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Exclusives “Kim and Kanye” family glamping photos! Will this vacation heal their relationship or they will end up? Read to know more!

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Kanye West and Kim tied up in a knot since 24 May 2014. They both started dating each other in 2012. For your knowledge let me tell you that Kanye is a “Rapper”. And they have four children together, recently they went on a trip or vacay with their children to solve their relationship problems and marriage issues and to find some time in peace to think about their lives and give their relationship a chance.

Break or Make Vacation Is Over Now!

The motive of this vacation is to choose between the stay or leave doubts in both of the minds to continue their married life. Vacay get’s over but there are no updates or any information about their mind change or relationship status. There is a big question in fams minds that what will they do now after returning from the vacay.

To heal the relationship they went to Cortorados Dunton River Camp. From there we found glamping photos of both with their children by the sources. Together they were looking so happy and like a happy family in the photos. Also, we found some vacay site photo’s for their fans with our sources.

Now, what will next? Are they want to continue or end?

Pictures showing that they were really happy and enjoyed their vacation with their kids. They rented 500 acres of cattle whose cost is $43k per night. And get’s all the access to the cabins, campfires and many more natural adventures. This trip was about 2 weeks long in the Caribbean, stayed at tropical island forests.

The aim was clear to give time to their marriage and sort out things and issues between them. Although this is not confirmed by any of the sources till now that either they will continue or end! But we can say by looking at the photos that this vacation filled their distances and gave them a chance to continue.

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