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Eric Trump Dragged for Tone-Deaf Tweet About US Economy, ‘Roaring Back to Life’, Everything You Need to Know!!. Click here to know more

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The death toll due to the coronavirus pandemic is rising daily and it’s moving closer to 200,000 dead. But Donald Trump and his family are still forgetting to filter their public remarks.


What did the Trump family do now?

Well, not directly related to COVID 19 Eric Trump has become the latest person to trip on his words on Twitter.

Further backing his father’s remarks, that were made on Thursday and Friday. Trump posted about the positive NASDAQ numbers earlier in the week.

This news brought nothing to the middle class and working-class families. It just made the Stock market is typically used as a crutch for the economy.

It was not actually the words that offended people, rather it was the way Trump brought this news to the others.

The death toll is continuing to rise exponentially across the nation. Most of the citizens in the United States lately have been blaming Trump and his planning to be the main reason for such widespread of the Corona Virus.

Unemployment has risen to staggering levels. The mental trauma that is prevailing among the citizens of the country is mainly due to the government’s negligence and delay and inaction.

Lately, it has been seen Trump is getting trolled and hated all over the web. This has been mainly due to his and his family’s tweets and comments they make.

What all is happening wrong with Trump’s government?

A government always requires to have a face who can even put up some bad news with such words and tonality that the citizens believe them and they don’t just jump upon them.

This is the thing that is lagging in the case of Trump’s government. Their leader is not able to put that filter to his tweets and to his public announcements. They have made him ruin his and his government’s image totally.

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