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How Felicity Marmaduke Really Get Pregnant by a Dead Man?

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Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson is a veteran journalist specializing in international affairs and conflict reporting, providing unbiased analysis and reports.

Have you ever come across a shocking news story that made you question the sanity of humanity? One such story that gained significant attention over a decade ago involved a mortuary attendant named Felicity Marmaduke and her alleged involvement in necrophilia. However, as we dive deeper into the details, it becomes clear that this shocking tale was nothing more than an elaborate hoax. In this article, we will debunk the Felicity Marmaduke necrophilia hoax and shed light on the truth behind the sensational headlines.

The Rise of the Felicity Marmaduke Story

The story of Felicity Marmaduke and her alleged sexual encounters with corpses first emerged in late November 2010. A news outlet called Dead Serious News published an article claiming that Felicity, a mortuary attendant at Mourning Glory Mortuary in Missouri, had engaged in sexual acts with a dead man who experienced a post-mortem erection while being bathed. The shocking twist was that Felicity supposedly became pregnant as a result of this encounter. The story amazed and disgusted many readers and quickly spread like wildfire.

Snopes Investigation and the Truth Unveiled

Shortly after the story gained traction, the investigative website Snopes took on the task of scrutinizing the authenticity of the claims. Their investigation revealed that Dead Serious News was a satirical website known for its fictional stories. In fact, the website’s about page clearly stated, “With the exception of the names of public figures, all names are fictional.” Snopes confirmed that the Felicity Marmaduke story was indeed a hoax, designed to shock and entertain unsuspecting readers.

Understanding the Power of Sensationalism

The Felicity Marmaduke hoax serves as a reminder of how easily sensational stories can capture our attention. We are naturally drawn to the bizarre and the extreme, often overlooking the credibility of the source or taking the time to verify the information. The sensational nature of necrophilia stories plays into our morbid curiosity, fueling the spread of such hoaxes.

The Far-Reaching Effects of Fake News

Fake news stories, like the Felicity Marmaduke hoax, have far-reaching consequences. They not only manipulate public perception but can also harm the reputation of individuals who find themselves unwittingly caught up in the fabricated narratives. In the case of Felicity Marmaduke, the nonexistent mortuary attendant became a subject of ridicule, despite never having committed the alleged acts.

Lessons Learned: Critical Thinking and Media Literacy

The Felicity Marmaduke hoax serves as a reminder of the importance of critical thinking and media literacy in the digital age. It is crucial to question the sources of information, verify the authenticity of stories, and exercise skepticism when encountering sensational headlines. By fostering a culture of media literacy, we can combat the spread of fake news and protect ourselves from being deceived.


In the age of sensationalism and clickbait, it is easy to fall victim to fake news stories that captivate our attention. The Felicity Marmaduke necrophilia hoax is a prime example of how fabricated narratives can spread and deceive. By approaching information with a critical mindset and verifying sources, we can separate fact from fiction and navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Felicity Marmaduke necrophilia story true?No, the Felicity Marmaduke story is a well-known hoax.
2. Why do people create fake news stories?Fake news stories are often created for entertainment purposes or to manipulate public opinion.
3. How can I verify the authenticity of news stories?Verify news stories by checking multiple credible sources and fact-checking websites.
4. What are the consequences of spreading fake news?Spreading fake news can harm reputations, manipulate public opinion, and erode trust in media.
5. How can we promote media literacy?Media literacy can be promoted through education, critical thinking skills, and fact-checking initiatives.


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