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A guide to find the best Rimworld mods!!! Click to know which mod will make your gaming experience more enjoyable!

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Rimworld is a calamity sim. Here things can go wrong within seconds, leaving you helpless and confused. The thing which is under your charge is a small colony of newly landed pawns. This colony is on a hostile planet, and even things like a mere squirrel are enough to bring you down. It’s fantastic, but you can also improvise. If you have been looking for mods which will give you a bit more control amidst the chaos, then let me help you with this. Playing the Rim world with proper information will enhance your experience.

Best Rimworld Mods

  • Reunion (Essential)
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene (Essential)
  • Quarry Mod (Essential)
  • EdB Prepare Carefully (Essential)
  • Hospitality (Essential)
  • Common Sense Mod (Quality of Life)
  • Colony Manager (Essential)
  • Replace Stuff (Quality of Life)
  • Tech Advancing (Essential)
  • Colour Coded Moods (Quality of Life)
  • Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion (Essential)
  • Realistic Rooms (Quality of Life)
  • Dubs Break Mod (Quality of Life)
  • Research Pal (Quality of Life)
  • Open the Windows (Quality of Life)
  • Misc. Robots++ (Cool Stuff)
  • Save Our Ship 2 (Cool Stuff)
  • Fashion Rimsta (Cool Stuff)
  • Dinosauria (Cool Stuff)
  • Rimsenal Series (Cool Stuff)
  • Empire (Cool Stuff)
  • Twitch Toolkit (Big Stuff)
  • Multiplayer Rimworld Mod (Big Stuff)

Ways to mod Rimworld

Rimworld is a bit orthodox on dealing with mods, and upon detecting a nasty clash, it will merely unload all of them. So, the following tips will help you in dealing with this situation. Firstly, the significant change in 1.1 is, you need to download Harmony from the workshop, and before starting the core game, set it on load. As long as you have done it correctly, Harmony won’t cause any problem. As it’s just a C# library that a lot of mods use. Moreover, few of these mods require HugsLib, which is a community code library. Any mod which serves as your framework should be prioritized on your load order so that other dependent mods can read from it.

Likewise, any mod which is dependent or reads from any other mod is in the lower rank. But, fortunately, Rimworld 1.1 and Royalty expansion have auto-sort mods.

Essential Rimworld Mods


If you are a newbie, at least try one save without Prepare carefully. This feature will help you in having a better understanding of developer Tynan Sylvester’s intentions. After you understand his plans, you can get the mod. It allows you to change everything about colonists, starting from their appearances to their names, traits, equipment. Prepare carefully also provides you with an excellent menu to pick resources. A dozen max level heavily armed colonists with laser weapons can be cool at first but get boring later on.


Additionally, to  Prepare Carefully, Reunion helps you create pawns. The revelations of these pawns are through crashed drop pods, chased refugee, and other visitor joining events. It is perfect for including your extended friend group without the fear of wearing yourself down.


Colony Manager helps you to take out the micromanagement of manually designating woodcutting, hunting jobs. The essential part which you should do is choose how much wood and meat you want to have stored, and your colonists will try to keep it as close to that as possible. The manager also helps you in setting up auto- butchering feature, designating areas to keep predators aside. They even help in training and taming according to your specifications.


The visitors sometimes come up and roam around your map, or prefer to stay around for some time, and eventually move out towards home. Hospitality fixes it by giving the ability to build several guests rooms, a direction for the guests for places they can visit/can’t attend. It also helps in designating items for sale or opening a hotel for serving beer.


Modder GHXX has made a handy mod which enhances the tech. But, you have to fulfil any one of the given two conditions.

  • Condition A: If you researched all projects of tech level X and below, then the tech level rises to X+1
  • Condition B: If you researched more than 50% of the projects with the tech level Y, then the tech level rises to Y

Hope the above content is useful. For any more updates, stay tuned.


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