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‘It has shaken me to my core’: Neighbors call police an unsettling presence during Portland protests..Click here to know what the community there is facing.

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Starting in May 2020, demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd have been held in the city of Portland, Oregon. They have been going on for more than 85 days now. Portland protests instead of going down and ineffective has turned out to last even longer and become even brutal. It is still continuing with that rage against police violence and systematic racism. All this havoc has certainly disturbed the members of the community. They are longing for peace.

Keep on reading to find out more. But, before that have a look at the video giving a glimpse of what is going on in Portland.

What all is being dealt with by the community members?

Videos of increasing violence amidst the police and the immigrants of Portland have unsettled everyone around the Globe. But, things are worst and totally unbearable for the local residents of the area. All these riots and police proceedings have completely shaken the neighbors residing in the protest areas. They are the people who are neither against nor with any of the sides. But still, they are suffering the most for no fault of theirs.

Roberts, one of the community members lives several blocks away from the Penumbra Kelly Building on East 47th Avenue and Burnside Street. This is the place of the focal point of protests.

On the 7th of August 2020, Roberts said that she and her husband heard an announcement from the police loudspeaker. Then they went out to their porch.

There something caught their attention and they saw that there were a total of 10 policemen dressed up fully in riot gear. They were waiting quietly on their street, hiding in the bushes.

Many other neighbors of the same locality of Penumbra Kelly Building on the East 47th Avenue and Burnside Street, also saw policemen hiding in the bushes in the night.

Things also caught notice and also affected the people of the neighborhood when the Lt. Greg Pashley made a comment. Lt. Greg Pashley is the spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau. He recently after all such incidents, said those police officers are allowed to station themselves on private property.


The main thought which the spokesperson wanted to convey was that it was completely legal for the officers to be in their streets and private property. According to him, it is correct that the police officers should be briefing the civilians and identify their names and business to cards to them.

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