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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all set to move out?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate of the royal British family are all set to move into their new house! According to a royal source, the family, Prince William, Kate, Charlotte, Louis and George are all set to move into the Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Castle, Berkshire. It is said that this move will bring the family closer to Queen Elizabeth ll and Kate’s family, who also live quite nearby. The royal source also claims that the current residence of the family in Kensington will be kept, and termed as the family’s principal house. This move is said to be done to allow the royal children a chance at a Norma childhood and livelihood, away from the bustle of royal politics and fame. This is to give a chance to the children of Prince William and Kate, for a normal childhood!

There are currently no plans for the family to hire any live-in help, however, if the need does arise for them, arranging help will be no problem for the royal family! According to the statement that was released by the family, the children will be attending Lambrook School, which is deemed to be prestigious. In the statement, the headmaster of the school also commented saying that they are very excited to invite and welcome Prince George, Louis, and Princess Charlotte to their institution and that they are also very much looking forward to meeting the family. The former school that the children attended also commented on the statement saying that they were very grateful to have had the opportunity to teach the royal children, and they helped to maintain the integrity and respect of the school. They also mention that they wish the utmost best to the children for their future and wished them much for their first day. A royal source even added that this move will allow William and Kate to be more active and involved in the lives of their children, school-wise. This move will also give the family a greater sense of privacy that was not available due to the high-security present constantly due to the Queen. Although this residence is considerably smaller than all the others that they have moved in, it still provides a sense of homely feel and a feeling of warmth to the family.

We wish Prince William and Kate an easy move in and that what they wish to happen, takes place for them and their children.

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Tom Grennan secretly engaged to girlfriend?

Thomas Grennan:

The English singer, and songwriter was born on 8th June 1995 and is from Bedford, but based in London. He has received two Brit Award nominations including British song of the year and best rock/alternative act! In August 2022, Grennan was featured on KSI’s ‘Not Over Yet, this collaboration debuted at Number 4 on the UK official charts, resulting in his highest-charted hit in his career till now! Grennan has a long term relationship with Danniella Carraturo.

However, it has been recently revealed by a source that Grennan has managed to keep his engagement to Carraturo under the wraps for seven months since he initially popped the question to her! Grennan has opted to not wear his engagement ring out in public, but Danniella is seen sporting a huge rock on her left hand, whenever she is around Tom. Fans have managed to scout the timing and date of the initial proposal, spanning to 7 months ago! A source revealed that Tom had proposed to his girlfriend at the end of February and could not have been happier, even though they had been together for a couple of years, Tom knew that she was the one, and hence popped the question to her, and she said yes! Fans have even deduced the engagement ring, saying that it’s a huge diamond with a silver band, however, Tom has opted out of wearing a ring to keep his engagement to her as private as possible but he did recently get a tattoo in tribute to his engagement and for his fiancée. A source says that the couple is not planning a flashy wedding, but a small intimate one for the n and their families. Although the couple is friends and related to many glamorous people, they do wishes to cater to that aesthetic for their wedding. The couple unexpectedly met in the lift of a bar in early 2020, but due to the pandemic their relationship was put on hold, however, they found their way back to each other and rekindled their romance like it was never stopped before. Their fans have been very glad about the confirmation of this news as they all had been speculating it for a long time, the fans took to the couple’ Instagram and social media platforms to congratulate and wish them luck for this new chapter upcoming chapter in their lives. Friends of the couple, have also congratulated them in their comment section and have wished them luck!

We wish the best of luck to the engaged couple and hearty congratulations on their engagement!

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Ioan Gruffudd and ex wife Alice Evans cannot reach an agreement!

Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans, the pair that split up in January 2021, have been unable to reach an agreement for the custody of their children, Ella and Elsie. The actor and his ex-wife have been locked in a custody battle since they split in January 2021. Ioan was granted a restraining order against Evans had filed for joint custody of his children in July, and even asked for visitation rights for his two children. However in leaked papers of the documents online, it was observed that a meeting was scheduled for 31st August, where an agreement would be reached for both the ex-partners regarding the joint custody of their two children, with the assistance of a mediator, which unfortunately did not happen, and both of them were unable to reach a point where both were satisfied with the results. The document added that another meeting was scheduled on October 11th, 2022 in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, where both had to reach another point of agreement regarding g the care and custody of their daughters. The documents also included mentions of Ioan claiming that Alice had tried to cut off all contact between him and his daughters and so he has asked for ‘reunification sessions’ online on Zoom, and in-person therapy. Alice Evans is allegedly guilty of online attacking Bianca Wallace, Joan’s ex-girlfriend, due to which he was compiled to file a restraining order against his ex-wife, Ioan also added to this argument that he was verbally abused throughout his 14-year-old marriage and that Evans would make fun of his hair loss and eye bags. A source said that Ioan had no choice with the restraining order, as Evans was hell-bent on ruining his career and character assassinating him, and he wishes this will all be to an end too soon.

It is extremely sad and disheartening to see the play of these events which normally would be pretty private, but such personal events of the family being shared publicly are very sad to see. Fans have reached out to Ioan to offer their support to him through this process, and so have his friends and family. His social media is flooded with supportive comments from his friends and fans and family alike!
We hope this whole situation is resolved as quickly as it can get, and the couple reaches a fair agreement where both are content.

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Anne Heche was trapped in her vehicle for 45 minutes prior to death?

Anne Heche, the American actress passed away on August 12th, 2022, her death was caused due to smoke inhalation and thermal injuries that she held, which led to her death. The Coroner also listed blunt force trauma to her head as a contributing factor but that was later ruled accidental, after a very in-depth autopsy. Anne Heche was involved in two car crashes on August 5th, 2022, where she managed to cause a lot of property damage in both of these crashes. The use of substances by Heche was also included in this listing as drugs were found in his system, and alcohol too. Heche had 3 children with fellow ex-partner Coleman Laffoon, she even previously dated the American Tv personality, Ellen DeGeneres. Later in an interview, Heche claimed that Ellen was the only woman she exclusively dated, and after that Heche dated and married men only.

Recently the Los Angeles Police Department obtained a few audio recordings that date back to the car crash of Heche, where she was trapped in her burning vehicle for 45 minutes after she had crashed into a property on August 5th. Through the recordings, the time and date stamps were also obtained and confirmed, revealing that it took the firefighters 20 minutes to find Heche and her automobile, and another additional 20 minutes to extract her from her blazing car so she could get medical attention. The chief LAPD told various news outlets, that due to smoke and heavy fire conditions you could see quite clearly into the car, and in such a way that they saw Heche on the passenger seat floorboard rather than the driver’s seat. Later one firefighter even added that they had found a person stuck inside the vehicle and after being given medical attention it was confirmed that the person was one of the residents of the property that Heche crashed into, and not Heche herself. Heche was then extracted from her vehicle with a heavy machine used for towing vehicles before being transported to the ambulance and later taken to the hospital. After an in-depth autopsy, drugs were found in the system of the actress, and the coroner confirmed her death was due to smoke inhalation and heavy fire conditions.
We are glad that Heche’s family has received some kind of closure with the revelation of this audio recording and this piece of information can help them grieve for the late actress.
We offer our condolences to Heche’s family and friends.

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Chris Rock’ comment on the infamous slap incident!

Every Oscar event has had one or the other type of controversy, this year, 2022, witnessed Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage! This incident immediately went viral all over the internet and made the Hollywood industry also either take sides or sit on the fence about this incident. Chris Rock, who was present on stage, joked about Jada Smith, Will Smith’s wife for having a shaved head by comparing her to Demi Moore’s hit action movie G.I Jane, which included her shaving her head for joining the army. To this joke, Will took offense to his wife, and went ahead and slapped Rock for the offensive joke to his wife. In her intimate talk show, ‘The Red Table’, Jada shared that she has decided to shave her head as she is suffering from alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disorder that causes the onset of hair fall rapidly. After this incident, Smith has been banned from the Academy Awards for 10 years! In a YouTube interview, his most asked question was why did he not apologize to Rock after slapping him, to which Will said that he was ‘fogged out and it was ‘extremely fuzzy’ for him. A few days later he posted an Instagram video where he publicly apologized to Chris Rock, his mother Rose Rock, and other fellow people for his actions and to all whom he hurt with them. It even came to light that Will had contacted Chris to discuss the incident however, Chris is not ready to meet with him yet. But in an interview that took place recently with Rock, he said that Will slapped him over the nicest joke he has ever cracked! Although the comedian has addressed this incident over his comedy shows, and bypassing but not officially through interview statements.

Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock recently had a comedy show in Liverpool, where this incident was addressed. Rock said that he was shocked when Smith came up and slapped him because ‘how could the joke hurt?’, it was the ‘nicest joke’ he had ever cracked yet! Even Chappelle added his comments and opinions through a comedic essence. Although there has been no official statement from either of the stars regarding this incident we can only hope that they resolve their differences as easily and fast as they can! The fans of Will smith have even flocked back to him after his apology video saying that it is time Rock addressed the incident and clear the whole situation and that he owes it to his fans instead of giving hints of what he felt about the whole ordeal through his humor.

What are your thoughts about this incident?

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Mariah Carey clarified her comment on Megan Markle!

Mariah Carey:

Born on March 27th 1969, she is an American singer, songwriter, actress, producer. She is also known as the ‘Queen of Christmas’ and is known for her whistling range, her singing style and her songwriting! She was the first artist to have had all her first five singles hit the Billboard Hot 100, like ‘Emotions’ and ‘Visions to love’. She was married to Tommy Mottola in 1993, but called it quits with him in 1998. Later she married Nick Cannon, in 2008, and divorced him in 2014. Cannon and Carey share fraternal twins, which are 2 children in the group of children that Nick Cannon has with various women. In 2018, Carey opened up about her therapy sessions and medications for her bipolar disorder, she was diagnosed in 2001 and she kept this diagnosis private.

Recently, Carey visited Megan Markle’s podcast where she called Markle a ‘diva’ and mentioned how the Suits star has provided the media and paparazzi with many ‘diva moments’. Upon hearing this comment Markle had expressed her shock and surprise on this comment! Megan Markle, who is married to Prince Harry are known to be one of the most ‘down-to-earth’ celebrity couples in the entire industry, hence it was quite a shock when Carey, who is known to have several feuds with other artists, commented on Markle for being a ‘diva’. Now Carey, is clearing up this entire misunderstanding with a tweet, she sagged that she had an extremely fun time with Markle at her podcast and she told various sources that she meant the comment to not be misunderstood but she meant it in the most empowering way she could. And then she addressed the comment further by saying that she said ‘diva’ in the most ‘fabulous, gorgeous and empowering way’ possible. The confusion initially started when Megan thought Carey called her a ‘diva’ as a dig at her or calling her out for the way she dresses, her postures and gestures. But later after learning that Markle felt this way, Carey cleared up the situation by saying that she did not mean it as anything offensive but that she meant it in a very happy and positive way. Mariah was very careful and quick to let her intentions be known before any further misunderstandings take place for no reason with the Duchess of Sussex.

We hope both the divas have managed to clear up the air and the elephant in the room, so both the stars can collaborate in the future for other projects, as both of their fans were very happy and enjoyed the entire podcast!

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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SSS: Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 81-Release Date, Summary, and Many more! 



The entire internet is snooping around from one site to another looking for solutions. So where is Chapter 81 of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter? Why hasn’t the chapter been published yet? When does season 3 start? There’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. The creators made sure that an additional outing was given to clarify things after the release of the 80th chapter. The third season has so been approved by the producers. Without further ado, here is all you need to know about it.

The subsequent plot will start with Gong-training JA’s arc with the librarian. But at this point, it’s unclear what this new boy wants or leans toward. We won’t be able to understand what he wants Gong-ja for till the narrative develops!


The designers saw that there was uncertainty around the internet after the 80th chapter. The 80.5th outing was thus made public to answer all of the queries. The chapter made it clear that the sequel’s final installment, chapter 80, will be published. The SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 81 will mark the beginning of the story’s arc after this. What the author has in store for Season 3 will be intriguing to watch. The librarian will, of course, serve as the story’s primary turning point.


Fans last saw Gong-ja and the new boy who promises to teach him more about his skills in SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 80. Since a small child was attempting to put Gong-ja to sleep when he entered the library in the previous outing, it was evident that this was the case. Additionally, he informed him about certain odors that could influence people in different ways. Then, if he didn’t want to be put to sleep, he told Gong-ja to do his hair.

The boxer initially reacted angrily to the suggestion. But because of his thorough analysis, he was unable to leave the library on his own. So, he followed instructions. He wondered where the other hunters were as he was doing this. The boy responded by claiming that he had put everyone to sleep. The boy invited Gongja to understand the techniques and insider secrets of discoveries as the chapter came to a close.


The final release of the second season is anticipated to take some time. However, viewers can catch up on any further news during the first or second week of September. There is no information regarding the precise release date as of this writing. As soon as there is another update on this, we will make sure to update this section.

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Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun Chapter 265-Expected release date, Plot and Everything Else here



The well-known Japanese manga series Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun was written by Osamu Nishi. And we are aware that fans are anxiously awaiting the publication of chapter 265. We have compiled all the information for chapter 265 in this post for all the fans who are eager to read the most recent chapter of Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun.


The future chapter of Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun will be published on August 28, 2022, at noon. We are aware that readers are eager to read chapter 265 of this manga.


Amduscias Poro will enter to start the following chapter. It is established that he arrived to defend Atori. Future missions will be more challenging for the Six Fingers to complete if another member is captured.

Amduscian reinforcements came as a result. What will Sullivan do next? If he opted not to fight or if he allowed Amduscias to release Atori, he would look foolish in the eyes of everyone.

Atori, however, freely acknowledges that Delkira did not bring up Sullivan with the Demon King because of his cursed nature. And we witnessed what occurred when Sullivan confided his suffering to a bloody Delkira. What does the Demon King’s statement signify, and why would he make such a statement?


Since he knew that a demon could not alter the Underworld and that only a ruling authority could bring peace to this world, he may have trusted Sullivan to raise the next monarch. The show may reveal the secret information soon.

Delkira’s orders to destroy things infuriated Sullivan, who decided to eliminate Atori. The famous demons’ battle is something that many fans anticipate seeing for the first time.

However, we think Amduscias won’t fight him since he won’t jeopardize his love for Delkira (i.e., school). Atori and Amduscias may also make an effort to escape the Babyliss when border control draws near, it seems to reason. Additionally, the current battle will affect students and schools needlessly.


Iruma Suzuki, 14, has had a challenging existence as a result of being made to work while still a teenager to support his negligent parents. One day, he learns that his parents had sold him to the demon Sullivan. Iruma’s worries about the future, meanwhile, are swiftly allayed because Sullivan just wants a grandchild, spoils him, and makes him go to the demon school Babyls.

Iruma first makes an effort to maintain a low profile out of fear that his peers will learn he is human. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize how challenging this would be. Everyone is confident that the school’s chairman, Sullivan, will succeed in his role as the current Demon King.

Iruma is immediately placed in an absurd situation when he is forced to recite a forbidden spell in front of the entire school. Iruma gains an unfavorable reputation right away as a result of this. He will nevertheless inevitably get into progressively strange circumstances.


Any manga series you read will directly benefit the author. We strongly advise you to read the manga series exclusively from official websites so that they can receive full credit for their labor of love. This Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun manga series is accessible on manganelo if you want to read it. The Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun manga series is also available offline and on Amazon.com.

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Darwin Game Season 2-Recap, release date, time, and many more information



What if I told you that real-world events mirror those in video games? Of course, that isn’t the case, but we do offer something comparable for you. Let me introduce you to Darwin Game, an anime that is based on a video game. This game is unlike anything you’ve ever played before, and it might even kill you. The first season of this science-fiction anime debuted in January 2020.


There is yet no formal confirmation about Darwin Game season 2.


The primary goal of the Darwin Game, which is based on reality, is to murder other players. Darwin Game, a manga series, served as the inspiration for this anime. Kaname Sudou, a 17-year-old boy in the novel, attempts to play a game that he recently discovered online. A special superpower known as “Sigil” is bestowed upon the player upon entry into this game and will aid them in completing it. The quickest way to win is to kill each other, and each player’s purpose is to eliminate the other players in whatever way they can. Because what happens in the game also occurs in real life, our main character Kaname wants to change things. He wants to stop killing and murdering other players. To put an end to this bloodshed, he is looking for the game master.


The Darwin Game is brutal and must be played at the risk of one’s life, according to Kaname’s buddy Kyoda. He added that after entering the game, he wouldn’t be able to get the assistance of any kind. Where the game was prohibited, the Kaname and Sunset Ravens clans designated their territory. Anyone who tries to violate the law shall be executed.


Even though the Darwin Game’s second season hasn’t been formally announced. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to assume the spoiler at this time.


The Darwin Game’s first season premiered in the spring of 2020, but there is no word on whether season 2 will be renewed. Since the Nexus studio made no formal announcement, we are unable to anticipate when season 2 will be released.


Some well-known and skilled voice performers appear in this episode, including

Yûsuke Kobayashi provides the voice of Kaname.

Alexis Tipton provides the voice of Shuka.

Reina Ueda is the voice of Shuka.

The part of Rein is played by Tia Lynn Ballard.

acting as Rein is Nichika Ohmori

Taku Yashiro provides the Ryuuji voice.

Stephen Fu provides Kaname’s voice.

Clifford Chapin provides the voice of Hamada.

Yumiri Hanamori is Sui’s voice actor.


If you haven’t watched the series before and are unsure of its quality, I can assure you that it is pretty good. The anime receives a good rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb, and the show’s average audience rating on MyAnimeList is 7.26. I would highly recommend this show.


This series is a fantastic blend of mystery and action, so you won’t get tired of watching it. Season 2 will be exciting, and I hope you won’t miss this wonderful anime series. If you’re looking for an action-oriented anime, you might find this entire series interesting.

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One Piece Episode 1032-Release Date, Spoilers, Plot and everything you need to know



In the west, One Piece is one of the most well-known anime series ever. The official release of One Piece Episode 1032 is eagerly anticipated by One Piece fans.

Toei Animation’s portrayal of One Piece had a wonderful year. The anime has more than 1031 episodes, making it one of the most popular Japanese anime series of all time, just like the manga. The events of the Wano Arc were summarised in the most recent One Piece episode. The story will move in episode 1031, which is what everyone is looking forward to. However, the following episode of the anime won’t be available for a few more days.


On September 4, 2022, One Piece Episode 1032, “Nami’s Scream – The Desperate Death Race!” will air. The program will make its global debut on Fuji TV in Japan. On this date, several countries around the world, including the United States, Brazil, France, England, and India, will make the most recent One Piece episode available.
Pacific Daylight Time: 6 PM

Time Zone: Eastern 9 PM PDT

Indian Standard Time: 6:30 PM

British Standard Time: 2 AM

Time Zone Europe: 3 AM CEST

9 AM PHT in the Philippines

10 AM JST: Japanese Standard Time

Time in Australia: 10:30 AM ACST


Fans may be unhappy, but Chopper likely needs to find a way to get his feelings back to deal with Sanji’s transformation. Fans will be disappointed if they think Sanji’s change didn’t have any real significance, therefore how this is done is very important.

Aside from the potential for execution, there is a good chance that this will occur as Chopper already pulled out the seemingly unthinkable during the Onigashima raid. The chopper can undoubtedly restore Sanji’s emotions without one because he was able to reverse-engineer an Ice Oni vaccination or antidote in the allocated time.

Chopper and the rest of the crew would probably need to see Germa again to heal Sanji. If Vinsmoke Judge believes Sanji’s lack of feeling is appropriate, Judge won’t be eager to “fix” his son.

The WCI gave the impression that Judge had changed, thus he might now be willing to let Sanji live his life to the fullest.

One of the more absurd solutions to Sanji’s predicament would be for Nami and Robin to either talk him out of it or hit him in the face. Sanji’s personality is constant throughout One Piece as he swiftly changes his tone when speaking to them as contrasted to the Straw Hat men.

Although this response fits Sanji’s persona, it is probably the most hurtful to supporters. It would almost seem as if Sanji just missed his girlfriends and the shift didn’t mean anything.

For this to please Sanji’s supporters, Nami or Robin would probably have to be struck first.

Even though this stipulation is not entirely improbable, Oda has already shown in the previous chapter that the new Sanji is not averse to beating women. Sanji will be more emotionally affected by hitting Nami/Robin than by punching a random girl, yet it still seems excessive.


Additionally, several different businesses offer One Piece Episode 1031 in digital format. The fact that so many of the programs are either free or significantly discounted makes it quite easy to catch up on One Piece anime episodes. Crunchyroll and Animelab both have One Piece Episode 1030 available.

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Nile Rodgers urges artists to not be ‘Music Snobs!

Nile Gregory Rodgers:

Born September 19th, 1952, Nile is an American musician, record producer, and composer. He is the co-founder of Chic. Rodgers has recorded songs for albums that have sold 500 million albums! He is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and a three-time Grammy winner! He is known for his technique of ‘chucking’ the guitar, and a very famous magazine once wrote that it was difficult to fathom or understand the full scope of Nile’s career. In the early 1990s Nile had received several health shocks regarding his alcohol and substance abuse, after which he stopped immediately. He was even diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer in 2010, but by November 2017, he was declared 100% cancer free! He now resides with his life partner Nancy Hunt.


When asked, recently in an interview, what was would the biggest piece of advice Rodgers would advise to the industry, the 69-year-old composer replied by saying that he would advise everyone to not be a ‘Music Snob’. The singer has worked with legendary singers like Madonna, David Bowie, and many more, he said that an artist’s main goal is to have a chart hit, and not make a ‘Cool’ song. He also mentions that any song in the Top 40, is there because it speaks to the souls of the million people who streamed it, he even added that pop song that can make a million strangers feel something is magic! Adding to what Rodgers said many artists are now coming out with their statements saying that when we buy into the narrative that if one person does not do it the other will, then the music industry will never prosper, putting artists against each other will not contribute to the audience, the streamers, and the fans. This piece of advice from Rodgers must be taken with all seriousness, as he is one of those singers or humans who have seen the evolution of the music industry from its best to its worse, hence the piece of advice is coming from somewhere good in Nile’ heart where he too, wants to see the music industry prosper.
The infamous rivalry between Christina and Britney was taken as a prime example of the message that Nile’s wanted to send, in fact, Christina even confessed a few years ago that this rivalry between her and Britney did ‘hurt’ her!
The music industry is not why it once was, the main motive that many artists follow is how to increase their fame and money, the likes of Nile, Madonna or any other legendary singers was not one of these, it is now become quite sad to see the state of what it has come to.

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New song ‘Dangerous’ makes singer Madison Beer tear up?

Madison Beer:

Born on 5th March 1999, the American singer first started her career on YouTube, where she posted covers of various and several popular songs, to which Justin Bieber posted the link to one of her YouTube videos, and she rose to fame! She released her debut single ‘Melodies’ in 2013, and a few years later her first EP ‘As she pleases’. In 2016, when asked about her sexuality, Beer says that she does not label herself as a lesbian, but she was in love with a woman for many years and that she is bisexual, and that she came out 3 to 4 years ago, she later added that it was not anything new and that most of her close friends and family were aware of the fact! Beer has been very transparent with her fans, she has confessed to having struggled with various mental health issues, and the biggest contributor was social media. She has shared that she would engage in self-harm and was even diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.


Madison’s target audience and fans have always supported the music that she puts out, such as ‘Good at Goodbyes’, and ‘Reckless’ have even gained Tiktok popularity by being used in several videos! Recently Beer released a new song called ‘Dangerous’, the 23-year-old singer shared that she started crying during the Reading and Leeds rehearsal after she heard her song.

She shared that the song is ironically not about a breakup, but about having a long-term relationship with someone and feeling like the other has moved on and forgotten about you, she says that her new song made her so emotional she started to tear up and cry while rehearsing it for upcoming festival performances. She later added that she was anticipating tears for this song and that ‘it is what it is, she also says that she is happy that she has a channel where she can articulate and project these feelings in a healthy way for her and that it feels like a release. With the release of the single fans have been waiting and begging for another album, Beer has even promised them that the next album is all ready and on its way, she is hoping for a January release and that she is extremely proud of it! The fans after hearing what Beer had to say about her new single, cannot wait for her to perform it live and feel a direct connection between her words and her. Her fans are even aware of her struggles with her mental health and are also glad that her singing and songwriting are becoming a healthy way for her to channel her negative and positive thoughts.

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