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Is Ayumu Is Getting Closer To Urushi! let us know in Episode 9

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Soredemo Ayumu Wa Yosetekuru also referred since Even so, Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame, would undoubtedly be our choice if you asked us to name an anime that has the potential to rank among the best rom-com over time. With only 8 episodes aired so far, this anime has been receiving a lot of attention from fans recently. In reality, the series amassed a sizable fan base from viewers around the world. Even Nevertheless, Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame’s 8th episode recently did an outstanding job and stoked fans’ anticipation for the 9th episode.

What is the plot of Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame?

The story of Ayumu Tanaka, who has fallen in love with Urushi Yaotome, is based on the book Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame. Ayumu chooses to join the illegal Shogi club to become closer to Urushi, the club’s leader. Instead of telling her directly how he felt, he chose to take things slowly. He ultimately chooses to go with the flow. The fight involving Ayumu and Urushi in terms of shogi starts later, and it is entertaining to watch.

How does the story unfold in Episode 9?

Although neither of them initially thought of it as a truly special occasion, even if Urushi’s girlfriends did, Episode 9 shows Ayumu inviting his close buddy Urushi on a casual adventure during Golden Week. At the same time, Ayumu’s friend Takeru takes a break with his sweetheart Sakurako by the river looking for four-leaf clovers. Takeru initially views the activity as a waste of time before discovering a clover and becoming a small amount intimate with Sakurako. However, it has nothing to do with shogi, and in this episode, neither Urushi nor Ayumu engage in any shogi or mind games. Takeru and his pals, however, decide to go to the arcade and play some other games.


It reminds me of how Raido and Aharen connected over a range of video games in the Aharen-San anime during the Spring anime season. Episode 9 is funny enough, especially the air hockey scene and the electronic arcade game with enormous shogi pieces, but it utterly disregards the early episodes’ emphasis on shogi matches and intellectual competitions. Even though the Kaguya-Sama anime is superior, the Ayumu anime at least engages spectators with a similar match of wits and demonstrates Urushi and Ayumu’s friendship through the game of shogi. By episode nine, this main idea is abandoned in favor of typical slice-of-life antics, which gives the episode a filler-like quality.

Although not through shogi or any other kind of mind tricks, Ayumu and Urushi do grow a little closer in this episode. The Ayumu episode needs to keep in mind the hook that first attracted viewers, or else it might end up being just another season-ending high school rom-com. Many spectators came to watch shogi Kaguya, which can be an intriguing, cerebral contest of love wits, but that’s not taking place right now.


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