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“World War Z 2”: The sequel to the Brad Pitt starring Zombie apocalypse movie is cancelled? Click to know Release date, Cast, Plot and more!

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‘World War Z 2’ is the Brad Pitt starring, most eagerly awaited movie coming under the zombie apocalypse genre. This movie is the only high budget movie which revolves around Zombies. The release of the first film was back in June 2013, made by Marc Foster. The manufacturing of ‘World War Z’ was by Ian Bryce, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Brad Pitt. The film gained a fanbase after its release fetching around 540 million dollars, after being a hit in the box office, having fans crying out for a sequel.

Information regarding the release of a sequel is going around the whole fanbase ever since ‘World War z.’ Even the makers of the movie found it shocking. However, fans are not sure whether they will get to see a continuation or not—this movie’s storyline bases on Max Brooks’ novels from 2006, with the same name.

Release date: ‘World War Z 2.’

The production for ‘World War Z 2’ is as always in speculations. Reports about taking another shot of the scenes and changes in the group of founders are also widespread during these recent times. The sequel should have come out back in 2017, but unfortunately did not happen. It followed with speculations of it happening in 2018, which again did not occur. It was because Brad Pitt was shooting for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’


Finally, the schedule for ‘World War Z 2’ confirmed as of March 2019, which got postponed to June 2019. However, the main reason for the delay is finally out, and that is the Zombie movies ban in China. As of now, none of us is sure whether or not we will get to see a sequel, but fans sure are hoping for it.

Cast: ‘World War Z 2.’

The following are the cast members for the movie. However, confirmation about the lead actors is only given, and not for the others.

  • Brad Pitt
  • Mireille Enos
  • Matthew Fox
  • Badge Dale
  • Abigail Hargrove
  • Daniella Kertesz
  • Sterling Jerins

Plot: ‘World War Z 2.’

‘World War Z’ is one of the few high budget Zombie movies which gained a massive fanbase, becoming a box office hit. The plot for the film is from 2006 novels, which revolves around Gerry Lane, a UN area representative. Gerry lane, his wife, and other characters are stuck in traffic when they experience a Zombie attack, after which they are at a camp at Newark, New Jersey as refugees.

However, the plot for the second movie is not out yet because China is now one of those markets affecting the release of Zombie movies. They have become a threat for the version of ‘World War Z 2,’ frightening makers of whether or not they will profit from the sequel. Although fans still have hope for a sequel and are eagerly waiting.

Storyline: ‘World War Z ‘

The storyline for the movie revolves around a former United Nations employee, Gary Lane. Gary finds himself stuck in a battle against time after experiencing an apocalypse, where a virus with an unknown source has spread across turning people into zombies. It is now up to him and his team to discover its origin and save everyone.

Trailer: ‘World War Z 2.’

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