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HUNTER x HUNTER Season 7 Not releasing? Can we not see Gon again?! | An end | Gon Freecss | Latest updates!!!

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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 happening?

Hunter x hunter, as we all know that it’s the most iconic anime series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.

This series is the remake of the 1999 TV that relies on manga series. The newer version by madhouse was concluded in the year 2014 with the 6th season. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season hoping for a story. But is it really going to happen?

To all those who by chance came here and are reading this and you don’t know about this television series we are talking about, don’t worry. Continue reading to know a short background of the story I’ve written below. I would really suggest you watch it once. And I’m sure that you wouldn’t regret it. Just in case you’re not an anime lover, anime’s are so beautiful in characters and the kind of personalities that authors create.

Most of them are based on fantasies and adventures. It gives you a sense of connectivity with the characters you love which is no less than other normal series. There is a lot of important stuff that we get to know in anime too.

Hunter x Hunter

Everything that went on in Hunter x Hunter

The story is predicated on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who aspires to become a good hunter like his father.

Gon’s father who was also a great hunter would have left home for some unexpected reasons when Gon was very young. Trusting his instructions one day he realizes that his father is there somewhere and goes in search of his long-lost father hoping to reunite with him.

This determination to meet his father makes him attend a hunter exam in which if he passes he will officially be called a hunter.

Hunter x Hunter

The end that we know in the final episode

The last season i.e. the season 6 of this anime’s final episode was all about concerning attachment down the arcs of the characters in the series.

Finally, Gon reunites with his father Ging and describes to him everything about how he wanted to become a hunter and all the struggles he took to come all this long way.

Do you think that season 7 will ever happen? As a result of the story, the material has come to an end, there might be very few hopes to assume that hunter x hunter season 7 will be coming. Because we all know what happened in season 6. Based on the final episode it is hard to tell that another season will be coming as the source material is already exhausted.

Hunter x Hunter

 Will there really be hunter x hunter season 7? Let’s find out what happens

Not to scotch the fans, however, sadly the season 7 may not be happening since there are no official announcements from the team yet.

Also, we need to understand that the team is busy with alternative series.  And conjointly to be noted that previous season has already been exhausted with the source material. So, planning to fathom these, we might need to settle for the conclusion that season 7 might not happen. But let’s not give up on our hopes.

How long to wait if hunter x hunter season 7 is coming?

Presumably, this may take a protracted time for the creator Togashi to come up with more series. It’s also a concerning factor to understand that such authors will also be under the pressure for the popularity of their works. So, we need to wait patiently until we officially know what is going to happen.

Even if season 7 doesn’t happen there is no need to worry guys. Because everything has to end one or the other day. And there is a lot of anime up there. So, we should also encourage and support the new authors and creators.

It’s also a situation of hard times considering COVID. Let’s care about each other at this is not the time to burden or pressurize an individual. Hoping that everyone is safe, maybe it’s time to say goodbye!

Hunter x Hunter

Is it an end already? Should we bid goodbye?

Hunter x hunter manga series comprising of 6 seasons ended with a total of 148 episodes.
Finally, with no official confirmation yet, we cannot jump to any kind of conclusion. But all we can do now is to just wait and watch. To the fans, please don’t be disappointed or worry because it’s a fact that anime series take time before releasing the new seasons. And hoping everything takes time it may happen to release season 7.

Well, I guess it has not just been a long wait but a long wait. So, if we have to bid goodbye to such an amazing and iconic television series, it would be really hard. So, ”WAIT’ is the only option we have now.

Hope this was helpful, thank you for reading.

Hunter x Hunter


 “People Only Find Me Interesting Because They Can’t Tell Whether I’m Serious Or Not.”

“Gon, You Are Light. But Sometimes You Shine So Brightly, I Must Look Away. Even So, Is It Still Okay If I Stay At Your Side?”

“There Are Two Things That Collectors Always Want. The First As An Item Of Extreme Rarity. The Second Is Colleagues To Whom They Can Brag About Their Collection.”


1. What are the notable differences between Hunter x Hunter in 1999 vs 2011?

Hunter × Hunter is quite a large series that has an anime starting in 1999 and one starting in 2011. The latter is longer (currently at 80 episodes versus 62 from the original) and is said to follow the manga more faithfully.

2. Why did the Hunter x Hunter manga go on hiatus?

I think the Hunter x Hunter manga has been on hiatus for months now; does anyone know the reason for the hiatus? Is the author planning to continue the series?

3. What manga chapter does the Hunter x Hunter 2011 anime end-on?

The Hunter x Hunter anime has concluded after 148 episodes.


Hunter x Hunter season 7: Will “Gon Freecss” in a position to fulfill his long-lost father?


Hunter x Hunter season 7: Will “Gon Freecss” ready to satisfy his long-lost father?


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