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Brooke Daniells: UNTOLD TRUTH! EXCLUSIVE NEWS!! Personal life | Career | Family | Relationships

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Gossips about Hollywood can spread as fast as lightning. One such person’s relationship with a Hollywood actress is now the talk of the town. Meet Brooke Daniells.

Brooke Daniells

Brooke Daniells is a successful photographer, scriptwriter, and event planner. Brooke Daniells became popular by the media after her relationship was revealed to the popular actress Catherine Bell, a British American actress who is known for the series “Good Witch”. Despite the media criticism, they have been living together for a long time now. Let’s read to find more about Brooke Daniells!

Who is Brooke Daniells?

Raised in the United States, Brooke Daniells is a successful photographer, scriptwriter, and also event planner.

Brooke Daniells become popular by the media after her relationship was revealed with the popular actress Catherine Bell, a British American actress who is known for the series, “Good Witch”. Despite the media criticism, they have been living together for a long time now.

Let’s read to find more about Brooke Daniells!

Only very little information about Brooke Daniells is available on the internet and most of them are rumors and gossips. Let’s dig in to find out what we know about Brooke Daniells to date!

Brooke Daniells

Brooke Daniells first came to know in the year 2009 where she bagged the Miss Texas Award for State Beauty Pageant. Brooke Daniells sometimes writes and produces her own films. Brooke identifies herself as a bi-sexual.

Brooke was also featured in some mid-budget movies. One such movie is, “Change of life”, an indie drama that was released in 2009. Brooke Daniells is a mother of two kids named Sage and Zoe. The children are from Brook’s former relationship.


Brooke Daniells is born to Penny Atwell Jones and she also has two siblings. Brooke Daniells was born on 30th June 1986 and she is currently 34 years old. Her family is of the North American race.


Based on the internet, Brooke Daniells is said to hold a master’s degree in communication and it is also be noted that she has received a bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University. Only a little information about her educational qualification is disclosed.

Lana Rhoades Net Worth


Brooke Daniells is been living together with the popular British American actress Catherine Bell since 2012 which is 9 years!  The two known each other while working in psychiatry and eventually fell in love.

Brooke and Bell’s relationship came as a center of attraction after Catherine Bell separated from her husband Adam Beason who is a film writer and producer.

Catherine Bell was born on August 14th, 1986 in London. Her father was Scottish and her mother was an Iranian. Soon, Catherine Bell’s parents divorced and Bell moved to California. Catherine Bell lived with her grandparents and was able to speak Persian and Farsi. Catherine Bells made her debut film “Death becomes her” which was released in 1992. Slowly she started acting in many films.

Catherine Bell is very well known for her character Denise Sherwood in the series Army Wives (Produced by ABC Studios) that aired between June 3, 2007, to June 9, 2013, which was created by Katherine Fugate. She is also noted for her role in the JAG Series as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie and also for the role of Cassandra Nightingale in the “Good witch show”.

Catherine Bell:

Catherine Bell, Brooke Daniells’ girlfriend is a former actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies. She became well-known for her role as Dr. Grace Confalone on the Lifetime series Strong Medicine from 1999 to 2004. In addition to her acting career, she is also an author of two books: “One Day I Will Write About This Place” (2013) and “The War Inside Me” (2016). Bell currently resides in Brooklyn with her daughter Lola Rose born in 2013, her son James born in 2015, and her husband Brooke Daniells.

  • Brooke Daniells is living with her partner Catherine Bell in Los Angeles, California.
  • Brooke has a net worth of around 1 million US Dollars.
  • Neither Catherine nor Brooke have confirmed their relationship publicly yet.


Catherine Bell is a fifty-two-year-old actress, producer, and also model. She was nominated for the best supporting actress on television in 2006. She likes skiing, snowboarding, and motorcycling. Her star sign is Leo.

She has two children Ronan Beason and Gemma Beason who were born on 16th April 2003 with her former partner Adam Beason. Even after their separation, their children are raised by both Bell and Adam allowing them to take equal responsibilities as a parent.

Catherine Bell is currently practicing Scientology.

Adding to this, neither Brooke nor Catherine have confirmed their relationship publicly but are living together in Bell’s 3,380 square feet mansion in Los Angeles.

It is rumored that Brooke Daniells is already been married to a soldier before dating Catherine Bells. On the other hand, Brooke Daniells’ mother is still not convinced of her relationship with Catherine after she angrily responded in an interview about her daughter’s relationship.


Just like her partner Catherine Bells, Brooke Daniells is also interested in social work in Scientology, a religious belief invented by author Ron Hubbard L. Apart from being a Scientologist, Brooke is a professional photographer whose photographs are nationally published and she also earns from them. She is particularly interested in taking pictures of nature and models. She is also an event planner in Los Angeles. It is also said that she has worked with popular magazines.


Yeah, Brooke Daniells partner is a cancer survivor. Famous actress Catherine Bell had thyroid cancer during her teens. Reportedly, the actress has undergone removal of removal surgery during her teenage. Catherine bell is now presently involved in the cancer survivors association. Catherine Bell also has created thyroid cancer awareness in her social media handle.


Still, no reliable information about Brooke is revealed. Although, it is rumored that Brooke Daniells net worth is almost 1 million US dollars while her partner Catherine Bell’s net worth is over 15 million US Dollars.


As already said, Brooke Daniells is not well active on social media. She tends to keep a low profile and also no information was disclosed about her family in the Hollywood media. We’ll update this section once we get any information.

Even after all these years, neither of them openly confessed their relationship with one another. Some believe that they are just friends and that’s that. While the others believe that they may probably be in a relationship. We’ll surely update this article in the future.

What do you think about Brooke Daniells? Do comment down below!

Do you really think that they are in a relationship? Did I miss out on any news regarding Daniells Brooke’s relationship? Do comment down below!

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