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What will happen in BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14?

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BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 will now air in a new season, carrying on from the previous episode. After Arshes uses lightning to demolish the castle and Dark Schneider intervenes to save Yoko and Sheila, the narrative continues. Arshes challenges Schneider to a fight after becoming enraged at seeing Schneider with other women. Arshes defeated Efreet’s powers during the conflict, but Efreet’s ghost interfered and used his sword form to cut down Arshes’ lightning sword. Arshs is assaulted even after Schneider reminds them of their love for one another. Arshes is reminded by Abigail that she has two choices: bear the curse or murder Schneider.

Later, the army departs for a fresh conflict, but before doing so, Dark Schneider declares his love for her. Arshes is aware of what Schneider has been doing in the past and thinks that telling different women he loves them is in Schneider’s character. Dark Schneider implores her to cease fighting when the wizards use their manifested spirits in combat. However, Dark Schneider’s Exodus is comparable to Arshes and the other wizards’ powerful signature spells. Arshes declares that she would create a society devoid of poverty in which every orphan will have the finest possible life.


She tries to frighten Yoko, but Schneider snaps and punches her. But Lushe’s awareness brings to mind Arshes’ curse. Arshes is not acting entirely on Schneider’s command, so Schneider chooses to intervene. To stop Arshes’ curse, he drew his dagger and leaped with his heart out of his chest. Everyone weeps as Schneider hits the ground after falling, thinking that he could pass away. They took Scheider to the church where they gave him a place to rest. Another battle was fought, and new kingdoms were taken by Kall-Su and Abvigal.

Recap of the previous episode:

Abigail and Kall-Su locate the remaining two seals after taking control of a few kingdoms. The last seal was in Metallicana, they realize. To assault Metallicana, they call out their troops and deploy them there. The King explains that Sheila’s body contains the final seal as he becomes aware of how the fight has altered everything. In case they lose the war, he reminds Geo to kill Sheila. Goe agreed to King’s request and prepared to finish the assignment. The remaining two seals are broken by Abigail, who is ignorant that Sheila would experience pain because the final seal is inside of her. Anthrasax is then awakened.

Arshes defends the realm in memory of Scheider, who passed away and was laid to rest at the church. When she learns that Abigal fought to obliterate the planet, she decides that she will not turn it into a paradise. From Anthrasax’s flesh, Abigail summons a powerful Cyclops on the other side. Arshes fears that she will pass away without granting Schneider’s dream as she is being overpowered by the adversaries and thinks she has no chance. Luckily, Gara shows up with another army and starts to drive the adversaries back while supporting Arshes, who is now certain that they will win the war. The Cyclops, however, decimates his army in front of them and then regenerated when they attacked him. Yoko observes something peculiar about Scheider as his heart suddenly regenerates.

Schneider awakens after being slapped by Yoko. She tears his heart and sees that he is reborn. Following his reunion with Yoko, Schneider understands that the conflict has not been resolved and returns to the fray. He destroys the Cyclops and Abigail before them. Arshes and Scheider reconcile, and Sheila starts to feel better. When Arshes and Gara are on his side, Scheider declares that he will never lose. Kall-Su intends to exact retribution after realizing that Anthrasax is sealed.


What is the release date of BASTARD: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14?

BASTARD: On September 15, 2022, Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Episode 14 will air. Following the conclusion of season 1 in episode 13, the return of season 2 was confirmed. However, Episode 14 was delayed.

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