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Dallas and Robo on Stock Cars, Sidekicks & Dismembered Hands: Preview

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Mike Roberts had made Dallas and Robo in which he had featured John Cena and Kat Dennings that had debuted on May 30, 2018 on YouTube Premium. It was a web TV series of American grown-up movement satire.L

Dallas and Robo premise

It follows “cheeky space-trucker Dallas and self-declared warrior-writer Robo who must explore their way around man-eater bikers, rival space truckers, and candy machine burritos as they attempt to make a buck in the decrepit universe of interplanetary huge apparatus.”

About Dallas and Robo official decoder ring

We’re currently just hours away until John Cena and Kat Dennings’ Dallas and Robo gets the official decoder ring. It learns the official handshake as they join SYFY’s TZGZ late-night grown-up activity square. Beginning from Saturday, August 8, at 12 PM ish ET/PT.


To help set the mind-set, the fine folks at SYFY have offered another review. In this review we can learn that the duo is this close to being able to but their stock car back. Dallas and Robo have genuine contrasts of conclusions with regards to who’s the “companion”. Dallas has an unusual fixation on a dismantled hand.

ShadowMachine and YouTube originals produced Dallas and Robo

Produced by ShadowMachine and YouTube Originals, Dallas and Robo. It is produced by Cena, Series creator Mike Roberts, and showrunners Matt Mariska and Andy Sipes. ShadowMachine’s Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico will likewise fill in as producers.

A month ago, Cena declared the news by means of Twitter, where he additionally made an entirely intense forecast. It said that it should at present be consuming the eardrums of Star Wars fans all over the place.

As the short term of true to life, scripted programming stays under a COVID-19 haze of uncertainty. An ever increasing number of systems and real time features have been requesting more grown-up vivified ventures to arrangement. Dallas and Robo are a piece of a developing record at TZGZ as SYFY. It keeps developing the week by week late-night liveliness square. Already, Devil May Care, featuring Alan Tudyk and Asif Ali and three pilots were given greenlights by the NBC Universal-possessed system.

Reception of Dallas and Robo

In a positive survey, Forbes’ Merrill Barr applauded the arrangement saying, “Dallas and Robo is something exceptional and unique. While it is as yet feeling natural and safe. It’s the Fast and Furious to Futurama’s Point Break. An intensely Groening roused series that totally astonishes in its competency, multifaceted nature and appeal. It is completely should see TV and one of the best three arrangement on YouTube Premium”.

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