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spinned!!!Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 70: Episode 7 is going to be fun.


The future of the Kaiju No 8 manga is unknown. Since the release of the most recent chapter last week, there has been no announcement of the ensuing release, Kaiju No 8 Chapter 70, by Viz Media. This alone creates heaps of concern among the fans. However, the one issue that everybody is worked up concerning is the commencement of the 7th episode. It’ll be interesting to catch up with a wholly new act within the coming weeks.

In Japan, monsters called kaiju often attack the public, with Japanese soldiers tasked with killing them. When their city was destroyed by kaiju when they were youngsters, childhood friends Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro each vowed to become members of the soldiers. Mina has become noted as commander of the Defense Force’s Third Unit, but Kafka has failed the examination numerous times and may be a member of the close-up crew, Monster Sweeper, Inc., whose job is to get rid of the monsters’ dead bodies when in battle. When a little talking monster flies into his body via his mouth, Kafka gains the power to turn into a monster himself, which gets dubbed “Kaiju No. 8” by the soldiers. While in the type, Kafka retains complete awareness; however, he gains herculean strength and becomes the first monster to flee the soldiers.

Previous Chapter Summary!


No. eight, Chapter 69 began with the news that there had been no Kaiju appearances in the previous. Back within the headquarters, Basement seventeen was facing an earthquake out of obscurity. The chapter then cuts to the writer, who is puzzling over wherever to eat his lonely lunch. He saw that there was a girl sitting on the bench. She was the one who approached him and said that there was nobody in the city besides these two.

But coming back to understand that the Tachikawa Base was destroyed in the method, they determined that one thing had to do with the situation. The writer told her that she didn’t have to bear the burden on her own. The chapter came to an end with the introduction of an all-new villain within the series. And thus, a seventh episode was proclaimed further.

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 70: What Will Happen Next?

The seventh episode won’t open with fights and action immediately. Before jumping to the main arc, training sessions and alternative conflicts can take up the middle stage within the chapters’ middle. The chapter can open with the writer coming back to fulfil it along with his teammates to raise concern concerning the destruction of the bottom camp. Even if he has created the choice to require charge to avoid wasting humanity, he’s in the dark concerning the events that are going down around him.

In the previous chapter, a brand new villain was introduced who was about to eliminate all human existence and switch everybody into a Kaiju monster. Fans may expect to see what this man’s future holds for the long run. To turn everybody into a monster, advanced technologies would be needed, which might be difficult to get.

In the coming plot line, there’ll be several acts to commence the story. From the antagonists to the heroes, everybody can get a new act for themselves

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 278 Here’s Everything You Need To Know.


The plan devised by Kaguya and her companions in Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Chapter 278 will be significantly altered. Kaguya would go to any lengths after Unyo’s intervention to get and protect her father’s will from her brother.

Chapter 278 of Kaguya Sama will be available very soon. Chapter 278 of Kaguya Sama will be released on the specified date. Chapter 278 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War grew Kaguya is nearing a successful conclusion. Everything must be understood. Kaguya-Sama Here is the complete text of Love Is War chapter 278 along with its publication date and other information.

Release Date for Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 278.

Beginning on September 02, 2022, Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 278 will be accessible in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Spoiler and Prediction for Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 278 on Reddit.

Despite not having an overtly hostile connection with any of her parents, Kei’s dealings with them are complex.

Kei doesn’t always feel treasured because Papa Shirogane misses Miyuki (and his cuisine!) , and her mother, who has left the family, urges Kei to move to Shanghai with her without recognizing what her daughter really needs.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 278 Spoiler, Raw Scan, Release Date, Color Page » Amazfeed

Since Kei will likely still be in her rebellious adolescent phase for some time, this chapter of her story doesn’t exactly wrap up anything, but her increased understanding of interpersonal interactions and her own circumstances is encouraging nonetheless.

Summary for Recap of Kaguya Sama: Love is War Chapter 277.

Ai is told by Kaguya that Miyuki plans to enroll at Stanford, and the two of them talk about how Ai can confess to Miyuki at the festival’s nighttime activity. Yu thinks Tsubame is referring to staring at flowers when she tells her to pick a time when she will answer. He later realizes he might have told her anything by accident. A note announcing that Arsene Lupin will be attending the festival and that the “dragon’s jewel” from one of the important decorations has vanished emerges after Kaguya starts the bonfire.

Chika keeps looking for more clues, and Kaguya informs Ai that she knows Miyuki orchestrated this, even sending Chika on a pointless scavenger expedition. He is found by Kaguya atop the clock tower. She is ready to tell Miyuki what she really thinks when she is startled by Miyuki, who releases and bursts a weather balloon, dispersing heart-shaped balloons around the area. She accepts his invitation to attend Stanford with him. She responds, “He should give me a gift for finding him,” and holds up one of the balloons as she gives him a kiss.

Yu finds the heart-shaped pendant that Kaguya dropped, but he gives it to Miko so she may report it as missing. Kaguya tells Ai that she kissed Miyuki, but when Ai finds out that it was a french kiss, she worries that it might have turned into sex. In her chibi form, Kaguya makes an appearance during the student council meeting. Miko grabs Yu’s manga magazine after they argue about a comic book being turned into a live-action movie.

Where can I read Chapter 278 of Kaguya Sama: Love is War?

The most recent chapter of Kaguya Sama and other manga can be read legally online at Viz Media, where it will be available as soon as it is published in Japan.

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Lycoris Recoil Episode 9- Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you need to know.


It’s finally time for Lycoris Recoil Episode 9 to provide us the answers we’ve been waiting for after last week’s cliffhanger. What’s done is done, the subject of this week’s episode focuses on the depressing news Chisato and her friends learned in the wake of Yoshi’s relocation last week.

Himegama carried out an odd treatment utilizing Chisato’s prosthetic heart in the final scene of the previous episode. This time, the procedure’s mystery was eventually solved, along with a number of significant facts regarding Chisato’s past. The most important happenings in Lycoris Recoil Episode 9 are detailed below.

Chisato’s relationship with the Alan Institute was finally revealed in Lycoris Recoil Episode 9.

The purpose of Lycoris Recoil Episode 8 was to help viewers comprehend the series’ backstory better. The objectives of the Alan Institute and their shared past were the topics of an engaging conversation between Majima and Chisato. By dispatching his aide to kidnap and rewire Chisato’s heart, Yoshi also made his initial move.

Beginning Lycoris Recoil Episode 9, Himegama was still repairing Chisato’s heart. She started the surgery, but Takina arrived just in time to scare her away before she could finish. Takina attempted to wake Chisato up, but he was not at all responsive.

After the introduction, Chisato was seen floating in an unknown liquid before being roused by a doctor and her pals. Chisato and the rest of the Lyco Reco café personnel were informed by Doctor Yamagishi that Himegama had ruined Chisato’s battery. Only two months remained on the blonde girl’s battery before it ran out and killed her.

The thought of losing her best friend drove Takina to panic, and she made an effort to track Himegama down. Before she could leave the hospital room, Chisato stopped her and told her that she never had much time left. The following day, Chisato was acting as if nothing had happened, despite the fact that Takina was deeply upset and aloof from her.

Chisato and Mizuki continued Lycoris Recoil Episode 9 by traveling to the D.A.’s office. Chisato was requested to attend a meeting by the director herself, which greatly disturbed the young woman. She shot at some troublemakers who were disturbing Mizuki while she was driving, venting her resentment.

Lycoris Recoil Episode 9: Chisato and Takina say goodbye, Majima is stronger than ever

Chisato was given the camera she had previously lost after the director admitted to taking it after she was inside the director’s office. They will soon start an attack against Majima, the red-haired woman warned Chisato as she begged him to go back to the D.A. Chisato disregarded the director and declared that she would only think about going back if Takina was permitted to stay.

The following day, Takina received a letter from the director asking her to go back to the D.A. Fuki and Sakura went to Lyco Reco Café to deliver the letter. However, Takina was not pleased with the information, which worried Sakura and Fuki.

Final thoughts.

The ninth episode of Lycoris Recoil was incredibly moving and heartbreaking from beginning to end. Nothing could have prepared them for the context in which they learned about Chisato’s past, despite the fact that they had been anticipating it for a while.

Fans, who are praying for Chisato to be saved in any way, share the pain felt by the Lyco Reco café members. Many series fans found it quite difficult to see the scene where the girls say goodbye to one another.

It is nearly a given that the concluding arc of this first season will start in the upcoming episode. Yoshi was just abducted by Majima. Chisato is still oblivious of her friend’s efforts to save her while Takina prepares to apprehend the terrorist. After the events of Lycoris Recoil Episode 9, viewers will have to wait another week to find out what will happen to Chisato and the company.

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Ao Ashi Anime- Release Date, Countdown, Where to Watch, Trailer, Recap, Cast And Spoiler


Fans are eagerly anticipating the match between the Musashino Youth team and the Tokyo City Esperion Youth B squad as Episode 20 of Ao Ashi approaches. With Kaneda, we finally have an adversary, and the Esperion boys are eager to defeat him.

While Ashito and the squad defeated Tama, Tachibana lost faith in his skills and requested the manager not to use him in the upcoming match. Tachibana was chosen to face Musashino because Ashito and Ohtomo persisted in believing in him. Will Tachibana be able to get up again? We won’t know till the next episode.

When will Ao Ashi episode 20 be released, what can we expect from it, and more?

On August 27, 2022, at 6:25 PM JST, “The Truly Weak One,” the 20th episode of Ao Ashi, will air. The anime’s release date and hour will consequently shift to accommodate different time zones.

The episode will be accessible on Disney+, Docomo, Gyo, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Netflix Japan, and Crunchyroll.

There are 24 episodes in all of Ao Ashi season 1’s first season. This indicates that there will only be four episodes of the anime left after episode 20 is released.

The episode is set to be released at the following times for different time zones:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 2:25 am PDT
  • Central Daylight Time: 4:25 am CDT
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 5:25 am EDT
  • British Standard Time: 10:25 am BST
  • Indian Standard Time: 2:55 pm IST
  • Central European Summer Time: 11:25 am CEST
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 6:55 pm ACDT
  • Philippines Time: 5:25 am PHT

What transpired the previous time?

Ao Ashi Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

We witnessed Ashito and his buddies attempting to comprehend how Musashino could perform so well in the league in Ao Ashi episode 19, titled “Wind of Change.” They saw the Musashino team, led by Manager Satake, press relentlessly.

The team trusted one another to support them and was willing to take chances. Kaneda, who was the target man and scored a hat trick in the game, stood out from the rest of the team as a significant player.

Kaneda and the Esperion team players got into a fight when he learned that they had come to observe their game. We discovered that Kaneda didn’t get along with his teammates at this point. He was eager to participate and had high expectations for the Esperion Youth team.

During the altercation, Kaneda criticized his colleagues, and Tachibana even witnessed him yelling at him. Tachibana is renowned for his teamwork and will not tolerate being disparaged by anyone. He has a new motivation for playing Musashino, and that is to get Kaneda to apologize for his slurs.

Hana’s desire to speak with Ashito was evident throughout the entire show. She wanted to show him their photo and tell him about the chance to work for Kuribayashi that had been given to her. But Ashito got into a fight with Hana because he was so engrossed in the duel with Musashino.

What can be anticipated in Ao Ashi episode 20?

There may be some backstory between Togashi and Takeshima in Ao Ashi episode 20. Ohtomo got notes concerning the apparent altercation between Togashi and Takeshima at the conclusion of the previous episode. The team’s internal conflict did not come at the ideal time. The group needs to work swiftly to find a solution.

Ashito might also reflect on his disagreement with Hana and try to find a solution.

We’ll have to wait until the game to find out if the Esperion Youth B team can handle the Musashino Youth team’s rash strong pressing. This contest might potentially serve as a stepping stone for Ashito’s promotion to the A-Team.

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Reddit Spoilers for One Piece Episode 1033: Release Date and Leaks, Cast, Trailer.


In the west, One Piece is one of the most well-known anime series ever. The official release of One Piece Episode 1033 is eagerly anticipated by One Piece fans. Here is all the information you require on the episode’s release schedule.

The One Piece adaptation by Toei Animation had a successful year. The anime has more than 1032 episodes, making it one of the most popular Japanese anime series of all time, just like the manga. The events of the Wano Arc were summarised in the most recent One Piece episode. The story will continue in episode 1033, which is what everyone is looking forward to. However, the following episode of the anime won’t be available for a few more days.

Date of Release for One Piece Episode 1033.

On September 11, 2022, One Piece Episode 1033 will premiere. Fuji TV will air the episode’s world debut in Japan. The latest One Piece episode will be available on this date in numerous nations around the world, including the United States, Brazil, France, England, and India.

  • Pacific Time: 6 PM PDT
  • Eastern Time: 9 PM PDT
  • Indian time: 6:30 PM IST
  • British Time: 2 AM BST
  • European Time: 3 AM CEST
  • Philippine Time: 9 AM PHT
  • Japanese Standard Time: 10 AM JST
  • Australia Time: 10:30 AM ACST

Spoilers for One Piece episode 1033.

One Piece Chapter 1033 spoilers: A new Conquering King appears

On the Skull Dome’s live floor, the fighting goes on while Chopper develops and tests his antidote. Hyogoro wants Yatappe to kill him so that he can turn into an Ice Oni while Marco alone manages to restrain both the King and Queen. As Law, Kid, Zoro, and Killer continue to fight Big Mom and Kaidou on the Skull Dome’s roof, Luffy completes reassembling his Haki and awakens to help them.

The establishment of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance during Oden’s lifetime is described by Yamato and Momonosuke.

Chopper administers his efficient cure to the Live Floor, curing everyone in the process. The Pleasures stand up for Chopper as Queen attacks them and the Waiters for being ineffectual and tries to strike Chopper. Marco takes advantage of the opportunity to grab Queen by the neck, allowing Chopper to attack him. He then shouts to the group that he is not a raccoon and they all apologize inside. The Akazaya Nine recover in the Treasure Vault during this period, but they are confused about who looked after them and shocked when Kozuki Oden appears in front of them.

The Beasts Pirates are still being pursued and fought by Yamato and Shinobu in the Right Brain Tower. Momonosuke becomes upset with himself since he is weak and everyone thinks too highly of him when Shinobu tries to soothe his mind, and to the surprise of both him and Momonosuke, he transforms into a dragon. The leader of CP0 remembers Dr. Vegapunk’s attempt to create an Artificial Devil Fruit utilizing Kaidou’s Lineage Factor and believes that it was abandoned and eventually destroyed with Punk Hazard.

The Akazaya Nine are ecstatic to see Oden in the meantime, with the exception of Ashura and Raizo who recognize Oden’s lies and realize that he is a sketch made by Kanjuro. Momonosuke finds a place where everything has returned to normal and says that Luffy is worn out but cheerful. As Kaidou and Big Mom push the Worst Generation back on the Skull Dome roof, they decide to split them up in order to defeat them.

Ashura dies as a result of the fake Oden’s defeat by the Akazaya Nine. Inuarashi stays back to fight Jack as the rest of the group starts looking for Momonosuke. The Emperors unleash a coordinated attack from the rooftop that comes dangerously close to wiping out the Worst Generation, but Zoro narrowly deflects it, allowing Luffy to fire back and see that Kaidou has turned to dodge strikes.

One Piece Episode 1032 Summary.

One Piece Chapter 1033 Delayed! Zoro Ends King! Release Date & Plot

Ashura dies as a result of the fake Oden’s defeat by the Akazaya Nine. Inuarashi stays back to fight Jack as the rest of the group starts looking for Momonosuke. The Emperors unleash a coordinated attack from the rooftop that comes dangerously close to wiping out the Worst Generation, but Zoro narrowly deflects it, allowing Luffy to fire back and see that Kaidou has turned to dodge strikes.

The Akazaya Nine defeat Orochi, while the Worst Generation continues their battle with the Emperors, successfully throwing Big Mom off the roof.

The Worst Generation keeps fighting as Big Mom returns to Onigashima as Kaidou after recovering from her accident. Despite being able to leave Kaidou with a scar, Zoro and Law are finally destroyed, and Luffy makes a vow to vanquish the Emperor.

In preparation for upcoming confrontations, The Worst Generation and Emperors spread over Onigashima. Killer fights Hawkins, Kid gets ready for his encounter with Big Mom, and Luffy fights Kaidou. As Nami, Tama, and Usopp make their way back to the Live Floor, Page One follows them.

When Luffy first meets Shanks and Uta, a friendship between the two young people starts to take root. To Luffy’s dismay, Uta does not return after Shanks departs on a trip. At the same time, Elegia seems to be mysteriously destroyed by Shanks. Many characters, especially Koby and Makino, remember their interactions with Shanks.

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Trinity Seven- Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you need to know.


This month marked the end of another of Kadokawa’s well-known banners. As we speak, the announcement that Trinity Seven Revision Manga is ending is sending shockwaves across the internet. Questions concerning the text’s future started to surface as soon as the final chapter of the magazine was published. However, you shouldn’t worry because we have you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this conclusion, without further ado.

One of the most well-known Harem urban fantasy manga is Trinity Seven. Kenji Saito and Akinari Nao collaborated on the text’s creation and illustrations. The sequel to the original text was called Seven. To find out what will happen to this well-known text in the future, keep reading!

Final Chapter of the Trinity Seven Revision Manga: Official News!

Kadokawa had warned the fans that the text would soon come to an end months before the actual release of Trinity Seven Revision Manga Ending. The final episode of the manga was then published in Kadokawa’s Young Dragon Age Magazine’s December issue. Fans were both eager to read the conclusion and worried about what would happen next. Continue reading to find out what happens next!

What’s in Store for the Manga?

What Is Next For The Text In The Trinity Seven Revision Manga? The release date | List23: Latest U.S. & World News

The conclusion of Trinity Seven Revision Manga was published in Kadokawa’s Young Dragon Age Magazine’s December edition. The artist’s farewell note was the sole item in this chapter, though. Beyond that, neither the artist nor the crew communicated. As of the time this article was written, neither the official websites nor social media accounts for the manga have undergone any changes.

This merely indicates that it will take some time before the fans may learn the most recent information regarding the content. There are currently no plans for the manga’s continuation following Trinity Seven Revision Manga Ending. However, any updates will only be provided on The Anime Daily’s updated pages.

Manga version of Trinity Seven: New Release Date.

No future intentions have been made public by the authors as of the time of writing. On October 7, 2022, the text’s final section will instead be published as a book volume. In addition, there are several concerns about the text’s international publication. As a result, we’ll make sure to update this area as soon as we learn more information about it. So, keep checking The Anime Daily for more information.

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Yu’s Last Breath, Chapter 118 of Seraph of the End. Release Information And Storyline.


Owari No Seraph fans can’t wait to see how the manga’s last past sequence wraps off. Yu’s will to battle Asuramaru till his death was evident in the previous chapter. He was simply carrying out these actions for Mika. But nothing went in his favor throughout the final episode. Fans are currently anticipating what his final move will be in Seraph of the End Chapter 118. Detailed information on the chapter is provided here.

There will be a tonne of action in the subsequent plot. Yu is determined to prevail at all costs. But there are many things he can’t accomplish alone. What he has planned to use to win this fight will be intriguing to observe.

What Will Take Place Next in Seraph of the End Chapter 118?

Seraph Of The End Chapter 118: Yu's Last Breath! Release Date & Plot Details

Once more, the next chapter’s title and unfinished scans are missing. Only very seldom have these specifics been made public prior to distribution, though. As a result, Yu and Asuramaru will now resume fighting. The stakes are raised by the possibility that Mika will be lost at the end of this chapter. Additionally, there are other unfinished narratives that are waiting to be developed.

Krul and Ashera’s earlier exchanges were likewise left open-ended. In the previous chapter, the significance and setting of their interaction were not made clear. The solutions to all of them will therefore be revealed in Seraph Of The End Chapter 118. It will be intriguing to see how all of these different tales pan out.

Recap of the prior chapter.

“Of Monsters and Demons,” as the 117th chapter of Owari, No Seraph was named. The chapter opened with a scene from the past when Ashera and Krul had a meeting. In the arena, bodies were everywhere and were waiting to attack. Guren and Yu are engaged in combat in the present as Yu tries to seize Asuramaru. Yu’s obsession was to save Krul at whatever costs. The latter, however, could only save Mika.

Asuramaru later told Shikama Doji that all he was capable of doing at this point was letting Yu devour him as he was being carried. In the chapter’s concluding scene, Asuramaru informs Yu that Mika will not be the one to save him. He did this because he already desired to pass away. You refused to give up at any cost, thus the fight eventually broke out again.

Release Date for Chapter 118 of Seraph of the End.

Seraph Of The End Chapter 118: Yu's Last Breath! Release Date & Plot Details

Fans have many inquiries that they would like to get addressed. There is therefore no pause in the publication of this monthly part. The next episode’s official release date is September 2, 2022. Only the official pages of Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus will allow manga fans to read all the chapters.

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The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Release Information For Episode 8 Of Season 2


It has been a week since the last episode of The Devil Is a Part-Timer, therefore it is now time for us to watch Episode 8 of Season 2!

Maou and his buddies face fresh difficulties with each episode, but they are aware of precisely how to tackle each circumstance. The second season of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is far more thrilling than the first due to unexpected turns, new and stronger antagonists, and secrets about various individuals. Everyone is anticipating what will happen next in the series after Maou revealed his plans to dominate the globe once he attained power and Amane revealed who she really is.

The Devil Is a Part-TimerSeason !’s 2, Episode 8 will air on September 1, 2022. The episode will run on a number of regional networks in Japan, including Tokyo MX, BS11, MBS, and AT-X. The series has been licensed by Crunchyroll for an international audience. Due to its simultaneous distribution, the next episode will follow the following schedule in various locations:

  • Pacific Time: 7:30 AM PDT (September 1st)
  • Central Time: 9:30 AM CDT (September 1st)
  • Eastern Time: 10:30 AM EDT (September 1st)
  • British Time:  3:30 PM BST (September 1st)
  • European Time: 4:30 PM CEST (September 1st)
  • Indian Time: 8:00 PM IST (September 1st)
  • Australian Time: 12:30 AM AEST (September 2nd)

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!' Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Review of The Devil Is a Part-Timer, Episode 7. 

Everyone gathered at the lighthouse to begin the previous episode. Then it is revealed that Olba gave the demons the Yesod Fragment to aid in their pursuit of the Holy Sword as well as information about it. The presence of the demons known as Malebranche and their leader Ciriotta is announced by Emi to everyone. After they arrive, Emi begins to battle them as Amane gives Maou the blade.

Emi finds it challenging to control Ciriotta on her own, but eventually, Moau manifests in his true form and dispatches the demons with ease. Then, Maou says he has already obtained the Holy Sword and commands the demons and Cariotta to return to the demon world.

The following morning, Amane releases everyone from their duties and requests that everyone departs, saying that a beach is a safe place for the souls to heal. The souls, however, are beginning to lose their human shape as a result of their presence. Then, before departing, Amane discloses that she is the daughter of Earth’s Binah and requests that they bring the Da’at of her world back to life. Maou confesses his desire to conquer the world when Amane departs, which comes as no surprise to Emi and Chiho.

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How Soon Will Ayumu Act? episode 9- Release date, Cast, Plot and more! All detail you needto know.


Urushi and Ayumu are getting closer to one another every day. Ayumu is hiding his feelings for her despite this though. It seems unlikely that he will confess very soon. The likelihood that the day will arrive sooner rather than later is higher with Rin’s assistance. However, in episode nine of When Will Ayumu Make his Move, Ayumu and his group will first travel to the wonderland. Read on to learn more.

The shogi club members spend their time after school trying to get to know one another in the ninth episode. They’ll play around and experiment with various games. Sakurako and Maki, however, have a story to share. Is there a connection between Ayumu and Urashi?

How Soon Will Ayumu Act? What Will Happen Next in Episode 9?

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 9 Release Date Is Out? Find It Out Now! - ThePopTimes

The shogi club will be highlighted in the upcoming episode, “Omoide o Tsukuritainode,” which translates to “I Want To Make Memories.” The gang is looking forward to spending time together and creating some memories. After school, they’ll decide to hang out together. The party is still going on. Urushi, Ayumu, and the brand-new shogi members will visit an arcade to celebrate the launch of the shogi club. They’ll all get to know one another for a while. Takeru and Rin, club members, will compete against one another.

Ayumu and Urushi, however, will be worn out by Takeru and Rin’s actions. To win the game, they will contend. The club members will try various games later. Even though Urushi knows she’s not very good at basketball, she still finds it amusing to lose to Ayumu. Sakurako and Maki will also accompany them. While Maki has something to discuss with Urushi, Sakurako and Takeru will try to find something and spend some time together.

A Brief Recap.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move previously In episode eight, when their club was formally established, Urushi set Ayumu up against Rin. Urushi was concerned after Ayumu’s defeat, though, because she thought Rin might succeed her as president. In the end, she prevailed over Rin thanks to Ayumu’s encouragement. Urushi enquired afterward about Ayumu’s choice to join the shogi club. But his reply confused her, so she tried to tense things up. Rin, though, cut her off. Urushi responded negatively when she was asked if she liked Ayumu. but added that she would if he shared her feelings.

Rin confronted Ayumu after gaining approval from Takeru. After hearing from Ayumu that he had indeed left kendo for Urushi, Rin thought back to a similar circumstance she had encountered and was ready to beat Ayumu at kendo to express her feelings. She planned to teach him shogi so he could get better so she could comprehend his predicament and get him to confess. Later, Urushi hosted a celebration for the new members and praised Ayumu for her assistance in formalizing the club. Later, she came over to him to take a petal off his neck, but he mistook her for a hug, embarrassing both of them.

How Soon Will Ayumu Act? Episode 9: Date of Release.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 9 Preview - Anime Corner

How Soon Will Ayumu Act? On September 2, 2022, Episode 9 will be broadcast and available on HIDIVE. A fresh experience in Urushi’s life will be the main subject of the episode. It will facilitate her approach to Ayumu. Rin will love spending time with Ayumu in the meanwhile.

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Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Episode 9 is How I Met Your Mother in Anime.


The mobster Kirishima Toru and the timid Yaeka, the boss’s young daughter, star in the upcoming comedy anime The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting, which premieres in the summer of 2022. They are an eccentric but wholesome couple who have each realized the importance of family, whether it be blood or other.

The persistent problem with Yaeka’s mother Miyuki, who has been unconscious in the hospital for a long now following an auto accident, also exists. Although Miyuki hasn’t spoken or done anything yet, her appearances in flashbacks, like in Episode 9, solidify her reputation as a superb wife and mother. Yaeka has good reason to miss her company.

For Toru’s birthday celebration in Episode 9, most of the important Yakuza characters, including the boss, Yaeka, and Kanami, as well as Kei and a handful of Toru’s other gangster allies, congregate. The celebration of Toru’s birthday is joyful and uncomplicated, and the scene works to further the persona of Sakuragi Miyuki, who isn’t even present, rather than Toru. Kazuhiko and his sister-in-law Kanami share some pleasant recollections of Miyuki and wax melancholy about her absence. At that point, Episode 9 starts its flashbacks, which describe how Yaeka’s mother actually met her father one crucial afternoon.

The Yakuza's Guide To Babysitting Episode 9 Release Date: Yaeka's Expanding Friend Circle! - OtakuKart

The majority of the significant Yakuza figures, including the boss, Yaeka, and Kanami, as well as Kei and a few of Toru’s other gangster buddies, gather for Toru’s birthday celebration in Episode 9. The birthday party for Toru is cheerful and uncomplicated, and the event serves to enhance Sakuragi Miyuki’s character—who isn’t even there—rather than Toru’s. Kazuhiko and his sister-in-law Kanami talk fondly about Miyuki and express their sadness at her absence. The flashbacks in Episode 9 begin then, telling the story of how Yaeka’s mother actually met her father on a significant occasion.

The fact that this is a revered and serious art form in Japan serves as a helpful reminder to viewers that the tough-talking Kazuhiko is capable of more than just dealing with mobsters. Miyuki and Kazuhiko actually connect over their love of flowers, and they decide to get together again soon to talk about it. Although Kazuhiko may have the aloofness and severe demeanor of a mob boss, he is not heartless. Even if he won’t say it, he always puts other people before himself.

From then, the flashback continues, showing Miyuki and Kazuhiko accidentally turning their outing into a date. Although the date itself is rather traditional, it has two reasons in Yakuza’s story. First, Miyuki is established in the discussion of the date as being an emotionally capable and strong individual, given that her parents are dead but that she has accepted her sadness. Even though Miyuki, who is friendly and gregarious, misses them, she does not dwell on the past. Instead, she puts in a lot of effort to sustain herself and her sister Kanami, and Kazuhiko is undoubtedly impressed. Given that Kanami works now, perhaps this is what motivates her to be such a loving and devoted aunt to Yaeka.

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Daniel Kaluuya’s break from acting? Check out to know more

Daniel Kaluuya:

Born on 24th February 1989, the 33-year-old is a British actor, he is known for his performances both on screen and on stage. He is the recipient of a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, 2 BAFTA Awards and so many more! In 2021, he was named as a part of the 100 most influential people in the world in Time magazine. Kaluuya is famous for his roles in ‘Black Panther (2018)’, ‘And get Out (2017)’ which was the breakthrough role that earned him a nomination for the Academy’s award for Best Actor! He is also the first British actor of African heritage to win an Academy award. He is an ardent fan of football and follows it as frequently as possible for him with his busy schedule.

Daniel is set to star in Jordan Peele’s new sci-fi horror film ‘Nope’, which has the fans excited as Peele was responsible for the direction of ‘Get Out’ that earned the act out his very first Academy nomination. However, in an interview, after asking about his future projects Kaluuya says that he plans to ‘chill’ from movies for a movie while. He said that he likes to have nothing lined up, when he is expecting a movie to release, he added to his comment by saying that ‘it’s a new space and we are in a new time so we have to let that spread and sink in first.’ Daniel also owns a production house called ‘59 percent, the production house is set to debut their first film shit by the Oscar winner himself, called ‘Honk for Jesus. Save your soul’. Daniel said that this movie is shot in a mockumentary, and that was the style and aesthetic he was going for. Daniel, I’d always been very vocal about the representation of Black men and women on screen and he said that his production house stands for that!

Fans are sad as they will not be seeing Daniel on screen soon after the premiere of his new movie ‘Nope’, but at the same time are pretty excited to see him make his directing debut and figure out his directing style and aesthetic. We cannot wait and watch their debut directory movie of Daniel and see whether this debut of his too, shall have an Academy nomination in its name! The actor is known for his phenomenal actor in horror and thriller movies, which is what makes him different from the rest of the actors, and is what makes him a fan favorite easily.

What are your thoughts on Daniel Kaluuya’s break from acting for a while?

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Yungblud’s new album? Yungblud unaware of Japanese traditions?

Dominic Richard Harrison:

Born on 5th August 1997, and known professionally as ‘Yungblud’, he is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He decided album ‘Weird!’ which was released late 2020, climbed up the UK Album Charts and even reached 75 on US Billboard 200. Yungblud has been very vocal about the mental health issues and disorders that he went and goes through such as insomnia, which is shared to his fans in 2018. In an interview in 2020, Dominic even revealed that he had attempted to commit suicide twice, while he was going through the ups and downs on his career. Yungblud identifies himself as pansexual and polyamorous in December 2020, since then he has been in a relationship with fellow artist, singer songwriter, Halsey for several months but they called it quits shortly after. Since July 2021, he is said to be dating Jesse Jo Stark, who is a fashion designer.


Recently 2 weeks ago, Yungblud had held a concert at the Japan Summer Sonic festival but the singer seemed to have not understood the traditions of Japanese people and seemed to have had shunned them which had them frowning at him and not enjoying his set! While being introduced by the compère, in Osaka, the audience was tons to not shout or mosh no matter what the next performer asks for! Yungblud later shared in an interview that he was unaware of the Japanese traditions and their way of being in concerts, he said that he did not know that they tend to be a bit more restrained, and that dancing in a concert was frowned upon, and applause was reserved til the end! He added that as soon as he hopped on stage he encouraged them to jump and shout, and as soon as he did that they were ‘unleashed’, he compared the audience to a bottle of Coke and his enthusiasm and encouragement as mentos’s!

He said that after his set, so many people came up to him and thanked him, as if they needed to be set free and jump, and that he made them feel freedom and free. He later added that this is what he is all about and all that his music is about too! Yungblud is said to be one of the upcoming artists that many legendary singers , like Mick Jagger, say that ‘Rock and Roll still has hope for’! This is a big statement for the young singer, but justified as well! With the releases of his new album that has managed to climb up on streaming charts and Billboard, shows how promising the new singer is for the music industry. His fans are immersed into his new album and praising him for it all over their social media platforms!

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