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Who is Alexi Ashe Meyers?? The Untold Secrets of Seth Meyers’ wife, Untold Truth

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Who is Alexi Ashe Meyers?? Is her only identity as the wife of popular Seth Meyers?? Or is it more than that? In this article, we will talk about her bio, relationship, career, and more. The popular NBC show Late Night with Seth Meyers is currently hosted by Seth Meyers.

After Jimmy Fallon became the host of The Tonight Show in 2014, he took over the show. When Alexi Ashe Meyers worked as a writer on Saturday Night Live, he established himself as a potential star.

He was already well-known when he left SNL, but his position on Late Night cemented his reputation. Meyers is amusing, and he also contributes to the show’s political criticism. Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby, a Netflix special released in 2019, showcased Seth’s stand-up comedy skills.

Meyers’ jokes often center on his adoring wife Alexi Ashe Meyers and his family. Alexi doesn’t appreciate being in the spotlight as much as her husband, although she does most award presentations with him. Ashe’s relationship with Seth, the couple’s children, and Ashe’s job will be discussed in this article.

Alexi Ashe Meyers

Where Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers First Meet?

Meyers and Alexi met in June 2008 during Chris Kattan’s wedding. Ashe attended the wedding as a guest of her sister Ariel, a designer on Saturday Night Live. Meyers told Your Tango that as soon as he met Ashe, he foresaw a future with her. Following that first meeting, the couple began dating, and Seth hinted that he would marry in 2011.

Seth revealed his engagement a couple of years later. Meyers told Jimmy Fallon in 2013 that he wrapped Ashe’s engagement ring in a bow around their dog’s collar. When Ashe returned home late from work the night he planned to propose; he admitted he was scared. Unfortunately, the wedding where the couple met did not turn out to be a success. After only eight weeks of marriage, Chris Kattan and his ex-wife Sunshine Tutt called it quits.


Alexi Ashe Meyers Got Sick Before The Wedding:

After becoming engaged, Seth and Ashe didn’t want to wait long to get married. On September 1, 2013, the wedding date was announced. Everything was going smoothly until catastrophe struck just days before the wedding. According to John Mulaney, Ashe got food poisoning two days before the wedding and was in the hospital the morning of the marriage day.

Still, the Chicago Bears team doctor, Adam Bennett, took care of her and got her feeling well enough to go down the aisle and celebrate. Brad Paisley flew in to surprise the couple with a performance of their first dance song, “Then.”

On the scheduled date, the star-studded wedding took place on Martha’s Vineyard. Seth is a very busy man but still manages to spend time with his wife. He told Your Tango that Ashe encouraged him to take the Late Night position, which turned out to be a great move for the couple.

Mulaney and Fischer were among the guests, as were Fallon, Amy Poehler, Olivia Munn, Will Forte, Jack McBrayer, Allison Williams, Nick Kroll, Rashida Jones, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, Lorne Michaels, and Fred Armisen (a 20-year friend of Ashe’s family).

Alexi Ashe Meyers

How Many Child Alexi Ashe Meyers Has?

Meyers and Ashe announced that they were expecting a baby a few years after getting married. On March 27, 2016, Ashe Olsen Meyers was born at Lenox Hill Hospital. Just twenty minutes before she gave birth to Olsen, Alexi and Meyers arrived at the hospital in an Uber. The parents named their son after Alexi because of her feminist values.

Meyers and Alexi’s second kid was born more dramatically. The Alexi’s contractions began in their flat, and by the time they were in the hallway, the baby was practically out. According to Seth on a Late Night episode, Alexi chose to give birth in the couple’s apartment hallway.

Just in time, the fire crew and police arrived to cut the umbilical cord. Seth’s neighbors pitched in to keep the infant warm by giving towels. The couple named their son Axel Strahl, with the boy’s middle name honoring Alexi’s grandparents. Her grandparents met the day after the Holocaust when they were liberated from a detention camp in Austria.

Alexi Ashe Meyers

Who Is Alexi Ashe Meyers?

Alexi Ashe Meyers was born in New Mexico on April 1, 1983, to Tom and Joan Ashe. She studied political science and government at Occidental College after graduating from high school. Ashe worked as a research assistant at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office until April 2009. She began her doctoral studies in international human rights at Southwestern University School of Law in 2009.

She worked as a nonprofit assistant district attorney in King’s County, New York, in 2011. While in New York, Ashe served as a criminal prosecutor in sex trafficking cases. She worked as a legal intern at Human Rights First in early 2012, where she learned about people’s experiences with the asylum procedure in the United States. She then went on to work as a legal counsel for a New York-based investment firm.

She returned to the King’s County District Attorney’s Office as an assistant district attorney in 2013. Her area of expertise was special victims and human trafficking. She left her job in 2018 to work at Sanctuary for Families as an attorney.

She is also a member of the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition, which he co-chairs. Her work in New York against human trafficking has earned her the label of “New Abolitionist.” According to Seth, despite working with some of the worst criminals, Ashe maintains an optimistic view of life.


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  • How old is Alexi Ashe Meyers, and what is her height?

Ans: As of 2021, Alexi Ashe Meyers is 38 years old, and her height is 5 feet 6 inches.

  • What is her Net Worth?

Ans: Alexi Ashe Meyers’s Net Worth is $12 Million.

  • How many children Alexi Ashe Mayers has?

Ans: Currently, the couple has two kids.


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