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“GTA 5 cheat codes”: You have to know this to crack the game!” Click to know the codes and other details!

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The Grand Theft Auto game is one of the best games in the world. Though there are more advanced games entering the platform, none can stand to the power of GTA. It has remarked this platform. That’s the reason the game is still in the power of the gamers. Initially, the game was out on 21 October 1997. Since then, it’s the best in the gaming world. Grand Theft Auto V was out on 17 September 2013. Since then, the game is so addicting. Leslie Benzies, Simon Lashley are the designers of the game. David Jones and Mike Dailly are the creators. To know more about the game, continue reading the article until the end.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” Plot:

The story is an adventure-based fictional one. The story takes place in a fictional world. It mostly covers Vice City, Liberty City, and SanAndreas in NewYork. Also, the story has Miami, California spots too. Many cities are adding with the passing of the seasons. It is available in various mediums. Some of it includes Android, Playstations, MS-DOS, GameBoy colour, Fire OS, Windows phone, etc. It is also accessible in the Xbox series. The plot can either be a first-person or third person. The advancement also has some added features to the gameplay.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” Gameplay:

The game is flexible. You will have access to travel anywhere in the world. You can use any mode of transport as per your convenience. Driving, car-jacking, shooting, and other activities will be present. And you can access it. Also, role-playing will be present. Sources say that this game has made a profit of nearly $9 billion. Also, Grand Theft Auto is the fourth highest-paid video game in the world.

“Cheat codes for GTA 5”:

Some of the cheat codes are very important. You can read through it to get a complete understanding of the game. Also, specific mobile numbers are operating to the code effect. If you are not comfortable with this, you can text to the respective mobile number and get the result. But either way is beneficial, and it all depends on your comfort zone.

  • “Fast Swimming” will increase the swimming speed.
  • “Drunk Mode” will turn you to a drunker.
  • To increase the printing speed, it is “Fast Sprinting.”
  • “Super Jump” will also enable you to jump higher.
  • If you need to block all damage, then “Invincibility.”
  • “Slow Motion Aiming” will help you to enable slow motion.
  • “Skyfall” will drop you from the sky.
  • “Raise Wanted Level” will increase your level. Also, it will give you a star.
  • “Explosive Melee Attacks” will enable the things to explode.
  • “Change Gravity” will help in activating the moon gravity.
  • “Reduce Friction” code will help in reducing the car to slide everywhere.
  • “Rapid GT Vehicle” will spawn the car type.
  • “Garbage Truck Vehicle” will spawn a garbage truck.

These are some of the cheat codes for the game. I hope you will try this.

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