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The Exclusive Samurai Chapter 75-What happens to Hojo Takatoki ? Check Out To Know More

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A well-known and adored manga series worldwide is Elusive Samurai. This series premiered on January 25, 2021, and was an immediate success. The viewers of this manga series have never experienced a dull moment as they wait for the next chapter, which builds anticipation. The wait for chapter 75 to be published for readers in the market has finally come to an end for fans.

Plotline of Elusive Samurai Manga:

An eight-year-old Hojo Tokiyuki, the shogunate’s successor and the protagonist of The Elusive Samurai Manga, is untalented in all but hide-and-seek. The story is set in the middle ages. He had no idea that his good times would soon come to an end when Takauji Ashikaga overthrew Kamakarus. It is now time to reclaim what Kamakarus misplaced. Tokiyuki must now go on the offensive, fend off assailants, and gather allies in order to bring back the glories of the Kamakura Shogunate.


The Elusive Samurai is a really skillful manga series that draws readers in and holds them as it goes along. Many people are expecting this manga series to lead the manga renaissance, but the funny thing is that not a lot is known about what will happen in chapter 70. However, based on the preceding chapter, we may anticipate that the entire series will explore increasingly sinister exorcisms. We can undoubtedly expect to witness more exorcisms now that the notion of exorcism and a small portion of its application were given to us in the previous chapter.

Story of Chapter 75:

Hojo Takatoki, our hero, is a young man who history has all but forgotten. In feudal Japan, between the Kamakura and Muromachi eras, the story is set. When Ashikaga Takauji tried to overthrow the Kamakura shogunate, Takatoki’s family and position are mercilessly taken from him. In order to remain alive and search out his vengeance, he is compelled to journey to the most remote regions of the country!

What is the release date of Chapter 75?

Chapter 75 of The Elusive Samurai is not far off. The Elusive Samurai Chapter 75 will be released on August 28, 2022, at 12 A.M. according to Japanese time, which translates to 11 PM for Americans, 4 AM for Britons, and 8:30 AM for Indian fans. Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Summary of the previous episode:

The creator of the popular video games Assassination Classroom and Neuro: Supernatural Detective, Yusei Matsui, has made a comeback. The story takes set in feudal Japan between the Kamakura and Muromachi eras, and our hero, Hojo Tokiyuki, is a young man who history has almost entirely forgotten about. Ashikaga Takauji brutally strips Tokiyuki of his family and position when he overthrows the Kamakura shogunate. To survive and pursue vengeance, he is compelled to run to the far reaches of the earth!


Where can you read Elusive Samurai officially?

Due to the unofficial nature of those websites, there are many platforms released every day where readers can easily read manga, but none of them can be trusted to be free of malware and trackers. However, since mangas have become very popular in recent years, it isn’t too difficult to find an official Website to read the manga series. Viz is one of these websites where you can read additional mangas like The Elusive Samurai and all the new and upcoming chapters of the same.


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