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Erased Season 2? Here is what we know so Far, Check Out To Know More

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Erased, also known by the names ‘Boku dake ga Inai Machi’ or ‘The Town Where Only I Am Missing’ in other languages, is a fantasy, mystery mini-TV anime series that was aired in Japan from January 8 to March 25, 2016, almost 6 years ago, with a simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Funimation, and AnimeLab. The anime series, directed by Tomohiko Itō and produced by A-1 Pictures studios, is based on a manga with the same title, written by Kei Sanbe.

Will there be any Season 2 of Erased?

Erased anime series

The anime series already concluded the story. Though it skipped some parts of the manga but most of the skipped parts took place before the events in the last episode. So, it is not known whether the anime will ever get a follow-up season in the future or not. But the writers can come up with a new story centering on Satoru’s time-traveling ability that is separate from the manga. Moreover, Kei has written and illustrated a spin-off manga with the title “Boku Ga Inai Machi: Re,” which focuses on one of the original child victims, Kayo Hinazuki, as the main character. So, this storyline can be used for season 2. However, no information has been given by the authorities.

What was the plot and storyline of Erased?

Erased anime series
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The plot revolves around Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old young man, a struggling manga author working at a pizza place to meet his ends in Chiba, who possesses a unique supernatural power he calls “Revival”, which provides him the supernatural ability to escape a life-threatening incident by getting sent back in time a few moments before it occurs. ‘Revival’ kicks in when something really bad is about to occur and gives him a signal to him avoid it from happening. He then travels back a few seconds before something’s about to happen and tries to fix it. However, when his mother gets murdered by some mysterious killer, Saturo gets another chance to save his mother through a revival. But when he tries to travel back some seconds to prevent the incident, he ends up traveling back 18 years, to his elementary school days. Was the reason for his mother’s murder connected to his 18-year-old past or to the fate of his three classmates who were kidnapped and killed?

When will Erased Season 2 be released?

Erased anime series

Since there have not been any official statements or updates by the studios about season 2 yet, there is also no confirmation of the release date. It has been six years since the anime ended and no announcements have been made about another season. Though, after being released on Netflix, the anime has gained many new fans that demand a sequel. While we wait for further updates, you can watch the anime streaming on Netflix. Here is the season 1 trailer.

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