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“Red Dead Redemption 2”: Curious to know all the cheat codes of “Red Dead Redemption 2” for Xbox then click to know all the cheats!

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Are you ready to know how to unlock all the cheat codes of “Red Dead Redemption 2”? Here are all the cheat codes that are present in “Red Dead Redemption 2”. Continue reading to open up the mystery cheat box.

Here we are disclosing all the 37 cheats of RDR2 that are available for the Xbox One,  versions. These will give you various benefits like boosting your stamina, Infinite Ammo, refill your health, and spawn horses. Cheats will make you a creative competitor. These will increase your chances of having more fun while playing the game.

So our most important question is how to enter cheat codes in “Red Dead Redemption 2” – so here’s an answer –

How to enter cheat codes in “Red Dead Redemption 2”-

To enter a cheat code in RDR2 – first, you have to pause the game -> then select optionSettings”  -> and then press “Y” (for Xbox One ).

After this “Cheat menu” will open up -> then you have to type the ” code “ from the options given below.

Once you activate the cheat, you will get a notification, confirming its enabling. Also, you don’t have to type the trick, again and again, just sav the game. Then you can toggle the cheat from the cheat menu. So this is an easy option to operate on.

Pre-requirements in  “Red Dead Redemption 2” to activate cheats –

Well !! you should note that few cheats require prerequisites to activate. Not all the tricks require this, but yes, few of them. Most importantly, this pre-requirement is “purchasing the newspaper.” you can collect newspapers after finishing a few chapters. So don’t forget to receive the newspaper as they have hidden codes to activate individual cheats.

In the cheats given below, we are separately mentioning the cheats, that require prerequisites.

So below are all the phrases for cheat in RDR 2  with Name, description, and prerequisites (if any)-

  • –>   Code – A simple life, a beautiful death
  • Name – Simple weapons
  • With this, you will be able to access lots of primary evidence.


  • –> Code – Abundance is the dullest desire
  • Name – Infinite Ammo
  • you get access of infinite ammo supply
  • Prerequisite – Newspaper


  • –> Code – Death is silence
  • Name – Stealth weapons
  • Gives Arthur a set of Stealth Weapons

  • Code – Greed is American Virtue
  • Name -Heavy weapons
  • You can use many heavy guns
  • requires newspaper


  • –> Code – History is written by fools
  • Name – Gunslinger weapons
  • Gives Arthur many gunslinger weapons


  • –> Code – You long for sight and see nothing
  • Name – Fog of war
  • you can look into the entire map
  • requires newspaper


  • –> Code – Greed is now a virtue
  • Adds $500


  • –> Code -Vanity. All is vanity
  • all the dresses unlock so that you can enjoy different dress codes


  • –> Code -Eat of Knowledge
  • Name – learn all recipes
  • you can use and learn all craft recipes


  • –> Code – Share
  • Increases maximum supply by upgrading all the lodgers.


  • –> Code – Virtue Unearned is not virtue
  • raises ratings of honour.
  • requires newspaper


  • –> Code – You revel in your disgrace, I see
  • honour is minimizing using this


  • –> Code – Balance. All is balance
  • resets your honour meter to neutral

  • –> Code – Be greedy only for foresight
  • Gives Arthur Infinite Dead-Eye
  • –> Code – The lucky be strong evermore
  • Gives you unlimited stamina
  • requires newspaper


  • –> Code – “Guide me better”
  • allow you to auto paint  a target


  • –> Code – Make me better
  • Deadeye level 2


  • –> Code – shall be better
  • Deadeye level rank 3


  •  –> code – I still seek more
  • Name – Set dead eye level
  • Deadeye level rank 4


  • –>  Code – I seek and I find
  • Deadeye level rank 5



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