so. He contacted Lune shortly after and requested her to present Elena with the results of their investigation. Lune was able to judge Elena as a result, and she disliked her. Winley showed up there and informed Davey about the swarms of creatures while they were still conversing. About 5,000 people, she said, and no vampires were there. Davey forbade Elena from assisting. Lune’s performance must begin, he commanded.

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