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Phantom Of The Idol Season 2-Renewal Status, Release Date, Plot and More! Know All The Details Here!

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Phantom of The Idol, also known as Kami Kuzu Idol, was written by Yasuko Aoki and directed by Daisei Fukuoka. It is an anime series based on the manga with the same title which was written by Hijiki Isoflavone. The anime TV series, produced by Studio Gokumi, is a Comedy, Supernatural series that aired from July 2, 2022 – September 3, 2022, in a total of 10 episodes. 

When will Season 2 be released?

Phantom of the idol

Although no official announcements have been yet bout the release date of Phantom Of The Idol Season 2 it is expected that the 3rd season may get released sometime in 2024. Just like the first season, it may get released on Netflix as well. Though some rumors are going around that this series might not get renewed at all, it is better to wait and just hope we get to see more of this anime soon.

What can be the plot of Season 2?

phantom of the idol

The plot will surely be based on the manga. Full of humor and entertainment, the manga series as well as the Season 1 anime was loved by many viewers. Hence, it is expected by the fans that the anime adaptation will be created fairly and will do justice to the manga.

What was the Plot of Season 1 of this anime?

phantom of the idol

The storyline of the anime, same to the manga, revolves around Yuya Niyodo, who is a Japanese pop singer idol and one of the pop duo ZINGS. He is known as the laziest singer in Japan’s music industry, while his partner puts his best efforts into every performance. He debuted as he thought it to be a way to earn easy money. Due to his sloppiness and aggressive attitude, his fans started disliking him. His music career is nearly over, his fans hate him, and managers just want to find any reason to cut him off. One day, after a lifeless concert, Yuuya meets a girl backstage who is searching for a single chance to perform and show her talent. But later it is revealed that the girl, in reality, is a ghost of a popular singer, Asahi Mogami, who died in a tragedy one year ago. She is still lingering around the living world because she loves being a singer too much. The two end up making an agreement that Asahi will possess Yuya during his idol activities. This will fulfill her heart’s desire and save Yuya’s career as well.

Phantom Of The Idol Season 2 Trailer

Since, there have not been any announcements or official statements given by the authorities about the anime’s renewal, hence no trailer has been out yet. Here is the trailer for Season 1 which is full of entertainment and fun.

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