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“CTR Cheat Codes”: What are the best cheats available in Crash Team Racing? Click to know the details!

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Cart Team Racing is available in PlayStation. It is a racing game that has a huge fan base. The game is in store for nearly two decades, but still, now the game has its peak. If you have ever come across the game, you might be aware of the features. If not don’t worry we will take you on a racing trip to explain all about the game and the cheat codes. Crash Team Racing was out on September 30, 1999. Naughty Dog is the developer of the game while Sony Computer Entertainment is the publisher. The game is famous for its unique storyline and the visuals. It has also won several awards for the same reasons too. Grady Hunt is the producer of the game.


Initially, the game was out only on Playstation. Evan Wells is the designer of this mighty game while Josh Mancell is the composer. The game is the fourth in the line of the Crash Bandicoot series. The whole game series is famous worldwide. As mentioned earlier, it is a racing game, but the difference from others is it is a Kart racing. It has both a single-player type and multi-player type available. To know more about the game and the cheat codes, continue reading the article until the end.

“CTR Gameplay”:

It is a kart racing game which is in Crash Bandicoot place. The ragtag team have to defeat the antagonist Nitros Oxide and save their world. The players can choose their member from the 15 characters available. The player can turn, jump, hop, twist, turn their Kart as per their needs. “Turbo Boost Meter” will set the Kart from green to red. And when the player presses the opposite shoulder button, the speed will be increased. There are five racing modes available. They are Adventure, Time & Trail, Arcade, Versus and Battle.

“CTR Cheat Codes”:

The game has multiple cheat codes, and we have listed some here.

  • For 1 Lap Races press L1+R1 and then press down, Up, Down, Down, Right, Triangle, Down.
  • For Super Turbo Pads press L1+R1 and then press Triangle, Right, Circle, Left.
  • And For Super Hard Mode press L1+R1 and then Down, Right, Left, Up, X, Right.
  • To Unlock Papu Papu press L+R and then Left, X, Right, Down, Right, B, Left, Down.
  • To Unlock Pinstripe press L+R and then Left, Right, X, Down, Right, Down.
  •  And to Display  Boost Counter press L+R and then X, Down, B and up.


“CTR Trailer”:

We have attached the trailer here. If you haven’t watched it, you can do it now.

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