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“House Of Cards Season 7″ COMING SOON!! Click to know Plot, Cast, Release date and more!

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“House Of Cards “is an American web thriller political series. This Netflix series receives overwhelming reviews fro the fans. The series was under the production of ‘Beau Willimon’. The series is an adaption of BBC miniseries of the same name of 1990 . also it is an adaption of the novel of the same name by “Michael Dobbs”. The series first season released on 1 February 2013 and aired its last season, i.e. the sixth season on 2 November November 2018. The story revolves around an aspirational politician ‘Frank Underwood ‘and his wife ‘Clair Underwood’. Both of them plans to grasp more and more powers.

“House Of Cards “season 7 – release date –

Even after two years of the airing of last season of “House Of Cards “, fans are still hoping for the season 7. the story because of its hype, and the story is very famous among the Netflix binge lovers. They want more and more of it. The series first season aired on 1 February 2013 . and till now has given six seasons with a total of 73 episodes. Back then, show makers have already said that the season 6 would be the last season of the series.

Though there are many theories about, why season 7 is not coming – some are saying that  Anthony Rapp is one of the actors from the show, made a public accusation. He said that the lead actor of the series, Spacey, made a sexual move on him. Anthony Rapp allegedly was 14 then. In addition to this, Netflix confirmed that season 6 would be the final season in the series. Rumours and Fan’s theories suggest that the series was cancelled because of the allegations. These theories have neither been confirmed nor denied.


House Of Cards “season 7  – starcast –

  • Kevin Spacey plays the character of Francis J. “Frank” Underwood and later on after season 5 he dies.
  • Robin Wright plays the character Claire Underwood
  • Kate Mara plays the role of Zoe Barnes
  • Michael Kelly plays the role of Douglas “Doug” Stamper
  • Constance Zimmer plays the role of Janine Skorsky
  • Kristen Connolly plays the role of Christina Gallagher
  • Michel Gill plays the role of Garrett Walker
  • Sebastian Arcelus plays the role of Lucas Goodwin
  • Boris McGiver plays Tom Hammerschmidt.


House Of Cards Season 7″: Storyline

The story “House of cards” is a perfect example to tour in the world of politics. To understand how politicians work, you must watch this series. The story revolves around an aspirational politician ‘Frank Underwood ‘and his wife ‘Clair Underwood’. The story moves forward, as Frank is not appointed for the secretary of state. Then both of them plans and decides to receive more and more power. The story is all full of twists, plans, corruption and power.

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