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Pieces of ‘fireball’ meteor that exploded over Mississippi are being found, NASA says

NASA said that pieces of a burning meteor spotted traveling over southwest Mississippi on April 27 have been discovered in the Natchez area.

According to NASA Meteor Watch, the agency’s project that follows fireball activity, the “bright fireball” was traveling at 35,000 mph when it erupted at 8:03 a.m. with the “energy equivalent of 3 tonnes of TNT.”


“Existing law states that any meteorites belong to the owner of the property on which they fell; we will not divulge the locations of these finds out of respect for the privacy of persons in the region,” NASA said.

A snapshot of one of the meteorite bits, which resembled a deep black lump of charcoal with grey specks, was uploaded on Facebook on May 2. Experts estimate that it hit the earth at a speed of “200-300 miles per hour.”

NASA has stated that it will not be involved in determining if the discoveries are meteorites. According to NASA, the meteor was an asteroid fragment “approximately a foot in diameter with a weight of 90 pounds.”

It was originally seen 54 miles above the Mississippi River and then destroyed at a height of 34 miles near the Adams-Franklin county line, according to NASA.

That’s a little east of where the meteor’s path was originally assumed to end, which was supposed to be over a swampy area of Louisiana.

According to the same update, the number of witnesses from Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas has increased from 30 to more than 60.

According to NASA, “the fragmentation… produced shock waves that traveled to the ground, causing the booms and vibrations observed by humans in the neighborhood.” “The fireball was over ten times brighter than the full moon at its peak.”

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‘It’s worth a decent sum of money.’

According to NASA, verified meteorites “may be worth a substantial amount of money” depending on the type.

“However, the majority are chondrites known as ‘ordinary chondrites,’ which are rather common,” NASA notes.

And finding something valuable is probably more difficult than you think.


This object’s components were far too tiny to produce a crater.” Meteorites, according to popular belief, are not burning rocks of doom that rip holes in the ground. You can pick one up as soon as it lands. As a result, there will be no smoldering rocks in minor craters.”


How to Examine Rocks

NASA has stated that it will not verify the meteorite discoveries. Instead, the government is directing searchers to the Washington University in St. Louis’ website for assistance in making a valid identification.


“We are not meteorite experts because our primary mission is to protect spacecraft and astronauts against meteoroids. As a result, we won’t be able to identify any unusual rocks you find,” NASA explained. “If confirmed, this will be Mississippi’s fifth reported meteorite fall, following those in 1854 (1857? ), 1910, 1922, and 2012.”

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NASA going to retire Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) flying telescope 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is soon going to retire a unique piece of equipment and aviation history. It’s happening after eight years of operation. NASA will retire Boeing 747SP-based Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) flying telescope this year.

NASA will retire the Boeing 747SP based SOFIA flying telescope this year 

SOFIA is the latest and largest generation of NASA’s infrared astronomy aircraft. It consists of a 2.7-meter, 15 T, 2.5-metre diameter telescope. It operates out of an opening in a Boeing 747SP  which is larger than the loading doors on some containership aircraft. The telescope can operate above 99 percent of the atmosphere’s infrared-blocking water vapor if it’s on the plane. This allows better observations than any ground-based telescope. As the levels of technology go up, it becomes easy to upgrade the telescope. That’s because it flies aboard a plane and isn’t in low Earth orbit.

History of airborne astronomy 

Airborne astronomy has been around for nearly as long as humans have been flying planes. NASA used aircrafts to observe solar eclipses in the 1920s. Astronomy remained in use for that purpose for decades. This was until the 1960s when technological advancement allowed for planes to become more useful in the study of the stars. The CV-990 Galileo I mission was the first to use an aircraft for infrared observations in 1965.

The CV-990 Galileo I mission 

In 1965, the aircraft used in the CV-990 Galileo I mission was a Convair CV-990, as the name suggests. It was used by astronomer Dr. Gerard P. Kuiper to observe planets without the water vapor getting in the way. A Physicist Frank Low used a Learjet for infrared astronomy later in 1968. With the help of these aircrafts, airborne infrared observation became a reality. NASA would continue to develop the concept over the years.

Lockheed C-141A Starlifter 

The next plane that became a flying observatory would be a modified Lockheed C-141A Starlifter. That aircraft, the Gerard P. Kuiper Airborne Observatory, replaced the Galileo Observatory. This happened after a mid-air collision with a U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion destroyed the aircraft in 1973. The Kuiper Airborne Observatory served NASA from 1974 to 1995. It discovered the rings of Uranus, evidence of a black hole in the galactic center of the Milky Way, and a lot more things.

Boeing 747SP

NASA wanted to go even higher than the Kuiper was going. According to SOFIA’s sites, NASA wanted a bigger platform back in 1974. Then in 1977, NASA came with a Boeing 747SP. The Boeing 747SP could prove to be a promising platform. Since it was signed to compete with smaller widebodies, the 747SP was shortened and lightened. Though it had a greater range and higher speed. It came out of a request from Pan Am for a 747. It is capable of carrying a full load non-stop from New York to Tehran. The result was an aircraft that can travel up to 6,650 nautical miles. It has been the highest of any widebody from 1976 until 1989 when the 747-400 entered service.


1. Which aircraft is NASA planning to retire?

NASA’s Boeing 747SP-based Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) flying telescope will be retired this year.

2. What are the specifications of SOFIA?

It’s equipped with a 2.7-meter, 17-ton, 2.5-meter diameter telescope that operates out of an opening in a Boeing 747SP that’s larger than the loading doors on some freighter aircraft. Being on a plane allows the telescope to operate above 99 percent of the atmosphere’s infrared-blocking water vapor, allowing for better observations than any ground-based telescope could.

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APPLE decided to Bring Updates less frequently to Its Smartwatches, as revealed by CEO Tim Cook

Apple decided to upgrade the Watch SE series 

Apple didn’t upgrade the more affordable version of its smartwatch line last year. It released the Watch SE back in the fall of 2020. Now, it has decided that it will upgrade the Apple Watch SE once every two years. This is being done in the footsteps of the iPhone SE series. It has a good tradition of its SE-branded line of products. They decided this instead of improving design or hardware annually as the rest of the iPhone or Apple Watch families. When it comes to Apple scoops, LeaksAppleProhas always has some inside information that provides all the changes that will arrive with the new Apple Watch SE 2022 edition.

Apple decides to bring updates once every two years in its smartwatches https://themarketactivity.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=326375&action=edit

Expectations for a faster processor 

Expectations of a faster S7 processor are made from Apple Watch SE 2022. Apple does this specifically for its Series 7 wearables. This wipes up the floor with the 2020 Watch SE’s S5 chipset. This is something that Apple usually does with the SE series of products. So it’s not a matter of surprise. It is releasing them with the current best processor for the category. But it’s keeping them in the same chain of performance or longer than their peers.

New features in the series 

The iPhone SE had the 7nm Apple A13 Bionic processor for two years. Then it moved to Apple’s latest 5nm A15 Bionic that is powering the iPhone 13 series. So the Apple Watch SE 2022 coming with S7 silicon is quite explicable and believable. Moreover, according to some reports, the affordable Apple Watch SE 2022 will feature better audio features and a new heart rate sensor as well. This will let it improve on the ECG output feature it shares with the more expensive Apple Watch Series models.

Besides all these new features, the design won’t be new. Any new Apple Watch SE 2022 hardware is said to fit in absolutely the same form and shape that its predecessor currently has. Hence, it will arrive in the same size options that are 40 mm and 44 mm that the Watch SE 2020 currently has on offer.

The always-on display on Apple smartwatches

Apple’s smartwatches were among the first devices to use LTPO OLED screens by LG as a display. They landed as one of Series 5’s signature options. The fact that it’s missing on the lowly Watch SE model could be a deal-breaker for some of the buyers. The Apple Watch will always be on display mode. The time will be always visible. Along with this, there is a most recent active app and watch face unless you choose to turn the feature off and save on battery.

All the Apple Watch Series 5 and above and also the Watch SE carry an LTPO panel. This not only allows using a variable refresh rate but also makes the always-on mode possible. The Watch SE is capable of having the functionality. One day, Apple may turn it on via a software update.


1. Will the Apple Watch SE 2022 have an always-on display?

Yes, Apple will reportedly upgrade the Watch SE 2022 screen to enable an always-on display functionality on a hardware level without any software shenanigans, a feature that will be directly borrowed from its larger and more expensive Apple Watch siblings.

2. What would be the price of the Apple Watch SE?

Speaking of production costs, the Apple Watch SE 2022 price is reportedly not going to remain the same as the launch tag of its predecessor. While the Apple Watch SE 2022 is said to start from $299, only a $20 difference from the $279 release price of the Apple Watch SE, it will allegedly be more expensive than before, while still keeping its coveted sub-$300 pricing street cred.

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A rare photo of auroras similar to the ones found in Earth’s polar region have been found on Mars for the first time.

Scientists observe aurora across Mars 

In the United Arab Emirates’ Mars mission, scientists have spotted a ‘worm-like’ aurora that stretched halfway across the Red Planet. The discovery of discrete curvy auroras has come from observations from the Hope orbiter. Besides these, lights are shining high in the atmosphere. which has been at work since February 2021. There is only a patchy magnetic field on Mars thus making auroras tough to track down. Hope assisted with better observations by the locals and nighttime aurora varieties that avoided other missions.

Martian auroras are found across half the surface of Mars, check details here! 

But the other types of lights are not there near the scale of the new sinuous discrete auroras. These auroras covered almost half of the planet. The observations at that scale required Hope’s unique ability for the snapshots of the whole disk of the thin Martian atmosphere in action as said by the officials.

Different factors leading to different auroras 

Hessa Al Matroska said that they didn’t expect to see such massive effects of the aurora. Reasons for the occurrence of Martian auroras can be a variety of factors. For instance, the discrete aurora occurs above magnetic minerals in the planet’s crust, while the interactions between the solar wind lead to proton auroras. A solar wind is a constant stream of charged particles that flows off our sun, and hydrogen in the thin Martian atmosphere. The newly identified sinuous discrete aurora seems more similar to the diffuse aurora. Intense solar storms cause them.

Hope collected all its observations in ultraviolet light as a solar storm struck Mars. Such solar storms may occur more frequently in the coming years leading up to 2025. At that time, the sun’s 11-year solar cycle is predicted to peak. Scientists hope that better understanding of the appearance of the sinuous discrete aurora and its features can enhance their knowledge and understanding of the solar wind and how the Martian magnetism affects the planet.

New information from Emirates Mars Mission

Starting from the first observations of the discrete aurora, we continued seeing new and incredible patterns of aurora. They open up new insights into the interactions of charged particles in the Martian atmosphere, as said by Al Matroushi. There is a lot of new information that we are getting here for the EMM [Emirates Mars Mission]. This will help the science team to work with it. More information about this might be hidden in archival data from other missions. Information was collected by the long-running European Space Agency’s Mars Express and NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) spacecraft. This was to observe the Red Planet’s atmosphere.

The discovery of sinuous discrete aurora was shocking. It made us scratch our heads and go back to the drawing board. Rob Lillis is a planetary scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. He is working on the Emirates Mars ultraviolet spectrometer instrument. In a statement, he said that we don’t have solid explanation for our ideas of why we are observing intense aurora of this shape and at planetary scales.


1. What did scientists spot on Mars?

Scientists with the United Arab Emirates’ Mars mission have spotted a ‘worm-like’ aurora stretching halfway across the Red Planet.

2. From where we’re the auroras arising?

The discovery of “sinuous discrete” auroras, or shining lights high in the atmosphere arising from solar activity interacting with magnetic fields, came from observations from the Hope orbiter, which has been at work since February 2021.

3. How is the discrete aurora caused?

The discrete aurora, for example, apparently occurs above magnetic minerals in the planet’s crust

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Rudeism turns the Fisher-Price Game Controller to play Elden Ring

Rude turned the Fisher-Price Game Controller to Work on PC

Footage of Elden Ring being played with the Fisher-Price toy was shared by Judaism. He turned it turned into an Xbox controller very effectively. He gave a brief about how he changed the controller while the toy’s original sounds were left as they were earlier. The controller doesn’t have the right analog stick. This is one of the biggest challenges. In most third-person games, the right analog stick allows camera control. Even in first-person shooters, it controls the sight and aim of the player. Then, to get out of this, Rudeism utilized the mode switch on the controller to change the mode from music to numbers.

Rude turns the Fisher-Price Game Controller to play Elden Ring 

Changes with the joystick 

The left joystick becomes a right joystick on switching the mode over. For some different actions to occur, it also changes some of the face buttons. The joystick even pushes in as it would on a normal Xbox controller. On the top, there are two bumpers. One is with a wheel and the other acts as a light switch of sorts. They also account for LB/LT and RB/RT. Though, an off-hand joke inspired Rudeism to build up this project. Wario64 tweeted the joke on April 15. He shared a link to a discounted Fisher-Price controller and said it was, “perfect for Elden Ring.”

Rudeism said that it was a super tight fit while he was Speaking with IGN. He had to get a Stanley knife to cut down the USB port so that he could fit it in there. However, it was one of the cleanest build-ups of Rudeism. It was also one of his easier builds as he took the help of the existing circuit board. The toughest part was fitting everything in the controller. They had to fit a whole new thumbstick & 3D print a mount for it, as well as add new electronics for the shoulder buttons. Judaism is not a stranger to unique controller creations. Recently, he beat Dark Souls 3 with Morse code. Also, he once played Overwatch using a bunch of bananas.

A new experience with Elden Ring 

It’s been over two months since Elden Ring launched. Many of the fans have been trying their luck with weird controllers. This time it was Rudeism using a Fisher-Price toy controller, changing it into a working Xbox controller. Revealing his latest work on Twitter, Rudeism, who calls himself a “builder of bizarre controllers,” has now modded the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller. Inspired by a Wario64 joke, he released a short video, confirming it “still has all the sounds it came within the box but it also can play games,” demonstrating this with Elden Ring.

This attempt is not a thing to be surprised although it’s an unusual sight. Dudeism is trying unusual controllers. We have seen many interesting approaches from Elden Ring’s fan scene, including ZeroLenny’s recent attempt with DK Bongos. SuperLouis64 used Ring Fit Adventure’s ring a week after launch. This was followed up quickly using a banana controller to beat Godrick with it.


1. What are the fans trying to do?

One fan’s been working on an Elden Ring demake for Game Boy, another beat the whole game without taking damage last month, while speedrun scores continue to climb.

2. What did Rudeism do?

Rudeism using a Fisher-Price toy controller, modding it into a working Xbox controller. Revealing his latest work on Twitter, Rudeism, who calls himself a “builder of bizarre controllers,” has now modded the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Game & Learn Controller.

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Pete Davidson Debuts New Tattoo Dedicated to Kim Kardashian’s Kids!

Pete Davidson appears to have added another tattoo to his Kim Kardashian collection, but this one may be devoted to both his girlfriend and her children.


Following the taping of his new Netflix stand-up special, the comedian was caught leaving the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles with Kim, when fans noticed a fresh tattoo that read “KNSCP” just over the neckline of his white T-shirt. The K appears to stand for Kim, while the other letters are the first letters of each child’s name: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. It’s right above his “Aladdin” tattoo, which he got in honor of his and Kim’s first kiss on Saturday Night Live.

Pete is “slowly getting to know” Kim’s kids, according to a source last month. “Pete is gradually getting to know Kim’s children as well,” a source told People. “However, they are not hurrying it.” Meanwhile, Davidson has already “connected” with the entire family, according to a second source at Us Weekly (children, included). They remarked, “Kim loves how terrific Pete is with the kids.” “He makes kids giggle because he’s a huge child himself.”


The new tattoo is one of a slew of tributes to Kardashian. Kim revealed numerous more tattoos in her honor during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in March. “The Kim one, on the other hand, isn’t a tattoo. When DeGeneres presented a photo of Davidson’s “Kim,” she added, “It’s a branding.” “He has a tattoo on his chest. “He desired to do something unique. ‘Oh, so cute,’ I thought when he received his first tattoo. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Second [the tattoo], I’m thinking, ‘Oh, that’s so cute,’ but isn’t that what tattoo artists do? They obtain tattoos that depict what is happening in their lives.”

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What’s her favorite?

“It says, ‘My girl is a lawyer,’ and that one is extremely cute,” Kim explained, pointing to the tattoo on his shoulder.

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On Thursday night in Washington, Sir Paul McCartney duetted with the late John Lennon as he kicked off his ‘Got Back’ North American tour (28.04.22).

The Beatles legend, who turns 80 in June, went all out for his first arena tour since his ‘FRESHEN UP’ tour in 2019.

At the Spokane Arena, fans of the Liverpool star were treated to an epic 36-song concert, complete with surprises.

Macca was able to sing with his beloved bandmate – who was assassinated, aged 40, in December 1980 – during a rendition of the Beatles classic ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ from 1970’s ‘Let it Be,’ which he left for the six-song encore – with footage from Peter Jackson’s ‘Get Back’ docu-series beamed on a big screen behind him.

Peter Jackson said: ‘I can pull John’s voice out if you’d like me to,'” he informed the audience.

Macca isn’t the only artist to get the opportunity to sing with a late celebrity thanks to technological advancements; Adam Lambert did the same with Queen’s late Freddie Mercury during his shows.

McCartney offered a moving tribute to the late George Harrison with a dramatic rendition of ‘Something,’ one of two songs the late guitarist wrote for ‘Abbey Road,’ along with the famous ‘Here Comes The Sun,’ which he played on a ukulele given to him by a bandmate.


Macca also performed ‘Getting Better’ from 1967 and ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ from 1969 for the first time in nearly two decades, having previously done so in 2003.

The song ‘She Came in Through The Bathroom Window,’ from ‘Abbey Road,’ had not been performed by the music legend since 2008, but it was included in the three-hour concert.

On the solo front, Macca performed ‘Women And Wives,’ a track from ‘McCartney III,’ almost two years after the long-awaited third installment in the trilogy was published in December 2020.

Macca finished the night by waving the Ukrainian flag in support of the European country, which is being invaded by Russia.

The ‘Got Back’ tour resumes on May 2 in Seattle, Washington, ahead of his Glastonbury headline act in June.

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The following is a list of Paul McCartney’s Washington setlist:

‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ (The Beatles song)

‘Junior’s Farm’ (Wings song)

‘Letting Go’ (Wings song)

‘Got To Get You Into My Life (The Beatles song)

‘Come On To Me’

‘Let Me Roll It’ (Wings Song, followed By ‘Foxy Lady’ jam)

‘Getting Better’ (The Beatles song, first time live since 2003)

‘Women And Wives’ (live debut)

‘My Valentine’

‘Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five’ (Wings song)

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’

‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’ (The Beatles song)

‘Despite All The Danger’ (The Quarrymen song)

‘Love Me Do’ (The Beatles song)

‘Dance Tonight’

‘Blackbird’ (The Beatles song)

‘Here Today

‘Queenie Eye’

‘Lady Madonna’ (The Beatles song)

‘Fuh You’

‘Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!’ (The Beatles song)

‘Something’ (The Beatles song)

‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ (The Beatles song)

‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ (The Beatle’s song, first time since 2003)

‘She Came In Through The Bathroom Window’ (The Beatles song, first time since 2008)

‘Get Back (The Beatles song)

‘Band On The Run (Wings song)

‘Let It Be (The Beatles song)

‘Live And Let Die (Wings song)

‘Hey Jude’ (The Beatles song)


‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ (The Beatles song)

‘Birthday’ (The Beatles song)

‘Helter Skelter’ (The Beatles song)

‘Golden Slumbers’ (The Beatles song)

‘Carry That Weight (The Beatles song)

‘The End (The Beatles song)

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1. Which are the Nintendo games we can save on?

Today, you can save on some of the best Nintendo Switch games, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Party Superstars.

2. Is there any sale related to the storage of PCs?

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Mac Studio review – even the base model is great [Video]

I’ve now had enough time with the machine to express my thoughts on Apple’s most powerful desktop product.

Both the high-end Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra system-on-a-chip and the entry-level M1 Max base model was available for testing. Is Mac Studio a good investment for those seeking a desktop solution? Is the M1 Ultra a worthwhile investment? Check out my how-to video guide, in which I discuss my discoveries and thoughts, and don’t forget to subscribe to YouTube for more Mac Studio videos.

Mac Studio is the epitome of overcorrection in terms of design. Its powerful chassis, which is about the same size as three Mac minis stacked on top of one another, is neither attractive nor graceful.

Design and form factor

Unlike previous attempts, Apple built this computer by first determining what consumers required in terms of performance and features, and then shaping the machine around those requirements. The Mac Studio isn’t a very attractive machine, but it is a significant change from Jony Inotion ve’s of what a desktop computer should look like, and it is, to be honest, a breath of fresh air.

That’s not to suggest Mac Studio isn’t full of clever features. The device, for example, is small enough to fit beneath Apple’s recently introduced 27-inch studio display. It also features a stunning intake and exhaust system. Mac Studio isn’t completely silent, but it’s quiet enough to be heard even when the computer is working hard.

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The Mac Studio is the only Apple computer having more than four USB-C ports, aside from the Mac Pro. All USB-C connections on the M1 Ultra edition of the laptop are Thunderbolt 4 ports, which is tremendously helpful for individuals like me who are already well-versed in the Thunderbolt ecosystem.


M1 Max-enabled M1 is less expensive. Because Mac Studios lacks the bandwidth required for six Thunderbolt ports, the two front connectors are replaced with USB 3.1 Gen 2 “10 Gbps” ports. It’s frustrating to me, but four Thunderbolt 4 connections and two USB 3.1 ports should be more than enough USB-C I/O for most people.

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I put the Mac Studio to the test, as well as the M1 Ultra, which has a 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, 128GB of combined RAM, and a 1TB SSD. I have a lot of thoughts on both machines, but one thing you’ll probably hear in the IT world is that the M1 Ultra is a poor value.


In some ways, this thesis sounds a lot like this. For example, Miles Somerville examined both video editing machines and discovered that while the M1 Ultra has marginally faster export and render times in Final Cut Pro, the changes in workflows are insignificant compared to the $2,000+ price differential.

The following people should think about buying Mac Studio:

Users of the Mac mini who require additional I/O devices, as well as users of the more powerful Mac Pro whose work includes Apple Silicon. Other Apple customers require a desktop solution that is constantly on.


Even the most basic Mac Studio is a fantastic machine in general and a significant improvement in usability over any M1 Mac Apple offers. It has far more I/O than any other Apple Silicon-based desktop, is quieter than any of the company’s laptops, and has relatively high specifications for a $1999 base model.

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Canadian Astronauts NO LONGER FREE TO ROB AND KILL with abandon in space or on the moon

A Criminal Code change that would officially extend Canadian criminal jurisdiction to the cosmos is buried deep inside the legislation implementing Canada’s government budget for 2022.

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“A Canadian crew member who commits an act or omission outside Canada during a space flight that would constitute an indictable offense if committed in Canada is deemed to have committed that act or omission in Canada,” according to Bill C-19, the 443-page document implementing the provisions of the federal budget for 2022.

Essentially, if a Canadian commits a criminal offense while in space, they will be welcomed with handcuffs when they return.

It also implies that Canadians can currently murder and rob as much as they like, as long as they do so while in orbit.


The technological lawlessness of space has long been recognized as an issue by legal specialists. In 2019, a US astronaut serving on the International Space Station was accused of committing history’s first-ever space crime, bringing the topic to the fore.

Summer Worden, McClain’s estranged spouse, accused her of illegally accessing Worden’s online bank data using an ISS computer, which Worden claimed was a form of identity theft. The charges were later proven to be incorrect, and Worden is now charged with lying to federal investigators in the United States.


Since 1985, the Canadian Space Agency has sent nine Canadians to space on missions. Julie Payette, Canada’s recently resigned governor-general, and Chris Hadfield, whose leadership of the International Space Station in 2013 elevated him to the status of astronaut fame.

The nine astronauts are all highly-trained government professionals who are subjected to a complex web of professional and international regulations designed to keep them in check.

Criminal authority over the International Space Station is governed by the 1998 treaty that established the station, to which Canada is a signatory.


Anyone aboard the station is subject to the criminal jurisdiction of their home nation, according to Article 22 of the treaty. Even yet, there is a murky grey area in the case of an astronaut committing a crime against an astronaut from another country. In that instance, the treaty simply recommends that the two astronauts’ governments talk about their “respective prosecutorial interests.”


However, as space becomes more filled with private space travelers, the legal foundation of space is evolving. Mark Pathy, a Canadian businessman, went aboard Axiom Mission 1 earlier this month, the first private crewed flight to the International Space Station in history.


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Pathy would have been charged by Canada if he had committed any crimes while on the International Space Station, according to the 1998 ISS Treaty. However, if the incident had occurred inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft that was ferrying Pathy to the station, the stage could have been set for a legal nightmare.

Canada has been involved in a similar legal situation before, albeit this time it included the legally unclear jurisdiction of an iceberg rather than space.


In 1970, a U.S. citizen working aboard a floating ice sheet shot and killed a fellow researcher after a dispute over a stolen bottle of homemade wine. Although both the accused and the victim were U.S. citizens residing in a U.S. institution at the time of the crime, the iceberg occurred to be in Canadian territory.

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Johnny Depp Accused of Frequent Movie Monster Abductions by Ex-Wife Amber Heard

Continued accusations of Depp by Heard’s lawyers 

On the fourth day on Monday, Johnny took the stand on being cross-examination by Amber Heard’s attorneys. The actor has spent most of the time describing the couple’s volatile relationship. He denied the claims of physical abuse by his ex-wife. Most of the questions focused on Depp’s drinking, drug use, and charged interactions with Heard during their relationship. Heard’s attorney tried to obstruct his claim of defaming him and calling him an abuser. They played some clips in the court in which he allegedly referred to Amber.

Heard vs Depp case: The case continues with large allegations against Depp 

“The next move, if I don’t walk away … it’s going to be a bloodbath like it was on the island,” Depp says on the recording. In another, he is cursing at Heard, saying “You stupid f–.” He is shown cursing at Heard in those clips. As they played the clips, Depp seemed to shake in distress while Heard was on her move, fighting back tears. According to Depp, Heard often attacked him violently. She also abused him regarding drugs.


Diminishing Depp’s fame and losing his role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise

Depp claimed that his movie career diminished after she wrote a 2018 op-ed article in The Washington Post. Heard didn’t mention Depp’s name anywhere in the article. But according to Depp’s lawyers, it’s a clear reference to Heard’s allegations. Depp said that the accusations and that article led to ruining of his reputation. This cost him his role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise. In some of the texts and clips, Depp used abusive and vulgar language. He had to apologize for all that.

Chats about alcohol and drugs 

Rottenborn also showed the jury one of the texts of Depp to Bettany in 2014 where he stated about whiskey, pills, and cocaine. Depp stated that those texts were sent during a period he stopped drinking and consuming drugs. Previously, Depp had accepted that he took two pills of oxycodone which is an opiate. He admits that he was addicted to it at a time and locked himself in the bathroom of a plane and fell asleep to prevent pestering Amber. Depp refused to agree that he was drunk on the flight. He said that he boarded the plane, he drank only a glass of champagne.


1. What’s the current update on the case?

Johnny Depp testified for three days this week in the trial over his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp is suing Heard for libel, alleging that she falsely portrayed him as a domestic abuser and harmed his lucrative acting career. The claim centers around a 2018 op-ed Heard wrote in the Washington Post in which she made references to suffering abuse, but did not name Depp.

2. What did he say in his defense?

On the stand, Depp said he never hit Heard and that he has never struck a woman. He accused Heard of abuse and also spoke extensively about his issues with drugs and alcohol. Here is a look at some of the most shocking moments from the trial so far. Depp’s testimony is set to continue Monday.

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RUMOURS of the resignation of Amber’s lawyer are in air: True or False.

Attorney Elaine resigns in Amber vs Johnny case

This is about the case of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. That’s the lawsuit in which Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million. He accused her of defamation due to an article in the Aquaman star in the Washington Post. In that article, she mentioned her being a victim of domestic violence during their marital relationship. The case took many twists and turns. The latest one among them is the rumor that Heard’s lead attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, had resigned. The reason is that the actress was caught in a lie. She allegedly argued that she used makeup to hide the wounds given by Depp.

Rumors of the resignation of Amber’s lawyer are in the air: True or False

Elaine Bredehoft is not resigning 

The rumor of the resignation of Heard’s lead attorney, Elaine Bredehoft is false. He hasn’t resigned. But, they are going ahead to win the case. Heard is the planning the aptest strategies to win and at the same time, avoid the deformation due to Depp’s claims. In the last week’s hearing, Heard said that she had used a cosmetic product of the brand Milani Cosmetics to carry on with her regular activities and not show the wounds and injuries that Depp caused to her.

jhonny depp

How did the attorney get to know about Heard’s lie?

But how did the lawyer know that Heard was making false statements? The kit of products known as “All In One” from the Milani brand that Heard is talking about was not released in the market until the year 2017 after which they separated. The injuries that Heard is mentioning in her statement should have occurred between the years 2012 to 2016. The cosmetics brand exposed this information through a video on its TikTok account. Benjamin Rottenborn, Heard’s lawyer said that she used to keep that makeup product in her purse every time. This helped her to hide her bruises from the public and the media. It might be the case that early samples were available before all these. Though this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Everyone is excited to know the ruling g of the judge in this case and many of the things revealed in this case are shocking. Though, we can’t decide anything now when everything is not clear. Along with the ongoing case, there is also a video by Viral Vision on YouTube with a headline that says: “Amber Heard Lawyer QUITS After Heated Argument About Court Performance.” Many people would get influenced by this at first and feel the video to be authentic. However, the video doesn’t provide any proof of this fact. It is just about what has happened till now In the case. Rather than that, it’s merely clickbait.


1. What’s the case all about?

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, 58, is facing off Heard, 36, in a defamation lawsuit and suing for damages of $50million. He is claiming her accusations of abuse against him are false. Heard is countersuing Depp for $100million, claiming Depp libeled her by calling her a liar. Depp is suing for libel over an article Heard wrote in The Washington Post in 2018, which his lawyers say falsely implies he physically and sexually abused her. The article does not mention Depp by name.

2. When will the trial start again?

The trial will be happening from Monday through Thursday, with Fridays off. The entire trial is set to last for five weeks but there will be a pause from May 9-12 as Judge Azcarate has another event to attend.

3. How long have Amber and Johnny been together?

Johnny and Amber met each other in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2012 that they started their relationship. After being together for two years, the pair got engaged in 2014 and got married a year later. However, their relationship did not last for long as the pair got divorced a year later.

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