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Engage Kiss- Release date, Plot and more! All detail you require to know.

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Engage Kiss is a comedy, romance TV series directed by Tomoya Tanaka and produced by A-1 Pictures studios. The anime series aired from Jul 3, 2022, to Sep 25, 2022, on Tokyo MX and other channels in a total of 13 episodes with each episode being 23 minutes long.

What is the storyline of the anime?

Engage Kiss

Bayron City which is a Mega-Float type city in the Pacific Ocean does not belong to any particular nation. The city is well known for Orgonium, a new energy resource. The city has started growing in popularity. Suddenly, incidents caused by demons, known as Demon Hazards, started occurring frequently but only a few people know about their existence. She is a young man who lives in Bayron city and runs a small company. Kisara, a beautiful high school girl who in reality is one of the demons, helps him out in his private and work life, a little bit too forcefully for his comfort which eventually makes him feel annoyed. At the root of Kisara’s strong attachment to Shu, is a contract that was signed between them. The price of the contract is a dangerously sweet kiss. Their uncertain bond stumbles between love and contract.

The two work together, taking preventive measures against demon hazards, which were the biggest threats to the whole city. With danger lurking in the shadows, Shuu and Kisara strive to keep the city safe. However, getting rid of the possessed comes with a price others don’t know.

Introduction to characters of the anime 

Engage Kiss

  1. Shu Ogata – The protagonist who runs a small private military company and is usually broke as he cannot handle his finances well. He is an orphan whose family is presumed to be dead due to some incident.
  2. Kisara – A demon girl who exterminates demons. She is a  high schooler in Bayron City who has a contract with Shu. She has the power by which she can eat the memories of people.
  3. Ayano Yugiri –  Akino’s daughter and Shu’s first ex-girlfriend who still has feelings for him.
  4. Sharon Holygrail – Another ex-girlfriend of Shu who dresses as a nun but is an assassin and a part of an international organization tasked with fighting against demons and monsters.
  5. Kanna Ogata – The main lead Shu’s younger sister.
  6. Akino Yūgiri – Ayano’s mother and the chairman of a private military company.
  7. Miles Morgan – A veteran officer of the Anti-Demon Bureau who cares for Shu as if they are family.
  8. Tetsuya Mikami – A detective officer from the Bayron City Special Criminal Operations Prevention Bureau, AKA the Anti-Demon Bureau.
  9. Shifa Hachisuka – Shenfa is the eldest daughter of the current mayor of Bayron City.
  10. Linfa Hachisuka – The second daughter of the current mayor of Bayron City.
  11. Mikhail Hachisuka – The son of the current mayor of Bayron City.

Engage Kill: the mobile game

A mobile game titled Engage Kill based on Engage Kiss developed by Square Enix was also announced on April 24, 2022.

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