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Hawkhatesyou: TikTok Star’s Affairs, Real Name, and 7 Must-Know Interesting Facts Revealed!

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Hawkhatesyou: Everything You Need to Know


Today we will be talking about Hawkhatesyou, a famous American LBGQT social media personality, TikTok star, and influencer. She has millions of views on her social media accounts and is known for her lip-syncing videos and viral trends.

Hawkhatesyou Age

Hawkhatesyou was born on July 6, 1994, making her 27 years old as of 2021.

Hawkhatesyou Height

Hawkhatesyou stands at a height of 165 cm (5’5″).

Hawkhatesyou Real Name

There have been rumors about Hawkhatesyou’s real name being Angela, but this has not been confirmed.

Hawkhatesyou Family

Hawkhatesyou was born in California, United States. She has not revealed much about her parents, but she has one sister named Sierra Ann. She also has a daughter whose details she keeps private.

Hawkhatesyou Education

There is limited information available about Hawkhatesyou’s educational background.

Hawkhatesyou Net Worth

Hawkhatesyou is a famous social media star with a significant following. Her estimated net worth is $800,000.

Hawkhatesyou Instagram

Hawkhatesyou has a large following on Instagram, with 522k followers. She posts adult-oriented content and shares pictures of herself, friends, and funny moments.

Hawkhatesyou Twitter

Hawkhatesyou is also active on Twitter, where she has a massive following. She joined Twitter in October 2019.

Hawkhatesyou Dating

Hawkhatesyou has not revealed anything about her dating life and keeps it private.

Hawkhatesyou Origami Camp

Hawkhatesyou had an incident during an origami camp where she and her friends faced discomfort due to their sexual orientation. She privately resolved the issue but faced backlash from some of her friends.

Hawkhatesyou and Digitalprincxss

Hawkhatesyou expressed frustration over media reports linking her to another TikTok star, Marrissa Cloutier, who was involved in a parenting controversy. Hawkhatesyou clarified that she takes care of her child and does not want to be associated with such incidents.


What is the age of Hawkhatesyou?

Hawkhatesyou is 27 years old.

Is Hawkhatesyou married?

Hawkhatesyou has one daughter but has not revealed marital status.

What is the net worth of Hawkhatesyou?

Hawkhatesyou’s estimated net worth is $800,000.

What is the zodiac sign of Hawkhatesyou?

Hawkhatesyou’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

What is the name of Hawkhatesyou’s merch?

Hawkhatesyou’s merch is called Hickeyshamer.


Hawkhatesyou is a popular TikTok star and social media influencer known for her unique style and content. Despite rumors about her real name and personal life, she continues to captivate her audience with her creativity and talent.

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