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Ao Ashi Chapter 310 release date, the wait is soon to get over.

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Ao Ashi is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūgo Kobayashi that is based on a concept by Naohiko Ueno. The manga series was also adapted into an anime, directed by Akira Satō and written by Masahiro Yokotani produced under Production I.G studios, that started airing on April 9, 2022.

What is the main storyline of Ao Ashi?

Ao Ashi

The story revolves around young Ashito Aoi who is a third-year middle school student at Ehime City Middle School. He meets Tatsuya Fukuda, a J Youth League coach. Ashito, who is talented and has great potential, is a stubborn boy. But his coach Fukuda believes in him and invites him to try out for his team. He can change the face of Japanese football for the better.

When will Ao Ashi Chapter 310 be released? Official Release Date

Ao Ashi

Though the writers of the manga have not released any official statements about the release of Ao Ashi Chapter 310 based on the observations made from the releasing pattern of previous chapters, the new chapter is expected to release on Tuesday, October 04, 2022, 12:00 AM JST(Japanese Standard Time).

An introduction to the characters from the manga

Ao Ashi

  • Aoi Ashito – the protagonist is a great football player but can be difficult to handle due to his stubbornness.
  • Tatsuya Fukuda – the reliable coach of Tokyo Metropolis Esperion FC’s Youth Soccer Workforce who has a great eye for potential in young people that is why he is the person who invited Ashito to the team.
  • Hana Ichijo – is a football enthusiast and also a first-year student who aspires to be a doctor someday. She helps out with the team often and also makes delicious meals for them regularly.
  • The rest of the team members :
  1. Eisaku Otomo –  middle fielder of the team who has a childish personality and unwavering calmness and determination when in a game.
  2. Souichirou Tachibana – has a strong sense of responsibility and adds seriousness to the team.
  3. Keiji Togashi – a former gangster with a short temper who is quite troublesome and uncooperative in the beginning but later accepts his mistakes to become a better footballer.
  4. Kanpei Kuroda – has a calm play style, and is a practical kind of guy whose main aim is to become a professional player.
  5. Jun Asari Marchis – plays fullback and has great attacking skills but is a brat because he has everything, looks, skills, and a good background, which made him turn out to be so arrogant.
  6. Yuuma Motoki – skilled football player who has enough skills to become a first-team regular.
  7. Ryuichi Takeshima – player with a specialty in defense which differentiates him from others on the Esperion Team.
  8. Haruhisa Kuribayashi – made his debut in football very young and is hence considered a prodigy. His main priority in life is the game.
  9. Nagisa Akutsu – center back and captain of Tokyo City Esperion Youth. He has a straightforward and coarse personality, hence, his thoughts and opinions often cause little clashes between his teammates.

Where to read the manga?

The series will be available to read on their official website and all the volumes of Ao Ashi are also on Amazon for both Kindle edition and print copies. The English edition is also available on Amazon.

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