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Vagabond season 2: CONFIRMED!! Korean Drama | Actors | Plot | Director | Release Date | Trailer | Plot

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Right from K-Dramas to K-pop, Koreans never fail to surprise us with their awesome screenplay, best soundtrack and not to mention their great storylines. The plot can be as simple as it can yet it still manages to grab the heart of many audiences all over the globe. Korean dramas are very creative and give importance to every detail and form an emotional bonding with their viewers.

Today we’ll be reading about an all-in-one action thriller, crime and romance television series called “Vagabond”.

Vagabond initially aired in the year 2019 from September 20 to November 23. It had 16 episodes. Vagabond season 1 telecasted on SBS TV, a South Korean television. Now Vagabond season 1 is available for streaming on Netflix. Korean Actor Lee Seung-gi and  popular Korean actress Bae Suzy


Vagabond Season 1 left the viewers with so many questions and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Vagabond Season 2!

Will there be a Vagabond season 2? Will the questions left unanswered to be answered in Vagabond season 2? Let’s read on to find about new updates on Vagabond Season 2!

Vagabond season 2


There has been no clear evidence for the confirmation of Vagabond Season 2 from the Directors or Producers or the media. The waiting of fans for Vagabond Season 2 still has not been addressed by the Vagabond team. However, Actor Lee Seung-gi stated that he understands the vexation of fans for the ending of Vagabond Season 1 and also told that there are many things left unsaid in Season 1 of Vagabond and he also waits for the commencement of Vagabond Season 2.

As of now, let’s wait for the renewal of Vagabond Season 2.

All details about Vagabond’s Director, Author, Production team, and streaming platform!

Vagabond season 2

Vagabond is originally a South Korean drama that was aired in 2019. Vagabond was written by Jang Young-Chul and Jung Kyung-soon. Vagabond was directed by Yoo In-sik

Celltrion Entertainment carried out the production works. Vagabond was telecasted on SBS TV and later the episodes were released one at a time on Netflix. You can watch them on Netflix!


What’s the storyline of the Korean hit television series Vagabond season 1?

Vagabond season 2

Chal dan gun ( Lee Seung gi)  lives along with his nephew Cha Hoon who happens to be an orphan. Chal dan gun works as a stuntman, his dream is to become a master in Taekwando  (Korean martial art). They both share a strong bond. One day Chal dan gun’s nephew boards a B357 flight to Morocco for a field trip. Moments before the takeoff, Chal dan gun’s nephew Cha Hoon sends a video where he asks Chal dan gun to follow his long-term dream to become a master in Taekwondo. The plane crashes leaving 200 civilians dead in that incident after a failure.

Chal dan gun sees the incident in the news when he was working at a drama set. After realizing that one of the civilians is his nephew Cha Hoon, Chal dan gun is completely shattered. He is unable to accept the fact that his nephew Hoon is no more. He flies over to Morocco to pay his last rights to his nephew Cha Hoon and the other victims during the flight crash.

This is when things started taking turns, Chal dan gun witnesses a person who is supposed to be a passenger of the B357 flight alive and well, he identifies this person after seeing him in the video that Cha Hoon sends him right before the plane crash.

Chal dan gun soon starts to follow this mysterious person and unveils lots of things including dark corruption and even government interference. No one believes Chal dan gun’s words. Chal dan gun starts to receive death threats when he tries to prove to people that the plane crash was not natural and that someone is involved in this.

Later, Chal dan gun will work with Go Hae RI (Bae Suzy), who is an undercover officer of the National intelligence service who is trying hard to get a promotion.

Season 1 of Vagabond surely did leave many questions unanswered. So we can expect Vagabond Season 2!

Cast for Vagabond season 1!

The cast who appeared in the Vagabond Season 1 is more likely to appear in Vagabond season 2. We can expect the arrival of some important characters in Vagabond season 2.

Vagabond season 2


Lee Seung Gi

Actor Lee Seung gi is a popular Korean movie artist, singer, and entertainer. Lee is hosting the KCON event, a music festival right from 2007. Besides acting, he also sings. Some of his notable works include “Because you’re my women”, “Return, “White lie”. Lee also served the Korean Military. His drama works include “My girlfriend is a Gumiho”, Brilliant legacy, and King 2 hearts.


Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy is a popular Korean actress and singer. Bae Suzy made her appearance in the South Korean film Ashfall ( released in December 2019) and in the South Korean Netflix series, “Start-Up” as one of the leading characters. Besides acting, she also did modeling.

Bae Suzy also released her debut solo album, “Yes? No?”.



That’s it for now readers! we’ll surely update this article if there’s any news related to the release of Vagabond Season 2!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Do you have any speculation regarding Vagabond season 2? If YES, we would love to hear from you, so comment your thoughts!

Have I missed out on anything in Vagabond Season 2! if so, do comment down below!

Did you like any of the characters in Vagabond season 1? Don’t forget to comment on it down below!

If you still didn’t watch Vagabond season 1, go watch it on Netflix before Vagabond Season 2 comes out!

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