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1 Killed, 1 Injured in shooting on “Sage Drive” Rockford. Tap here to read more in detail.

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Brutal homicide in the U.S. reported on Friday. As per the reports available, Multiple bullets are fired near 3800 blocks of sage drive, Rockford at 9 PM. Soon following which police arrived at the spot and investigations began.

The place held a bad name in the crime diaries of the police with recent delinquency marked as the 5th homicide this year. Past tally reveals that the previous year recorded 19 such cases, with further upsurge expected this year. Have a watch of this video:

More about the Incident

As per some sources, the bullet was fired consecutively targeting multiple individuals at a particular time, however it failed the desired target with one man and woman getting critically wounded. They later shifted to the nearby hospital where man purportedly died due to severe wounds. Apparently, the condition of the woman seems to be far from critical. The police are yet to take their statement as the investigations and interrogations are still going on.

Other crucial information regarding the case is unavailable as officials denied publically commenting on the issue.

Natives Reaction

For natives, the act came as shock to many. According to the Jordon Torosian, a neighbor, it is quite terrible. In her statement, she said “first I supposed it as the firecrackers bursting over a few-distance but after some time it became laud, so laud that I am thinking it is just aside my door. I heard they fired 76 rounds after which everything becomes normal. I quickly opened the door, to my surprise there were cries and fear all around, people are running. Then suddenly police arrived and everyone went puzzled”.

Jordon Tatosian, lives in the area, since long ago with her boyfriend and 2-year-old daughter. The family is living in constant fear after the incident. Her boyfriend Heather Brown has decided to vacate the house as early as possible. According to him “Our business is suffering day to day crimes. With customers continuously opting out. We can afford financial instability but cannot afford insecurity” he added.

But for Tatosian it seems quite hard. “This is the place with whom I have a bond since childhood. My High school friend lived here. With this place, we have good memories associated. My house, children, and everything! we can’t forget that”. She said

Hence, no one wants to compromise with his family safety and when everything turns odd against you, it becomes a necessity.

Other members of the family whom we decided to talk about have shown unwillingness for the same. However, they accepted, from the last few nights their children are scared and have problems while sleeping.

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