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Billionaire Michael Kim Closed his $6.5 billion fund Amid “The Pandemics”! He is now ready to pounce on deals.

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Michael Byungju Kim, the founder of MBK partners launched his new funds the previous year in the month of November. When nobody can imagine this pandemics situation by covid19. All the people in the world when under lockdown, still in the crisis he closed largest and 5th fund of MBK’S in 2020. There is an increase of 6.5 billion in such a short time in this global emergency situation. Michael Kim is a person everyone is talking about or aiming to know better.

“Godfather of Asian Private Equity”

He is known as the Godfather of Asian Private Equity because of his success. He is the co-founder and founder of the MBK partners. As we know for all of us this pandemics causes only crisis but for Kim, it becomes ironically helping source to reach the goal. And some like help him to become a billionaire.

This creates new opportunities for such businesses and people. Now the company becomes the largest Asia based equity firm. Within the six months from November, in the month of May, he closed his funds which were the 5th largest fund of this company. Success not only gives new gains but also access to the profits.

What did he say in his video interview?

He said that he searched for strong confident companies, solid markets, products, and brands. After the utilization of these strategies he becomes the 50th richest person in Korea. Their firm is now able to become the 5th largest exist in Asia with gaining $6.5 billion in proceeds.

He has also written a book for which he told it took about 25 years of time to be completed where he mentioned his life story, struggle, and the turning point of his life which leads him to become the co-founder and CEO of MBK partner’s company.

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