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“Seraph of the End Chapter 90”: Have you read the latest addition to this amazing manga series yet? Read to know Release date, Spoilers and more!

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Recently, the latest chapters for the popular manga series Seraph of the Last have been coming out at a rapid pace. Just a few months ago, we saw the eighty-ninth chapter of the ongoing series. Fans have been quite excited about the release of the next Chapter too. Chapter 89 left us with a lot to look forward to, and Chapter 90 does not disappoint. While it has a lot of shaking moments, Chapter 90 is highly immersive to go through. If you haven’t read it yet, we have collected all the details you need to know about it. However, there will be spoilers for chapter 90, so this is a fair warning for that.

Release Date: “Seraph of the End Chapter 90”

The creator of this manga series released Chapter 90 on May 1, 2020. The creators publish a new chapter every month as a schedule for the Manga. At this point, there are about three more chapters out on the official website where the Manga comes out. The most recent one was Chapter 93, and it came out a couple of days ago.

Where can you read it?: “Seraph of the End Chapter 90”

All of the chapters of the Manga come out on the official website called VIZ. While other sites might have the Manga, we’d advise reading from Viz. Since this website helps the artists to get some revenue for their work, most people go through the Manga from it. You can find Chapter 90 of Seraph of the End here.

Spoilers: “Seraph of the End Chapter 90”

A lot of significant events take place in Chapter 90, and most of them aren’t very uplifting. The most crucial twist that takes place in the story is that Mika dies in this Chapter. Since the character was a beloved one, fans and readers are heartbroken at this sudden death. We also Yu in utter grief and feeling suicidal at Mika’s end, which was another sad thing to see. The tragic turn in the plot has got the readers in a debate since they aren’t sure how they feel about this episode. It has also set high expectations about what happens after this. In any case, the Chapter was a sad one, and we hope subsequent ones are lighter. We will update this section as we get more details.

Recap of Chapter 89: “Seraph of the End Chapter 90”

In Chapter 89, things got very intense as epic fight scenes and sacrifices took place. Yu and Mika faced Guren in a battle, and things went south. Even though the fight was long, Guren was overpowering Yu. As a result, Mika sacrificed himself to save Yu’s life. Guren managed to wound Mika severely.

On the other hand, Kimizuki escapes Yoichi, Shinoa, and Mitsui to save his sister as well. They spot Yu on the way. By then, Mika is on the brink of death, and Yu begs Asuramaru to save Mika’s life. The rest of the events happen in Chapter 90 as Mika dies, and Yu is in grief. The chapters were very intense and gave closure to Mika.

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