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Tyler1 gf: WHO IS SHE? Cheating? EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION!!! Personal life | Relationship | Gamer Life.

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Tyler Steinkamp is also known as Tyler1 is a very popular online gamer who started gaming back in 2014. Tyler1 now has over five million subscribers on youtube and he regularly posts League of Legends content on his youtube page. Not only on youtube but Tyler Steinkamp also regularly posts on Twitch.

Let’s read to find more about Tyler1’s personal life and also let’s find who is Tyler1 gf!

Who is Tyler1 GF? Come, let’s find out!

Tyler1 is also known as TT or T1. He is an online streamer who regularly posts live streams on both Youtube and Twitch. Since he’s a gaming personality, he started his gaming career posting content regarding the League of Legends game which was released on 2009 October 27 that was developed by Riot Games. It’s basically a multiplayer video game.

Tyler Steinkamp gained popularity after two years of hard efforts.  Tyler Steinkamp was officially signed by the esports team in South Korea for the role of a content creator in October 2020.

Tyler1 gf


Tyler Steinkamp was born on March 7, 1995. Tyler Steinkamp currently stays in Missouri. Tyler did his computer engineering at Central Methodist University. During his engineering, he was a part of the University’s football team. Tyler Steinkamp official youtube page is loltyler1


In 2014, Tyler Steinkamp was ranked 14th in the League of legends (North America) ranking.

Soon, Tyler Steinkamp was banned for displaying toxic behavior in the game (Like harming his own teammates and intentionally losing the game to harm his teammates.)

Tyler soon gained popularity after his announcement to the public of him being changed for good.

This made his popularity grew rapidly and soon he gathered around 92000 followers from 5000 followers.

Even though his behavior was improved, it fell off the cliff soon enough. His behavior became very poor but at the same time, it also increased his following in his social media handle too. This pushed a lot of top professional players to criticize his actions. They believed that this normalization of toxicity with streamers like Tyler Steinkamp is quite dangerous and might also promote the same too. They also condemned Riot games for not dealing with this issue as soon as possible.

After so much opposition, The League of legends officially announced that they are permanently banning Steinkamp’s gaming account to play League of legends further. This made Tyler Steinkamp move out of League of legends. Now he streams the most popular mobile video game, Players unknown battleground field also known as PUBG. As his social media handle increased popularity so are his live gaming streams.

Aaron “Sanjuro” Rutledge an employee of Riot games made a derogatory comment on Tyler Steinkamp in Subreddit discord stating that he looks like a homunculus and Tyler Steinkamp will die from a coke overdose or he’ll get testicular cancer. Following this incident Riot games company apologized for speaking in such a manner and also fired Rutledge for the same.

Later in the year 2017, Riot games sent an email to Tyler Steinkamp stating that his ban would be lifted off if he comes clean as a gamer and plays for a month without abusing anyone. Tyler himself announced this news (Riot games email) publicly. In 2018, the Tyler Steinkamp ban was lifted by Riot games. Tyler Steinkamp’s first-ever stream after unbanning reached over 3,82,000 views.

Hosting Tyler1 Championship 2017.

Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS) for League of Legends was conducted online by Tyler1 himself and he awarded 10,000 dollars to the winning team without any sponsors. The event happened between 18th November and 24th November 2017. He was the host of the online event. This event fetched over 200,000 views on twitch.

Tyler1 Championship Series 2018.

On 24th November 2018, Tyler1 returned with Tyler1 championship series 2018 with an increased prize pool of 50,000 dollars. The event lasted till 1st December 2018 and was streamed on twitch.

Okay now, who’s Tyler1 gf? Alright, let’s find out Tyler1 gf!


Tyler1 GF is Macaiyla. Makayla is also an online streamer.

Tyler1 gf

Makayla was born in Newyork and lived with her parents in Colonie town in Albany, Newyork.

Makayla is basically of Panamanian descent but her grandmother was Irish, so it makes Macaiyla half-Irish.

Tyler1 gf Macaiyla did her Criminal justice course. Shortly afterward, she dropped from the course as her studies became very hectic for her. On the other hand, Macaiyla’s mother is not happy with Macaiyla dropping her studies, and she wants her to continue her education in Newyork.

Tyler1 and Tyler1 gf Macaiyla met on a live-streaming session in the League of legends game. They soon started exchanging messages with each other. This eventually turned into dating.

They met officially on Twitchcon 2016. Soon, Macaiyla moved in with Tyler Steinkamp and their relationship seems to be so stable to date. They are together for five years.

Macaiyla’s social media handle reached plenty of followers after she started posting pictures constantly. Her gaming streams on Twitch also increased her following. Tyler1 gf has 235k followers on Twitch. She has 168k followers on her Instagram handle. Macaiyla has around 68k followers on Youtube. The news of their relationship has boosted her following count.

Macaiyla’s Twitter and Reddit accounts got banned. Her second Twitter account also got banned. The gamer replied that she only responds to hate comments. As a result, her account got suspended. Apparently, her twitch account also got suspended and she regained her account after two full years. Now Macaiyla has her Twitter and twitches account finally. Based on her posts from Instagram, besides gaming, she is also a fitness freak.


Tyler1 and Tyler1 gf is really ideal gamer couples.

That’s it for now readers.

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