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Maxed out leveling Chapter 59-Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here

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How does the story unfold in Chapter 59?

The majority of those who dislike it believe that studying the judiciary is only as good as a magus. Cha Shin Hyeon had little knowledge of law because he wasn’t an expert in it. Although the process of learning makes you upset, the actual content does not. Through the sand, Junho Jeon moved quickly. floating corpses that were pursuing them.

Park Tae-hoon is the one in the picture. Lee Ji-Hye also spent her entire life in Moorim, but Cha Shin Hyeon is simply too long for her to mention. Jihye Lee gave off a startling sound. She appears to be getting better every time I watch Cha Shin Hyeon. Stronger you are if you grow more slowly.


You’re claiming to have even altered Park Tae-mind, is that correct? Cha Shin Hyeon delivered it to Lee Ji-Hye, who subsequently used it to cause the hoon’s Kim Cheol-bloodshed ho’s. He was the only one to make it out of the Twilight side, and he served as Park Tae’s secretary, so he knows a lot. Cha Shin Hyeon’s unexpected leap of hundreds of meters into the air startled the hunters in Tamra. In the tent, Kaorin was left lying on a basic bed. She was unconscious and had passed out.

Gao Lin sprang up from where he had been lying. Then, he placed his hand on his body and focused his energy there. Cha Shin Hyeon’s rage stifled Gaolin’s ability to be creative.

Even though it was against the rules, Gao Lin proceeded to speak what he wanted to. The moment the permissible line was passed, the prohibition began. A powerful force that alters it has control over Gagarin’s consciousness.

He began to be forcefully calmed down by Cha Shin Hyeon’s strength. Only the two towns of Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do are edible in the morning. Park Tae-hoon makes deals like a jerk when he gives away such big parcels of land.

Recap of the previous episode:

Even the description of Park Tae-hoon as “rags” didn’t seem enough. Wouldn’t he be better known as “minced meat”? Incredibly, he’s still alive after sustaining such severe injuries. He loses his mind when he strikes people, but he never displays that. Jeon Jun-ho had to repress the urge to inquire as to where in the world the issue was being fixed.

Tae-Hoon Park was tapped by Cha Shin Hyeon with his toe. He felt a mild shock all over as his fury crept up on him. Because he was unable to use force to enter Gyeongsang-do, Park Tae-hoon concocted a tale about Seo Kang-jin being abducted and Lee Ji-Hye running into Jeon Jun-ho.

It was not Park Tae-fault hoons because of what he did. Sarcastic yet genuine laughter could be heard from Cha Shin Hyeon.


Junho Jeon was holding his head. Lee Ji-Hye was so perplexed that she was unable to conceal it. Another item that startled me was this. Even Park Tae-hoon and Lee Ji-Hye fell victim to the hellhole. Cha Shin Hyeon appears to not have anything to do with them from the outside.
They can conceal the fact that they are assaulting their guild by attacking the morning with the might of another nation, like Gaolin. Cha Shin Hyeon, Lee Ji-Hye, and Jeon Jun-ho were all taken aback as well. The power of the spirit was released much more. Park Tae-mouth hoon’s seemed to open up once more, but tragedy struck right away.


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