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Former AOA member Mina posts image of self-harm & alarming message calling out Jimin, Seolhyun & FNC Entertainment CEO

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Former AOA member Mina’s most recent post on Instagram is disturbing fans. On August 8, Mina shared a grisly picture of self-hurt alongside a message that seems like a self-destruction note or keep going will on Instagram. In the message, she got out Jimin, who supposedly tormented her during her time with the young lady gathering, Seolhyun, and FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho specifically.

Mina’s post is as per the following:

“I don’t want to go unfairly. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, Kim Seolhyun, live well. My mom, older sister, and family weren’t able to say anything and will probably cry though they’ve done nothing. Compensate them all for mental distress. Please give them a lot. You’re the kind of person who only knows about money. The account wasn’t even settled properly, the contract was 8 years, and there was no breakdown of expenditures for the illegal trainee debt of 3 billion Won ($2,522,758.80 USD). You didn’t answer me when I contacted you until the end. Irresponsible people. You don’t even know how I was treated for 11 years, and to the bystanders or whatever, listen carefully. Those people are all like trash that I can’t even describe. Do you even know the kind of people who’ll push for a sane person’s death? I’m happy, but I want to go. It’s painful here. Don’t come to my funeral when I die. You’re dirty. When I die, I’ll torment you all. I can’t live with this evil, okay.” Mina made a similarly concerning Instagram post 2 days ago.

Mina left the gathering a year ago and in July this year, she blamed Shin for tormenting her when she was in the band from 2012 to 2019. Shin later left the gathering subsequent to saying ‘sorry’

FNC, which oversaw AOA, delivered a statement of regret on Sunday and stated: “We genuinely trust Kwon recoups her wellbeing at the earliest opportunity. We will endeavor to look for a genial settlement with her.”

About Mina

Kwon Min-ah (born September 21, 1993), better known by the mononym Mina, is a South Korean artist and entertainer. She is most popular as a previous individual from the young lady bunch AOA. Mina has acted in TV shows, including Modern Farmer (2014) and All About My Mom (2015).

Mina was conceived on September 21, 1993, in Busan, South Korea. She tried out for FNC in 2009, and her family moved from Busan to Seoul before long.

About her music career

On July 30, 2012, Mina made her presentation as an individual from AOA on Mnet’s M Countdown with the melody “Elvis” from their introduction single collection, Angels’ Story. She was likewise part of band unit AOA Black, built up in 2013. Because of her dad’s passing on November 29, 2014, Mina took a break from professional exercises and didn’t take an interest in certain advancements for “Like a Cat”.

On May 13, 2019, Mina left AOA in the wake of choosing not to recharge her agreement with FNC Entertainment.

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