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Dorohedoro Season 2: Release Date Conformation! Plot | Updates | Voice actors | Trailer | Cast | Release date

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The newest Netflix original hit anime-manga Dorohedoro, a science fiction anime based on a bizarre world, finished its season 1 with 12 successful episodes, and fans eagerly await Dorohedoro season 2!

Keep reading to find out updates on Dorohedoro season 2!

Dorohedoro season 2

Dorohedoro Netflix original anime-manga:

The Dorohedoro was written by Q Hayashida and the anime adaptation Dorohedoro was developed by Hiroshi Sako. The anime was directed by Yuichiro Hayashi.

The production work for Dorohedoro is done by MAPPA studios, based in Japan. MAPPA Studios is a popular studio that is well known for its work in Attack on Titans, Kakegurui, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release date

Dorohedoro is a supernatural dark comedy anime that first aired in 2020. It was adapted from the manga of the same name and was well-received by fans and critics alike.

Unfortunately, as of yet, there has been no word on the renewal of Dorohedoro: Season 2.

However, if we were to estimate a release date, it’ll likely be sometime in fall 2024.

Currently, Studio MAPPA is working on the much anticipated Jujutsu Kaisen: Season 2, and until that finishes airing in 2023, don’t expect to see the anime return anytime soon. In the meantime, fans can rewatch the first season of Dorohedoro and read the manga to get their fix.

The highly anticipated second season of Dorohedoro is set to air sometime in the near future. However, fans of the show may be wondering if it will come sooner rather than later.

According to some sources, it is entirely possible that Dorohedoro: Season 2 could arrive earlier than originally planned.

This is due to the fact that MAPPA, the studio responsible for animating the show, is currently very busy with other projects. As a result, they may hand the job over to another studio in order to free up some time. While this has not been confirmed, it is certainly a possibility.

Even if MAPPA does not hand off the project to another studio, there is still a good chance that Dorohedoro: Season 2 will arrive early. This is because there is more than enough material for the season to be 24 episodes long. Ultimately, it will all depend on viewership numbers and demand.

Either way, fans can rest assured knowing that they will get to see more of their favorite show soon enough.


Dorohedoro season 2 is eagerly anticipated by the fans, but what is the storyline about?

The anime is set in a strange and bizarre world. It is a post-apocalyptic world where human beings live or forced to live in an awful condition. It is a very mean, nasty, and rotten place with gloomy weather all day due to the heavy air pollution of the magic users.

The city where the humans live is known as the Hole. The humans living in the Hole are generally poor with nothing to look forward to. The Hole is like a favela or a slum type of settlement with small congested houses and narrow streets. It is a place where humans in an ideal world are not expected to live in.

The humans living in the Hole are constantly used for terrific experiments by the sorcerers who are also known as the magic users.
Just like the name sounds, the humans living in the Hole are treated like lab rats by the magic users, who are from another dimension.

The people in the hole are constantly been dominated by the magic users who propagate crimes and murders on the humans. It symbolizes a Hegelian state of nature where there is no law and where the ‘Might become Right’.

It is a hierarchy pattern where the powerful society, which is the sorcerers, dominates the weaker society, which is the humans.
Some interesting facts about the place where magic users reside are that they have never experienced rain and the weather is sunny throughout the year and it suits any kind of clothing. The magic users produce smoke through their special circulatory system and the more the smoke, the stronger is the user of the magic.
So, amidst the chaos exists a man named Kaiman also known as the Magician Killer, an amnesiac. Kaiman’s head has been turned into a lizard after a magic user’s curse is been cast upon him. Dorohedoro season 1 starts with Kaiman setting out to find the magic-user to change him back to human, with the help of his only friend Nikaido.

Nikaido is the owner of the restaurant “Hungry Burger”. She is quite skilled in combats and is also a secret or closet magic user who can actually manipulate time, which is the rarest of all. She patrols the Hole with her companion Kaiman and often gets into mind blending actions and fights alongside her friend Kaiman.

Dorohedoro season 2

Both the companions engage in searching the magic-user, the one who turned Kaiman into a lizard. During the process, Kaiman puts the magic-user inside his mouth to show him to another strange man who lives inside the throat of Kaiman and enquires whether he is the sorcerer they are looking for. If it is not the same sorcerer, he kills them. It is to be noted that, Kaiman is immune to the magic of the sorcerers.



Living in the magic user’s world is the En Family and En is the one who controls the large portion of the magic user’s realm.

En, the boss, is known to be a top-class magic user in the world of sorcerers. He is very well known for his mushroom transformation power through which he can transform his enemies into mushrooms. The family also deals with selling mushrooms, arms, and so on.

The members of the En family are En, Shin, Noi, Turkey, Chota, Fujita, Ebisu, Matsumura, Tenjin, Nikaido, and Shou. The henchmen of En are personally selected by En himself and they possess expertise in all the fields. All of En’s comrades of the organization reside in En’s mansion which is a big estate attached to a private forest.

Dorohedoro season 2



The English dub for the Dorohedoro season 1 is done by the same voice artists, so we can expect dorohedoro season 2 to be performed by the same artists. Caiman’s role is voice acted by Aleks Le, the Popular American voice actress Reba Buhr dubbed for the character Nikaido and Keith Silverstein voice acted for En, the most dominant character.

Dorohodoro Season 2:

Dorohedoro season 2 is very excitedly expected by fans around the world. As of now, Dorohedoro season 2 has not yet been renewed by Netflix. But the director Yuichiro Hayashi has given his word that he is ready to produce the next season if the first season performs well.

Lo and Behold! It did extremely well and received amazing reviews from both fans and critics.

The anime is rated 8.2 on IMDb, 8.1 on the popular anime fan site Myanimelist and 100% on Rotten tomatoes.
The announcement for Dorohedoro season 2 is imminent and the season can be expected to be renewed by Netflix very soon. Dorohedoro season 2 is anticipated to hit your mobile, laptop, and TV screens in this year 2021. Since there have not yet been any official updates regarding Dorohedoro season 2, this would be the best time for you to catch up on this action-packed incredible anime.

Do not miss it! If you know any updates about Dorohedoro season 2, do comment below! Stay tuned for more Dorohedoro season 2 updates.

Keep calm and wait for Dorohedoro season 2!

Stay home and stay safe.

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