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Linzey Rozon: Tim Rozon’s wife UNTOLD STORY!

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Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper is a travel writer who explores offbeat destinations and cultural experiences, inspiring readers to broaden their horizons.

Have you ever wondered about the person behind the successful actor Tim Rozon? Let us introduce you to Linzey Rozon, the amazing equestrian and wife of Tim Rozon. In this article, we will take a closer look at Linzey’s passion for horses, her journey as an equestrian, her relationship with Tim, and much more. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Linzey Rozon.

A Passion for Horses: Linzey’s Equestrian Journey

Early Influences: Grandmother and Mother

Linzey developed her deep love for horses from a young age, thanks to her grandmother and mother who were also avid horse enthusiasts. Growing up, Linzey was constantly surrounded by these magnificent animals, and it fueled her passion even further.

Training and Expertise

Over the years, Linzey has honed her skills as an equestrian, owning, training, and riding horses. She has become an expert in the field, known for her outstanding horse-riding abilities. Linzey has even taken on the role of a mentor, teaching aspiring horse riders who share her passion.

Achievements and Competitions

Linzey’s dedication and hard work have paid off, as she has participated in numerous horse riding competitions. Her horse, Thunderbird, has been a consistent winner, showcasing Linzey’s talent and expertise as an equestrian.

The Personal Side: Linzey Rozon’s Life and Family

Early Life and Education

Linzey was born on May 16, 1985, in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. While she has remained private about her academic achievements, we can assume that she completed her studies in Quebec.

Marriage to Tim Rozon

Linzey’s love story with Tim Rozon began several years ago, and they tied the knot in 2015. The couple has been happily married for seven years, celebrating their love and commitment to each other. They have been inseparable ever since, supporting each other’s careers and sharing beautiful moments together.

Parenting and Their Son

Linzey and Tim welcomed their son, whose name they have chosen to keep private, in 2020. Parenthood has brought even more joy and fulfillment into their lives, as they navigate the challenges and rewards of raising a child together.

A Shared Passion: The Garde Manger Restaurant

Linzey and Tim Rozon share not only their personal lives but also their professional endeavors. They co-own Garde Manger, a renowned restaurant in Montreal. With Tim’s acting career and Linzey’s equestrian pursuits, the couple continues to flourish both personally and professionally.


Linzey Rozon is not just the wife of a famous actor; she is an accomplished equestrian with a passion for horses. Her dedication and talent have made her a respected figure in the equestrian world. At the same time, her strong bond with Tim Rozon and their shared endeavors highlight the power of love and mutual support within a relationship.

FAQs About Linzey Rozon

1. How did Linzey Rozon become interested in horses?

Linzey’s passion for horses was inspired by her grandmother and mother, who were both horse enthusiasts. Growing up in that environment ignited her love for these magnificent animals.

2. What competitions has Linzey participated in?

Linzey has competed in numerous horse riding competitions, showcasing her skills as an equestrian. Her horse, Thunderbird, has been a standout performer in these competitions.

3. How long have Linzey and Tim Rozon been married?

Linzey and Tim tied the knot in 2015, celebrating seven years of marital bliss. Their love and commitment to each other continue to grow stronger with each passing year.

4. What is the name of Linzey and Tim’s son?

Linzey and Tim have chosen to keep the name of their son private. They cherish their privacy and focus on creating a nurturing environment for their child.

5. What is the significance of the Garde Manger restaurant?

Garde Manger restaurant, co-owned by Linzey and Tim Rozon, is a testament to their shared passion and entrepreneurial spirit. It has become a renowned establishment in Montreal, reflecting their dedication to their respective careers.


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