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BadBoyHalo’s Surprising Height Revealed! Shocking Hair Issue, Love Secrets, and Relationship Status Exposed!

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BadBoyHalo – In-depth Biography, Height, and More

Badboyhalo was born on April 2, 1995. His age as of 2021 is 26 years. He is an American gamer, content creator, social media sensation, and YouTuber. He is famous for being one of the most followed YouTube stars with over 1.14 million subscribers. His born name is Darryl Noveschosch and Badboyhalo is his Reich username. He entertains his fans with content related to Minecraft videos and Story Time.

What species is BadBoyHalo?

Is BBH or Skeppy taller?

How tall is BBH canonically?

What is Bad Boy Halo’s real name?

How tall is Badboyhalo? This had been in the tweets of many fans! He was in conversations with people regarding his height. Everyone was concerned about how tall is Badboyhalo? In a live stream, he mentioned that his height is 5’9 (175 centimeters) on his driver’s license and mentioned that it might be a little dicey as it could be closer to 5’8 (173 centimeters).

How tall is Badboyhalo was kinda trending in fans’ comments over Twitter and other social media platforms? His height was even compared with that of Skeppy and he was also questioned about it to which he tweeted “I am 15 feet taller than Skeppy and you captured it beautifully:D…”

Now if some of you wanna know about Skeppy’s height, we have it calculated on the request from both fans of Badboyhalo and Skeppy, it’s nearly 5’6.5.


Badboyhalo whose real name is Darryl Noveschosch was born in Florida, the U.S. He is as of 2023 a young man of 26 years ago. His birth date which is April 2, makes him an Aries. His nationality is American but rumors were there that he might also belong to the Irish or Canadian nationality. But after the official declaration by Badboyhalo confirmed his Nationality to be American.


There is not so much information available about Badboyhalo’s family. We have some fragments of information about his siblings. He has a brother and a sister with whom he has been raised. His sister’s wedding was also mentioned in a Livestream.


When Darryl Noveschosch was a kid, he had faced bullies from his classmates and schoolmates which triggered his confidence. From his video “So the French Server Owner Finally Trolled Him”, we got to know that he used to play video games to avoid the bullying in school which slowly became a major part of his life and he mastered it within a couple of years. Formerly he worked with children with special needs.

How tall is Badboyhalo, his age, weight, and physical appearance

Know-How tall is Badboyhalo- Badboyhalo possesses a handsome height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 65 kg. According to his date of birth which is April 2, 1995, his age can be depicted and that is 26 years and 6 months as of October 2021. He has American nationality. Looking at his physical appearance, his bodily measurements are 40-28-36. He has brown hair and brown eyes as well as a charming personality which also concentrates the girls towards him on social media platforms. He is among the young rising stars on social media.

BadBoyHalo Girlfriend

Though Bad Boy Halo has not married yet and doesn’t have a wife, he is very secretive about his personal life. He usually skips questions regarding the girlfriend he’s dating or any other relationships in order to protect their privacy – this includes avoiding conversations where people might ask him who she is!

Relationship status

After reviewing Badboyhalo’s nature we came to conclude that he is an introverted personality and does not like talking much especially when it comes to his personal life. We have been trying to drag out some information about his partner but till now have not achieved to do so. But we succeeded in getting the information that he is still single which is quite soothing for his female fans.

The Net worth of Badboyhalo

The basic source of Badboyhalo’s income is through his videos on social media that are liked by his fans. As an extra income source, he also collaborates and does pay promotions of different products for various companies. His most precise estimated net worth is USD 500,000.


Badboyhalo is one of the famous personalities and he has gained this status through online mode where he makes creating content and entertains his followers. Saying about followers, his fan following is quite charming. He has 191.1 followers on Twitter, 720k on Instagram, 34 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Through these data, we can easily depict the heights of Badboyhalo’s fame. His profile has been visited by many fans every day. And his popularity is gaining heights day by day and may he succeed in his field.

Social media platforms of Badboyhalo

Twitter: @SaintsofGames

Facebook: @TheSauntsofGames

YouTube: BadBoyHalo

Instagram: @badboyhalo_

Some not so known facts about Badboyhalo

  • Badboyhalo also runs a popular Twitch channel named “Badboyhaloislive”.
  • Till now, he has posted over 540 recordings on his channel.
  • During his childhood, he had two frogs as pets named Leopard and Mr. Hoppy.
  • His YouTube channel features other streamers like Zelk, Skeppy, Dream, a6d, etc.
  • He has encountered trolls and harassment on social media.
  • He has been the admin of the server McPVP.
  • He is renowned for playing Minecraft and streaming it live.
  • He has a pet dog named Lucy, nicknamed ‘Rat’.
  • He was once claustrophobic.
  • He went bald on live streaming worth $10,000.
  • He wears reading glasses.
  • He was starred in a show called ‘The Weirdest Talk Show’.
  • He talks about silly and not easy-to-share things on the show.
  • He did a debut on a show with a video titled ‘Everyone has to shave their head’.
  • He encountered an accident a few years back which concluded in power outrage.
  • A National BaldBoyHalo Day was dedicated to him by his fans.
  • He owned a channel named ‘The Trio’, along with Skeppy and a6d, on which he used to upload videos in the form of podcasts and streams.


Question 1: What is Badboyhalo’s real name?

Answer: Badboyhalo’s real name is Darryl Noveschosch.

Question 2: How tall is Badboyhalo?

Answer: Badboyhalo is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Question 3: What is Badboyhalo’s nationality?

Answer: Badboyhalo is American.

Question 4: What is Badboyhalo’s estimated net worth?

Answer: Badboyhalo’s estimated net worth is USD 500,000.

Question 5: Does Badboyhalo have a girlfriend?

Answer: Badboyhalo’s relationship status is currently unknown.


Badboyhalo, also known as Darryl Noveschosch, is an American gamer and content creator. His height, net worth, and personal life have been intriguing to his fans. With a growing fanbase and a successful career on YouTube and other social media platforms, Badboyhalo continues to entertain his followers with Minecraft-related content. Keep following him on his social media channels to stay updated with his latest ventures.

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