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McDonald: The food giant sues the former CEO “Steve Easterbrook” for violating company’s policies. Click here to know the details

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McDonald, one of the largest food giants in the world has come up with new allegations surrounding the former chief executive. Steve Easterbrook was the chief executive of McDonald since 2015 after succeeding the former Don Thompson. Although the company grew under his guidance but has seen many downfalls too. 

McDonald’s board of directors have voted to remove Steve from the position of CEO. And finally, in 2019 he was fired for conducting various malpractices and violating the company’s rules and regulations.  

Steve Easterbrook: His past allegations 

Steve Easterbrook is divorced with three children. He served the company as the CEO from 2015 till 2019. In his tenure he has violated the company’s policies by keeping personal relation with the employee. And for this reason, the board of directors even removed him in 2015. Chris Kempczinski is the current CEO of the company.  

Steve Easterbrook: McDonald sued him 

After almost one year, the company has got to know many more hidden facts and details related to the former CEO. At the time of his removal, everyone knew about his one relationship with the employee. But with the passing days, it has been revealed that Steve has kept multiple relationship with the company’s female employees.  

He was even keeping sexual relation with the three employees and used the official email account for exchanging the nude pictures of those employees. The list does not end here. Former CEO had even granted a wholesome share of almost hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of the three employees. This has resulted into huge loss for the company as well. During the time of his removal, McDonald has paid multi-million dollar pay-off of $40m, which they are now trying to recover considering the extent of mishaps.  

McDonald: Publics’ agitation  

Just after the removal of Steve back in 2019, McDonald has received enormous amount of negativity and protests from the public. They even accused the firm for not taking “sexual harassment” seriously. And even in April, many US workers filed lawsuits against McDonald, thus hampering the firm’s image. 

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