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What happens in Chapter 388 of My Wife Is a Demon Queen? All Details You Need To Know

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The events in Xiang’s life are transpiring quickly. Will he manage to defeat his subsequent foe in My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 388? The Demon King OSA arrived at the last panel of the last chapter and issued a challenge to fight everyone. The battle will be difficult for Xiang to win given his demonic strength and abilities. Do you realize that he is not fighting this war alone? He will receive assistance from his environment and recover stronger. To learn more, continue reading.

The conflict between Xiang and OSA, the Demon King, will be continued in the upcoming plot. The battle will be lost by Xiang’s crew, who now have to find a means to defeat the Demon King.

The process won’t be simple, though. Additionally, everyone will be surprised by Regent’s action.


What will occur after this chapter of My Wife Is A Demon Queen?

Demon King OSA will demolish Darkulo’s scythe and cunningly render all of his attacks into ashes in the upcoming episode. Darko will be on the verge of disaster. To find a strategy for saving the Demon Queen, he will try to infer one. However, every strategy they employ appears to fail. But as he deals with the colorless domain, Xiang will seize the opportunity to strike the Demon King OSA again.


After being wiped out by OSA, the Demon King, Regent will submit. As a result, Xiang, Darkulo, and the Demon King OSA will now engage in combat. They’ll be shocked to see them still there, facing the Demon King, when the others arrive. Instead of aiding them in the conflict, they will keep their distance.

Recap of the previous episode:

Regent activated the colorless domain in the 387th chapter with success. But Xiang and others had no idea how to turn it off. In actuality, Xiang asked Darkulo for assistance since they felt helpless. But Darkulo was unaware of his ruse. But he recalled that the first time he had encountered the magic was during the height of the conflict between the two species. Nevertheless, there was no cause for concern.

Darkulo and Xiang were ordered to submit by the Regent. But they disobeyed his command.


Without further ado, he charged his attack after challenging Regent to a fight. Darkulo was among those who were taken aback by his strike because it appeared feeble in the face of OSA, the Demon King. To battle the Demon King OSA, the trio decided to band together. But one by one, he undermined their assaults. The nuclear bomb was ultimately destroyed by the Demon King OSA.

What is the release date of this chapter?

The release schedule for My Wife Is A Demon Queen is irregular. So it’s difficult to predict when the next chapter will be released. But the good news for the fans is that this chapter has already been released on August 29, 2022. The most recent chapter is available on the official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao pages.

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